An Oddity (But Enough About Me…)

Just a random funny picture from the crazy person who writes this blog, It actually has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this post!

Dear People in Blog Land:

I have noticed all of a sudden that I have some followers on an old blog.  This is too funny.  I can’t post on it and I can’t find any way to delete it.  But it’s folks that I believe also read this blog as well.  Just can’t get enough of me, huh?  I’m just kidding, you know that, right?

If you’ve signed up to follow Serendipity74’s Blog, I won’t be posting anything else on there. I’ve since changed all of my info, user name, etc.  And I believe I deleted it quite a while ago, but it’s still there.  You just can’t get rid of me that easily-HA HA!  😀


The Artist formerly known as Serendipity74, now known as The Sadder But Wiser Girl and Aluminum Girl (No, I was never known as Prince)

Another random funny picture that makes me laugh. And has nothing to do with this post.

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