The ADD Kitchen: Making Christmas Play-doh (And Other Random Artsy Fartsy Stuff)

Cute little reindeer!

Cute little reindeer!

Snowman dude.

Snowman dude.

Sparkly Christmas Tree

Sparkly Christmas Tree

Just in case you were wondering, I’m still drowning in art projects over here!

Princess Crafty has not relented.  I am still made a stack of artwork each and every day.  At least with the Christmas season upon us, I can channel a lot of that into Christmas crafts.  We have some pretty nifty ones.  Lots of stuff made with foam and glitter glue.  And of course, the obsession with toilet paper tubes continues.  We have a snowman and reindeer to hang out with Gilda the turkey, who apparently isn’t going anywhere anytime And it continues…

Today we’re going to attempt sparkly play-doh.  This is not only for home, but it’s the test batch for some Christmas play-doh we’re making for my nephew who is two.

Making Sparkly Play-Doh

I want to apologize in advance for the lack of photos on this post.  WordPress apparently decided that last night was a great time to change everything as far as how you can add images.  I can’t get anything to go where I want it in this post.  All images want to post at the top of the blog entry, even though I click on other places.  I finally was able to insert the gallery on the end of the post, but that’s not where I wanted it.  I am VERY unhappy about these changes, and I hope I don’t lose any followers as a result of having to, um, limit myself.  After two hours of tearing my hair out, and a four year old that had totally lost her patience with me being on the computer, I just settled for what is in this post. 

So, Please click on the images in the gallery on the bottom to see larger images of the Play-doh FUN!

Ready?  First you must gather zee ingredients.  You have to say it with a really cool accent because that’s what you do when you cook.  Or at least I do.  But I’m not actually cooking here, so maybe it’s not necessary.

Mix the dry ingredients.  I do this while the water is boiling.  Today’s ingredient that we are short of is salt (I said that with a British accent) because in the ADD kitchen, you always are short something that you need for a project or recipe.  So one batch it is.

Then once the water starts to boil, I mix my oil and peppermint extract together in a cup.  Now let me tell you something about extract: I don’t use it very often.  As I discovered, there isn’t any to keep half the bottle from going SPLOOSH right into the cup.  It’s peppermint extract, so I feel like someone just threw mouthwash at my face.  My eyes are burning.  I’m having really serious dentist flashbacks.  I may be tasting peppermint well into tomorrow.

Now mix the boiling water in with the other wet ingredients, and pour into the bowl, and start mixing.  What they never ever tell you in the recipes is that you’re probably going to have to add some more flour, because otherwise you wind up with super sticky play-doh!  They also don’t tend to add that you need to start mixing with a spoon because boiling water is HOT!

Once it all starts sticking together into a ball, you can start kneading it with your hands and will most likely have to add more flour until it’s a nice not sticky ball of dough.  I think I screwed this up, because I wasn’t sure when to add the glitter.  That may have had something to do with me gagging on peppermint.  So we added the glitter to the ball after the fact.  A LOT of glitter.  And then some fun iridiscent snowflakes.

The final touch is to put it all into a fun holiday airtight container.  If this is anything like the Kool-Aid playdough that we make, it keeps for quite a while.  I just threw out the Halloween play-doh the other day, because it was getting fuzzy.  In the world of homemade play-dough, that’s almost Highlander status (Immortal, for the non geek person).

The recipe we wanted to use is here.  We saved it for another time when we have more salt!  Meanwhile, we ended up using another recipe I keep handy.  I have no idea where it came from, but then again, play-doh recipes are pretty standard.  I will say this-I hate any recipes for things like this on the stove.  I’d rather boil the water separately and then mix it all together in a bowl so Princess Crafty can help.

No Cook Playdough

1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup salt
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 cup boiling water
1 Tablespoon cooking oil
1/2 teaspoon food coloring

(I also added peppermint extract, and obviously too much!)  Mix the dry stuff, then the wet stuff and then mix it all together.  Add at least 1/4 of glitter if you want sparkles!

Do you ever make homemade play-doh?  What kinds of Christmas crafts are you making at your house?


16 thoughts on “The ADD Kitchen: Making Christmas Play-doh (And Other Random Artsy Fartsy Stuff)

  1. I found that adding pictures to the media library (in the Dashboard) works the old way – fast – and then you can just pick and choose from *that* when you want to add an image to a post. Does that make sense? I was SOOO frustrated when it changed a few days ago and was taking *forever* to add images! (Until I figured out to add them all into the library beforehand) Hth
    Love the playdough, btw. 🙂

    • I was so frustrated by everything I forgot to mention those-I realized they were in the background after I posted the pictures. I’m making some presents out of them! HA HA! I could have easily downed a bottle of wine the way my blog account has been behaving though!

      We’re doing our family Christmas in 10 days and I have stuff scattered all over the house trying to get stuff made-it’s insane!

  2. you guys seem to always have fun in that house! 🙂 always crafty with your kids, mine is still too young. Your daughter is so cute 🙂 & I don’t think you have lost any followers, your post is good. I’ve had problems with WordPress in the past too ARGHH!!! 🙂 so annoying when our kids are waiting for us to figure it out! 🙂

  3. oh! this is cool! I’m no longer hosted by wordpress, this looks really nice, of course this had to happen when I’m no longer hosted by them! 🙂 In just added a gallery on mine on top of the blog but I noticed it takes a while for the pics to load 😦

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