Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Brain Gone?

This is me today. Except I’m not a cat.

The party you have reached is out of her brain.  Please leave a thought and she will hopefully have a thought in her head shortly.

The Sadder But Wiser Girl, that’s me, is out of ideas… just for today, I hope.  Yet I’m a little concerned about this.  What if it’s forever?  Have I reached the end of my thoughts?  My issue with this is quite simple:  I’m afraid that if I sluff off, even for a day, that I will start a vicious cycle that I as my little ADD self have repeated many times in my life-I just kind of stop doing it.  Like Yoga.  And eating right.  And cleaning my house-though I did pick that up after I figured out that I was frustrated by a)  The dog leaving a trail of trash and torn up stuff around and b) The 7,000 papers that my son brings home and I leave for my husband to look at and they pile up and c)  The 1,320,674 pieces of artwork that my daughter has drawn for me in the past month that I can’t remember to buy more stuff for to hang up.

But if I went away, people would miss me, right?  Would there be a WordPress search party organized to come find me? Would they post pictures of my Avatar on virtual telephone poles and milk cartons-“Have you seen this blogger?”

Ha ha-it’s probably best if those questions just remain unanswered for now.  I will hopefully return tomorrow with a brain full of fresh new random ideas, just for all of you.

Yup. And that’s all she wrote.


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