The Getting To Know The Blogger Challenge: Blogs I Visit

I am participating in the Getting To Know The Blogger Challenge sponsored by A Little Unhinged.

13)  Three blogs you visit enthusiastically

Ooooo… this is hard.  Since I’ve started doing more reaching out and participating in more stuff it’s really hard to play favorites.  I don’t want anyone to be upset that I didn’t say that I love their blog.  Truth be known I follow well over 50 blogs!  I follow mainly funny blogs, Mommy blogs, food blogs, and a few others. I really enjoy them all! I’ve thought this over very very carefully.  Here are some I have been reading since before I started really seriously blogging.

1.  Parenting, Illustrated With Crappy Pictures– This was the first blog I ever read.  I never paid much attention to blogs before that.  It was the Target post that a friend shared on her wall on Facebook that got me started (any time I refer to the hypnotic eye, that’s what I’m talking about!).  After seeing this post I sat down and read THE ENTIRE BLOG.  I laughed and laughed, and have followed religiously ever since.  This blog got me started blogging.  I love how she tells her stories. I have a lot of stories to tell!

See? Funny?

2.  Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva-OMG!  This is a seriously funny blog.  Love it love it love it!

Some families have an Elf On A Shelf. She has a Troll in the Hole!

3.  (A Tie) 100 Days of Real Food and Super Healthy Kids– I consult these blogs almost constantly for ideas. I’m not saying I follow a lot of them, but I try.  100 Days focuses on living on food that is unprocessed.  She has a lot of great ideas that we use in our recipes.  The whole wheat biscuit recipe in there is awesome!  Super Healthy Kids focuses on making food that is fun and healthy, and how to get the most nutrition out of different recipes.  I have a list of things that I want to try this next month.

What kid wouldn’t want to eat these cuties? Oh yeah, my son.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I like funny Mom blogs and healthy food blogs. You’d think that I’d be happier and healthier…

So there are all of those other blogs-I love you, I read your posts regularly, sometimes I get a little behind but I do try to keep up. You are all special to me and I am going to start making a weekly list of my favorite blog posts, just like another friend of mine does.  It’s nice to recognize everyone who works so hard to get their writing read!

5 thoughts on “The Getting To Know The Blogger Challenge: Blogs I Visit

  1. I started blogging about a year and a half ago, and I am finding it hard to find blogs to really get into. There are some that are awesome, but I don’t even know what niche i’m interested in! I love to read everything and anything. I’ll have to check out Parenting illustrated with crappy pictures as that looks amazing and wickedly funny.

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