Confessions of a Popaholic: Caffeine Withdrawal Hell

This is me, except I can’t fit into a Diet Sunkist box.

It’s Saturday and I’m running out of caffeine.  These are the days when I wonder why I drink the stuff in the first place?  Oh yeah, because it ROCKS!

We had a little snafu with the bank this week and now are overdrawn until the middle of next week.  Yikes!  We’re not starving or anything, because I’m a darn good grocery shopper, but because of my addiction I am OUT OF MY DIET SUNKIST LEMONADE.  Sniff.  Yes I know, first world problems.  Didn’t I say I was going to give that up?  I tried, I REALLY tried!

My Mom came up the last couple of days, thus postponing my caffeine withdrawal a bit because she like caffeine too.  I drank waaaaaay too much Coke.  My other love is a big cup of Coke with crushed iced in it.  When I was kid, that was what we used to get at the soda fountain on the military base we lived near, and at the little place that had a soda fountain in the tiny town in Maine we lived in.  I can’t remember the name of the store, but it was across the street from the Five and Dime Store.  Remember those????

I guess I need to go to PA-Popaholics Anonymous.  Hi, I’m Sarah and it’s been three days since my last diet Sunkist.  Or maybe that’s what you say when you go to confession?

I found an old bottle of Coke Zero in the back of my fridge and downed that.  I know somewhere there is a two liter of Diet Coke lurking in my house.  Not sure I want to go there, I think I’d rather have coffee.  I like coffee, but the kind I make at home I have to really be in the mood for, and the iced coffee I love so much happens to be something I have to put a little forethought into.  We all know how good I am at that!

I have just enough cash that I COULD go buy a twelve pack of Diet Sunkist Lemonade, two McDonald’s iced coffees, four 32 ounce refills of coke at Kum & Go, or a big jug of Lipton diet Citrus Green tea.  I could also get a small Starbucks frappucino, but I’m not stupid enough to do that.  I can only go to the next town though anyway, because I don’t have a lot of gas.  Oh decisions, decisions.  I will probably just stay here and suffer, head pounding.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’ve never heard of anyone dying of caffeine withdrawal, but knowing my luck I’d be the first!

I may have to plan ahead for the next few days. This is a concoction that takes a bit of thinking ahead, but is awesome! Cold coffee+coconut milk+agave nectar=pretty darn good.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Popaholic: Caffeine Withdrawal Hell

  1. I’m pretty sure I would die if I didn’t have caffeine! And the days that I don’t have enough caffeine, the headache is so bad that I wish I would die!!! LOL!! Yes, it’s definitely a problem here too! Also, this didn’t show up in my reader on WordPress but I just saw it on Facebook…..weird!

    • I’ve had that problem with yours too. I wouldn’t see it on the reader but on Facebook. Then later it would magically appear in the reader. Makes me think they must be tweaking things. I know that one of the other bloggers said that Facebook is having issues with people that use publicize. Weird!

      I’m still grappling with whether or not to go get some pop tomorrow. We’ll see!

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