The Getting To Know The Blogger Challenge-Blogging:The Why and the What

I’m participating in the Getting to Know the Blogger Challenge sponsored by A Little Unhinged.

10)  Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about?

Not quite like that, but I sure love this cartoon.

It was pretty simple.  I started blogging because my brain was full.  I started a blog as a way to put all of the stuff in my head down on paper.  With all of the crappy stuff that was going on job wise, I was really depressed and dealing with severe anxiety.  My out of control ADD didn’t help matters.  I felt like my life was out of control.  I was dealing with one child with lots of issues including behavior problems and my other who was extremely strong willed.  My husband had just been hired on full-time after graduating from engineering school the past December.  Here he was following his dreams and being successful at it, and I felt like I had no hope and no future because I had made school and career choices that didn’t work out.  I felt like my life was over while his was just beginning.  When I started writing it started out as a diary of whatever stuff was coming out of my addled brain.  When my husband started receiving his insurance benefits for his job, I went on anti-anxiety medication because I couldn’t face another day feeling like I was on the verge of a panic attack every minute of the day.  I wasn’t proud of this, but it had to be done so I could be functional.  I did it for my kids.

When this occurred, something happened.  A part of me that I knew existed but had been gone for so long came out, and I started writing humorous stuff.  As I gained more confidence, I started using social media and all of a sudden I had followers.  In total I have over 100 followers now, as opposed to just a handful when I started truly promoting my blog.  Considering I started it back in June, I think that’s not too shabby.

I blog about “STUFF”.  Mom stuff, ADD stuff, family stuff, Anxiety stuff, finding myself stuff, life stuff.  I hate to put myself into any sort of category, because I tend to be all over the place some weeks.  I just put down what is in my head.  I try to be funny, but sometimes I just have to be serious.  Just like life.

(It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t put that in there!  You should have seen that coming!)

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12 thoughts on “The Getting To Know The Blogger Challenge-Blogging:The Why and the What

  1. I am so glad to have met you, Sarah. I really enjoy your blog! 🙂

    I’m sorry you have struggled with anxiety. 😦 I really am. I had panic attacks due to PTSD (or a version of it anyway) for nearly a year and I had never understood what a panic attack was until that point. It is NO JOKE!!! The only reason I am alive today is because I couldn’t let my kids be without a mommy, IYKWIM. I am happy to say that the traumatic event that led up to the attacks has been dealt with deeply and thoroughly and I have been anxiety/panic free for 2 1/2 years!!

    • I am so happy to hear that you are anxiety free! Blogging has been a gift to meet others who have experienced the same things as I have. I went off my meds this week, because while they helped with the anxiety I’ve been so severely depressed the past couple of weeks. I feel better so far… Thank you for sharing. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

      • I agree – blogging is such a blessing! It brings people together who wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise. I stay at home most days teaching, and I am not able to have much adult conversation outside the home until the weekend, but blogging has changed all that!! 😀
        It is so crazy to me that you have been severely depressed when it’s YOU who are the one writing funny posts and bringing sunshine to WordPress!

        So, do you think the meds were attributing to the depression, then? I took Paxil and Zoloft (not at the same time) as a teen because I had terrible headaches, and Paxil actually caused suicidal thoughts and a numbness of emotion. I thank the Lord nothing happened of serious consequence.

        No, you’re not alone. 😀 I’m here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I really don’t know! I was on Effexor. I just know that I haven’t been this depressed in a really long time-and never the particular way I was feeling (like I could just step in front of a bus-yeah, really bad!). I feel really good this weekend, so maybe I just needed to be done with that stuff. I would prefer to not be on the meds. I’ve been on so many different things that have worked for awhile and then just didn’t do it for me! Ack! What I really want to do is start eating healthy and taking care of myself again.

      • Aww, yeah. You know, might want to join because they have “teams” that you can be on as support groups. Many people are trying to lose weight but a great many people are just on SP to be healthy. I know there are ‘dealing with depression/anxiety’ teams, and ‘moms’ teams, etc. Anyway, if you DO join, look me up; I’m Atlantamomof3 (the number three, not the word). Everyone has a Sparkpage, so if you look me up it’ll take you to mine. 😀

      • OH! Cool!! I haven’t been on either lately because I really can’t exercise right now, so it’s been discouraging to log in…What’s your username?

      • aluminumgirl74. Some of the girls I know were doing the Iron Girl Duathlon. I figured I was more of an Aluminum Girl than an Iron Girl. I have a blog that goes with it that I haven’t done anything with. 🙂

      • Reading aluminum over and over made the fillings in my teeth light up just now!! LOL You know that weird feeling, like when you were a kid and put your tongue on a battery?! Haha

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