Dinosaur Phone Confessions

The other day a fellow blogger, Baking In A Tornado, had posted about still using her landline, which she referred to as her “dinosaur phone”.  I couldn’t resist responding to this post, because we own a dinosaur phone.  By this I don’t mean an ancient phone, I mean a phone that looks like a dinosaur.  It’s my husband’s phone from his bachelor years, and yes, we have even had it hooked up before.  It roars when someone calls.  I must say it’s quite cool, we just don’t ever use our landline.  It’s our internet only line.  If we could get rid of our landline entirely, we probably would, because I hate paying for something I don’t really use, especially these days when we have to watch every cent.

Princess Imagination enjoys her Dad’s Dinosaur Phone.

Since I dug the phone out to take a picture of it to show off, I let Princess Imagination play with it.  Both of my children love this phone, which is part of the reason it was hidden.  They fought over it constantly, and it was always left right out in the middle of the floor.  Apparently that is where you sit to make phone calls.

She has been using it to make many pretend phone calls.  Some of these calls I’m a little worried about.

Princess Imagination makes a phone call:  “Hi!  Oh?  Really?  You don’t say!  I did NOT know that!  HA HA HA!  No, I love my Mommy.”  (Huh?)

The phone roars (or rather she roars since it’s not hooked up), she answers “YEAH?  Hi!  OK.  I will do that  She’s on the computer again.  Yeah, on the couch.  We WILL do crafts today.”  (Whether I like it or not.)

She calls Grandma, “Hi Grandma!  When are you coming?  Please?  PLEASE?  I don’t know.  Bye.”

Princess Imagination answers the phone:  “Hello?  WHAT?  You want me to get rid of my Mommy?  No!  Don’t you tell me to do that!  I would miss her!  If you are going to tell me to get rid of my Mommy, then don’t you EVER call me again!”  Slams down the phone.

I’m beginning to think she’s in cahoots with the Hello Kitty mob.  Maybe they want her to put a hit on me.  I guess it’s a good thing she loves me!

Check out Baking In a Tornado, pretty please?  She has a fun blog-a recipe in every post!  And she’s a really nice person! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Dinosaur Phone Confessions

  1. The most unnerving thing about my kids’ imaginary conversations for me is recognizing myself in them or hearing something and hoping it’s attributable to a someone on the bus and not me or husband! That ‘phone is nothing short of magnificent!

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