Eat, Pray, Eat

This is so cute, I couldn’t resist using it. Get it?

Is it just the church we attend or are all churches on a mission to feed us?

My children are apparently conditioned to associate our church with eating.  It’s a Pavlovian thing of sorts.  When we enter our church, my daughter automatically wants to know where the food is.  I noticed this at choir practice the other night.  We had just sat down and opened our music when Princess Gimme inquired “When do we get to eat snack?”

I guess it’s only natural, after I started to think about it, there is food at every church service we go to.  She’s all about the treats.  She has been known on occasion to take TWO treats from the pastor at the end of the children’s sermon (and has been made to try to give them back).  I’m surprised she doesn’t call it the “Treat Sermon”.  She always makes sure she sits right next to the pastor so she’s near the treats.  Sometimes her eyes never leave the container of treats.  Today she made darn sure he knew that she wasn’t leaving without a piece of candy-as if that would happen!

Communion happens every other Sunday, and it seems that we are up there trying not to laugh more often than not.  The kids just don’t really get the whole Communion thing-which isn’t unusual at their age.  The Professor is beginning to understand it a little better, but she is really struggling with the whole concept.  So we get a lot of interesting comments.  Usually she’s upset that she doesn’t get to have anything (I came up for communion and all I got was a lousy blessing?).  One time she looked at the communion wafers with very wide eyes and hissed “THAT’S NOT A BODY!” Apparently she thought the pastor was trying to pull a fast one on us.  (I’m a Methodist attending a Lutheran church-we always had the big homemade loaves of bread. I think that communion is sooooo much better with bread.  But that’s just my opinion.)

It’s not like we need to have the kids with us to make us on the verge of laughter.  We watch too much Family Guy.  I can’t take communion without thinking of the one episode where Peter takes the communion wine and then asks “Is this really the blood of Christ?  Holy crap, that guy must’ve been wasted 24/7!” Sigh… I really do take church seriously.  I can’t help it if my mind wanders.  ADD brain.

Anyway, back to the story at hand.  Today we walked up to take communion and she gleefully said “Oh look, there’s the snacks!”  No honey.

It’s not unusual for her to associate different places with food.  She used to call Casey’s “The Pizza Store”.  When I was addicted to Diet Coke and would regularly go to get my 32 ounce refills, Kum and Go was “The Pop Place”.  I’m waiting for her to just start referring to church as “The Snack Shack”.  Never mind that we’re supposed to be learning about God and Jesus and all that great stuff-when’s snack?

We have just the one church service, and afterwards we have fellowship followed by Sunday School.  The kids live for this time of day.  It’s always wonderful stuff-banana bread, brownies, cookies.  Naturally both children wonder often during the service when it will be time to go eat.  Today as usual it was good stuff- we had a snack mix and brownies.  However, instead of Sunday School they had a wonderful presentation by two girls telling all about their trip to India.  Naturally, she was confused and pretty upset when it was time to go.  Not to mention they had tomatoes from the church garden, and she wanted some.  Since the presentation had run over the Sunday School time and we were leaving, I felt really weird coming in and taking tomatoes.  But she WAS NOT leaving without some of those wonderful goodies.  I finally gave in, and we picked out a few cherry tomatoes and big ones from the box.  As we walked out the door, she began to get upset with me.

Turns out she wanted those tomatoes for a SNACK.  Because that’s what we do.  Eat, Pray, Eat… Hopefully she’ll catch on when she gets a little older!

Not only do I tend to think of Family Guy at church, this little gem pops into my head often. This really has nothing to do with this post, other than it has to do with a church.”Mawwiage is what bwings us togevah today.”

3 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Eat

  1. Brian and I used to attend a small group where we would have a nice meeting and study and pray together in the evening. After we were done, we’d get the treats out that somebody had brought. I had the hardest time concentrating and focusing on the study because all I wanted was the treat! More recently our small groups have met for dinnertime. No waiting for food necessary!

  2. Haven’t actually been to church in awhile, but we used to have small individual cups for communion ‘wine’ and I always thought it looked like we were all doing shots, synchronized shots. I could never do communion with my eyes open again after that.

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