A Day in the Life of Me: Why I Never Get Anything Done

No one wants to pick up their toys. Or art. Or mousies.

Oh boy, it’s one of those days.

I had plans.  Not BIG plans, mind you, but stuff I really wanted to get done.  Like baking.  And getting my fall clothes out.  I had a whole list of things I was going to do.  Why do I never get anything done?  Just for fun, I tried to keep track of what the heck happens at my house all day.  As I look back at this, it’s all starting to make a little more sense…

4:45 am-My husband’s alarm starts going off at 10 minute intervals until he finally gets up at 5:30.  I am semiconscious for this, thanks to the power of Ambien.  I didn’t actually get to sleep until probably 1:30 am, so I’m pretty out of it.

7 am-My alarm goes off.  I rouse the Professor out of bed.  Princess Early Riser was already up and at em.  I fell asleep on the couch while he was showering.  Why was I up so late you ask?  I was up until after 1 am trying to pick meat off of boiled chicken bones.  So I’m pretty tired.

7:30 am-The Professor is finally ready to eat breakfast.  He is a very slow eater, so the next half hour is spent reminding him that he is supposed to be eating, not staring off into space.  I’m so mean!

8 am-My son leaves for the bus.  Since I’m up anyway, I put laundry that’s in the washer into the dryer.  A new load of laundry started.  This is an accomplishment.

8:15 am-Both the Princess and I are dressed and out of our pajamas.  This is also an accomplishment this early.

8:30 am-I am shocked that Princess Early Riser wants to walk the dog early.  I am very happy about this.

9:15 am-We get back home and I go downstairs to get the fall stuff out of the basement.  The dog somehow gets the front door open and escapes while I am down there.

9:45 am-I get the dog back in the house.  Brat.

9:46 am-Princess Early Riser wants to paint her newest suncatcher-a Disney Princess one.

9:50 am-She’s done and bored.

9:51 am-She gets out toys to play with.

9:53 am-She’s bored with all of her toys.

10:00 am-I give in and work on my daughter’s “school” stuff.  She wants to learn.  I had bought some stuff from the Target dollar store for 30 cents on clearance. This included a nifty pocket chart that we hung on the wall.  I also put an old dry erase calendar and another extra board I had lying around the house on the wall.  My Mom is a former 2nd grade teacher-we inherited a lot of her stuff.  I found the box of sight words she had given us to use, and put some in the chart.  The little stinker actually knew quite a few of them.  We spent a lot of time working on reading these words, not because I think she has to but because she asked to.

I am happy that my children love to learn. This is my daughter working at the “school” I set up for her.

10:50 am-I excuse myself from our learning session to change the laundry.  Laundry out of dryer, more put in there, another load in the washer.

11:00 am-She seems pretty occupied now, so I try to exercise.  As I get my weights, BOSU, and mat out, it’s apparent that the Princess is not pleased.  I invite her to join me, she refuses.  I try to help her find something to do.  She doesn’t want to.  She wants me to PLAY WITH HER.  I keep trying to find things for her to do, and she vetoes everything.

11:15 am-I give up trying to find something to keep her occupied long enough for me to do my weightlifting.  I just try to exercise with her staring at me.  (“I don’t WANT to do anything!” she growls).  She is rolling around on the floor, the dog is trying to attack me because I’m on the floor.  I wonder why I’m pudgy.  This is why.  I offer to sell her on Facebook.  There are no takers.

11:20 am-The Princess lays on the floor and screams.  And screams.  She doesn’t want me to exercise.  She throws stuff at me.  I finally end up carrying her to her room.  She screams for a few minutes and then finally calms down and plays ponies.

12:00 pm-The worst show in the world that is one of her two favorites is on-Caillou.  Let the whining commence (0n the TV).  Now I can make lunch.  I did finally get to do (and finish) my workout.

12:30 pm-Her other favorite show is on-Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  Oh good, it’s all about going on the potty-that will keep her busy.  I can work on some blogging.

1:00 pm-I shut the TV off and she immediately is bored again.  This isn’t terrific because I really need a shower.  I can smell myself.  I would like to be clean before my son gets home, not that he cares but it’s a nice goal.  I also need a nap-I didn’t sleep much last night.  Lurking in my midst as well is a mountainous pile of dishes that I should at least get started on.  My husband had almost every food container we own at work.  He finally brought them all home this past Friday.  Add that to the fact that I was one load behind (due to limited drying space and no one willing to help me dry or put stuff away) and a big meal that required lots of dishes last night (I roasted three chickens, Evil Genius and the kids helped make mashed potatoes, we also made gravy and creamed corn.  Then I boiled the chicken bones)  I really can’t bake until I do some of the dishes.  Looking at the dishes makes me really, really tired.  I can barely keep my eyes open.

1:10 pm-Last load of laundry I am planning on doing today goes in the dryer.  I’m done.  I’ll do more tomorrow.

1:15 pm-Five hours of sleep is catching up with me.  I lay down and take a little nap.  Princess Entertain me has the Leapster out to play.  I am a very bad Mommy.  At least it’s educational.

1:30 pm-I may not be able to keep my eyes open, but I sure can’t fall asleep.  Might have something to do with the child chattering on and on five feet away from me.

1:50 pm-I give up on napping and do something more constructive-take a shower.  It’s a really quick one, as my daughter keepsrunning in and opening and closing the door yelling “Peek-a-boo Mommy!”

2:00 pm-In less than ten minutes, my daughter has managed to drag out half the toys in our house, even with the peek-a-boo in the shower.  Sigh…

2:30 pm-The dog gets out, again.  My fault.  I open the inside door to go out to get his lead and before I can react he runs into the screen door and opens it, running off into the yard.  I take the dog treats out again for a few minutes, then figure it’s not worth it.

2:45 pm-The dog comes back.  Stupid dog.  I take him out and put him on his chain. If he wants to be out that badly, he can be out.  He’s not happy with me.  I really don’t care.

2:50 pm-I spend the next 10 minutes trying to convince my daughter to drink her juice.  She has to have it-it has her medicine that makes her poop is in it.  She has been refusing to drink it all day.  Or anything for that matter.  She finally drinks it.

3:00 pm-I finally fold the laundry, all three overflowing baskets of it.  My daughter hides in it.

3:35 pm-My son arrives home. He forgot his lunchbox again, but he’s had a good day on his behavior sheet.  We talk, they eat snack.

4:00 pm-I watch “Wild Kratts” on PBS with the kids.  They love this show because it’s about animals. Shockingly it’s one I’ve never seen.  I fight the urge to fall asleep.

4:30 pm-CHORE TIME!  The kids are to go do their stuff they are supposed to do every day (feed pets, etc).  The Professor goes right to it without any fight.  The Princess fights like crazy, insisting that putting her laundry away IS NOT part of her chores.

4:45 pm-I finally get to put the grownups laundry away anyway.  She is still fighting with me.  Oh she is tired!

4:55 pm-I tackle the mountain of dishes.  Mainly food containers.  My son comes in and asks to play his DS as a reward for a super day at school. Sure!

5:30 pm-I sit down to glance at Facebook.  And write this.  And debate about supper.  Shrimp stir fry just does not sound good for dinner.  What to fix… what to fix…  I’m assuming my husband is alive since he sent me an email this morning.  Hopefully he is on his way home.  My daughter finally comes downstairs, done with what I asked her to do (put 8 pieces of clothing in her drawers and pick up the ponies.  Hard work…)

5:50 pm-I realize that I’m out of caffeinated pop.  I’m very sad.  We’re also almost out of American cheese.  We’re completely out of olive oil and peanut butter.  Almost out of healthy fats.  Not necessarily a good thing.

6:00 pm-It’s obvious that my husband is still at work, but hasn’t let me know this.  I text him and ask if he’s still there.  Yes. My kids are hungry.  Not like they’ll eat it, but I should start supper.  Chicken sandwiches and cheesy broccoli!

I stopped keeping track at this point.  I could go on with this until I finally go to bed, probably around 11:30 pm or later.  And I still need to do another load of dishes, pack lunches for tomorrow, make my husband supper whenever he gets home, walk the dog again, get kids ready for bed, etc, etc…  No wonder my days seem so long, and I seem to get so little done.  I did get some things accomplished, but not nearly as much as I wanted to!  Well perhaps tomorrow is another day… Of course I think that every night!

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Me: Why I Never Get Anything Done

  1. Wow! This made me exhausted just reading this! I’ve never written down my day before and now I don’t think I ever will!! It’s amazing what all goes on in our day! BTW…I can not stand Caillou either…I banned him in our house but the kids still sneak him on sometimes!!

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