REBLOG: Does This Look Infected to You?

Another oldie but a goodie. This is from August, when my husband developed a really weird, um, rash.  I had some issues with posting this, so I apologize if it shows up weird.  I hope you get a laugh (or two) from it!

The Sadder But Wiser Girl

Have you seen the commercial about shingles?  You know the one that says that if you had chicken pox as a child the shingles virus may already be inside you?  I know this commercial well because my son has that line memorized.  He makes it a point to go up to people he knows and ask if they had chicken pox just so he can educate them on the finer points of shingles.

A couple of days after the famous overnight business trip my husband called me over and raised his shirt.  “What does this look like to you?”  My husband is one that rarely takes painkillers, constantly tells my children that “It’s a long way from your heart” when they are injured, and must remind people that he once had a motorcycle peg stuck through his knee and that it was cool.  So when he asks for my opinion…

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