Whoever Has The Brain Today Please Stand Up: When ADD People Marry Each Other

Evil Genius left me a note the other morning.  It basically informed me that he wasn’t taking a lunch that day because there was a fundraiser of sorts going on at work.  Oh, and that he had put on someone else’s glasses.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging without an explanation.  This is what happens when two smart but absent minded (ADD) people marry each other.  We both have a lot of brains upstairs.  All of those brains push out all of the other thoughts, you see.  So we kind of have to rely on each other to remember things.  I remind him about work related stuff, he reminds me about not work related stuff.

Every night before I go to bed, I find something for his lunch the next day.  I throw it together and put it in a bag.  Then I write him a note reminding him to take the lunch, and then stick it in a place where he really can’t miss it-like on his wallet or keys or something very important.  Because he gets up at the buttcrack of predawn, it’s difficult to remember much of anything at that time of the morning (I know, I used to do it, WITH a baby).  This, like many things, is not foolproof.  He still forgets it.  I’ll open the fridge and see the lunch still sitting there.  Since he works an hour away and a gallon of gas is roughly the price of a sandwich at Subway, it’s just a lost cause at that point.

There are times when I have considered this strategy for more than one member of our house.

And the glasses-well, they were mine.  I had laid them down when I went to change into my pajamas, and I wasn’t quite sure where I had put them.  Apparently I put them right where he puts his glasses, next to his clock, and he had picked up the wrong pair in the dark.  I find it funny that he wasn’t sure whose they were-he thought they were our son’s.  There are only three people in this house who wear glasses, and it’s not like I entertain groups of bespectacled people in our bedroom while he’s at work.  The whole fact that he didn’t notice that they weren’t his right away is really amusing to me. He is blind without his and I only need mine to see details on the TV or movie, or to drive (I have a slight astigmatism).  I had actually done something similar with my glasses the other day, so you’d think I’d learn to think before I set them down.  I was changing clothes, and he came in and started getting the bed ready to begin his insomnia for the night.  He pulled the blankets up, and it was right then that I panicked-“WAIT!  Where are my glasses?”  Sure enough, I had laid them down right on the unmade bed where he was going to lay down, and had forgotten them.  Thank goodness, because the other pair is long gone.

When we travel together, even just to the next town, we usually either have to make at least one trip back home on our way out of town for at least one thing that we have spaced off, of just say the heck with it and do without.  It’s usually me forgetting an important coupon or something silly like that, or he’s forgotten something like his phone.  What am I saying?  I’m the one who usually forgets the really important stuff-last week he texted me telling me he was on his way home from work, with my keys.  Apparently I had left them in his car.

Yes I have done this.

Don’t get me wrong, we are organized when we need to be.  He is the picture of engineering genius at work.  I know, I’ve seen his cubicle.  When I had my own classroom, while my teacher area may not have been the cleanest, I did have a very efficient and organized classroom.  We’ve got it where it counts.  Once we’re off the clock we’ve got better things to think about.  Then the brain doesn’t always cycle back to remembering that sandwich and chips for lunch.  I left my lunch sitting on the counter at home a bajillion times when I was working. At least when I was at the preschool they would still feed me for free.

A couple of nights ago he came home to me preparing supper.  He noticed that there was celery on the counter.  There was no celery involved in this meal at all.  He asked me if I had been meaning to put it away.  I had, five hours ago after lunch.  He said with a sigh as I went to put it away, “It’s a good thing that between the two of us, we can make a full brain.”  Or something like that, because my brain apparently was already on to something else to fully remember.  It was a good thing he caught that.  We have wasted a lot of condiments that way.  Supper gets done, and we THINK I have put everything away.  The next morning I’ll find something ridiculous out like shredded cheese or ranch dressing, something that can’t possibly stay good out overnight.  I’m not sure why this happens, it’s not like one of us was attacked by a rabid squirrel or something while trying to put the supper aftermath away.

We laugh about this a lot as well as tease each other a ton about this whole thing of forgetfulness.  If you can’t laugh together, well…  While I’m realistic enough to not buy into the silly romantic perfect relationship garbage, I do believe that people find each other for a reason, and that there really is someone out there for everyone.  I stated some of these reasons on our 13th Anniversary post.  I guess if we hadn’t married each other, not only would we never know the total information about a familiar person in a movie, we’d also forget a lot more things.

I don’t believe our flakiness has ever been THIS catastrophic.

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