VOTE, or else… (just kidding)

After the unfortunate title of my previous blog post (I must have been reeeeeallly tired) I tried to come up with a better one for this one.  Oh maybe I didn’t…

Those of you that know me know that I have a hard time tooting my own horn, sort of speak.  Today I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone and try this out.  I entered a few pictures into a contest for the holidays.  One of them made it.  It’s one of my favorite pictures, and I’m very proud of it:


If you like the picture and want to vote for it, please do the following:

Visit DeBie Hive by clicking here.  The entries for the Holiday photo contest are in the left sidebar.  You can view all of the entries, maybe you’ll like some others too! Please vote.  You can vote once a day, I believe, for the next four days!

Then, read some of her blog entries.  She is awesome!  She is the one I inadvertently left off of my wrap-up of the week.  She has a very funny letter to Santa that you may want to read, but be aware that it’s definitely PG.  🙂

Spread the love, vote!  Now I’ll leave you alone… maybe until tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “VOTE, or else… (just kidding)

  1. Done! It shows up as Bulletstopper, I have several identities online. Bulletstopper is my old military nickname. We said our job description was just one word – Bulletstopper. Kind of a gallows humor.

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