Truths of My Household: Random Observations of a Tired Mom

I find the following in my life to be true at the moment:

If a woman gets up at the crack of dawn to do any sort of exercise without distraction, the preschooler in the house knows it and will get up too.

There is no surface in the state of Iowa that my seven year old has not licked.

The state of my house is rapidly deteriorating.  I think there is a mathematical formula in there about the age of your children being inversely proportional to the cleanliness of the house.

If I would take the time to clean out my car, there would no longer be any starving children in China.  I believe there is enough uneaten food in the backseat to solve that problem.

The more I sleep, the more tired I am.  The less I sleep, well…

My children watch too much TV.  My seven year old son can tell you all about any drug they are currently marketing.  He wanted me to know that the shingles virus was already inside me.

No matter how clean your floor is your cat will puke on it.

If I recycled all the pop cans in my house and reused the aluminum from them, I think I could build a small car.

My children’s rooms are like a roach motel for everything.  It goes in but it never leaves.

If you are trying to get out of your house in a rush that is the day you will lose your keys.

The laundry hamper is five feet from the shower.   Why is that so hard to understand?

Why is it that we go through so much toilet paper, yet no one in this house actually seems to use it??

The more laundry I have to do, the more I admire nudists.

If you put your winter clothes away, it will get cold.  Then as soon as you pull them back out, it will ninety degrees.

The more I am away from my house, the less time I have to clean it.  The more I am home, the less motivation I have to clean it.

If it’s supposedly good for you, wait awhile, they’ll prove that it’s not.

My life is an endless string of dirtiness.  Dirty is the new clean.

The Barbie house is the melting pot of our household.  She turns away nobody.  Everything from My Little Ponies to plastic bugs go there to hang out.

6 thoughts on “Truths of My Household: Random Observations of a Tired Mom

  1. Reblogged this on The Sadder But Wiser Girl and commented:

    Because I have been lousy, lousy, LOUSY at blogging lately due to life circumstances beyond my control-I thought I would attempt to reblog something Mom related for Mother’s Day. I’m sure some of you can relate. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I’m so glad you re-blogged it too Sarah!!!! TOO funny and obviously TRUE!!! Dirty is the new clean. BRILLIANT. And yes- I can absolutely relate to many of these! I do hope you are doing well my friend?! May is crazy. Too much. Non stop. I get it. I hope that’s all that is going on for you… XO

  3. Funny cuz it’s SO true! Dirty IS the new clean here. I just posted an ‘apology’ for our latest freezing cold blast of weather, because I recently put our winter coats away so THIS is clearly why it’s 38 degrees out Mid-May, right? Too funny!

  4. Hilarious! I could not have said it better myself! ha So glad to find you! I am a new blogger and got your link through Julie unplugged. I think we share wine, chocolate, child and husband venting, dishwashing allergies and fly by the seat parenting in common. 🙂

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