All Hail the Used Bread Store

This is not what bread from the outlet actually looks like.

I bought ten loaves of Sara Lee whole wheat bread for six dollars.  SIX DOLLARS.  That’s sixty cents a loaf baby.  Take that, extreme couponers!

But I didn’t use a single coupon… I went to the “Used Bread Store”.

It’s not really used.  We’ve just always called it that.  The bread outlet has long been the little money saving secret of my family.  We’ve always shopped there.  You could say we think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Groan… the best thing about this post is all the awesome pictures that are bread related that I can use!  Not to mention all the bad puns.

We have an outlet in “town” near where we live, and once a month I trek over there and fill a cart full of bread.  Not just regular old sandwich bread.  I buy dinner rolls, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, english muffins, regular bagels, mini bagels, cinnamon raisin bread, and if I’m really lucky the occasional loaf of french bread.  Some months are better than others as far as selection goes, but I always come away with bags full of really healthy stuff for a very reasonable price.  I’ve never spent more than $15 there.  Why is it so cheap?  Because it’s a day or two old.  Oh noooooooooooooo….  trust me, it’s just fine.

Uses for extra bread…

What the heck do you use all that bread for?  Are you making a big batch of stuffing?  No… I put it in my freezer.  Almost all of it, except for one loaf of bread and a package of dinner rolls.  It will last us at least a month.  When you don’t live in town you try to make those trips count.  And for some reason my children can’t behave in that store.  It’s very small, there are just a few aisles, but the minute my daughter gets in there she has to run and run and run.  Occasionally I might get in there a second time in a month.  After all it is right next to Lowes.  What’s not to like about that?  “Honey I need to grab some buns real quick.”  That always gets an odd look for a moment before he realizes I’m talking about his buns.

Nice buns. Bonus points for anyone who knows what movie this is from… my mother and sister are not allowed to comment.

I don’t think I have ever seen a bread outlet mentioned in those articles in magazines that state “Save $1000 on groceries this year.”  “Meals on a Budget.”  “You spend way too much money on groceries.”  Probably because the bread is old, a whole day old.  I’m sorry, I’m not too good to eat day old bread.  I remember when I had to leave my job-I went to meet with one of those free financial counselors.  It was right down the street from the bread store.  He had never heard of it.  Weird.

And I don’t even own a toaster… just a toaster oven. Not as much fun.

I keep toying with the idea of making my own bread.  Some people do it all the time.  There are books dedicated to it.  They say it saves you money.  But SIXTY CENTS A LOAF?  I think it would cost more than that to make it.  I’ll stick to making something bread-like occasionally, like muffins.

So if you want to save some dough-HA HA HA-find out where a bread outlet is in your area and fire up your freezer.  It’s loaves of fun (boooooo…hisssss).

Don’t believe I saw this Harry Potter movie.

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