Atlantamomofthree’s December Health and Fitness Challenge Week 1

"Run, Forrest, Run!"  No one is running in this household.  But we say this whenever we see someone running.

“Run, Forrest, Run!” No one is running in this household. But we say this whenever we see someone running.

My friend Valerie over at Atlantamomofthree started a fitness challenge and invited people to join her.  Valerie has been an awesome friend to me over on the SparkPeople site-where I have an account and only go over there to moan and groan and feel sorry for myself and stuff.  I set the goal to be active for 30 minutes five days in the week.  I think I met the goal.  I certainly will try to keep better track this next week.

You see, I used to be awesomely fit.  Then I had kids.  I had a gym membership up until I became too poor to have one.  Since then I have REALLY gotten flabby and sad.  It’s not that I don’t have time to exercise.  I own all of the Jillian Michaels DVDs-you’d think that just seeing her would motivate me to do something, since I’m afraid she’s going to come to my house and eat me.  I also own a lot of the GAIAM stuff.  I have most of the Rodney Yee yoga DVDs, among others.  I just lose track of time and then by evening I’m too tired to do anything!  I have been somewhat ok at doing some home weight lifting using my old Abs Diet Routine. My main obstacles are two children who would rather do anything but go outside and a dog who is naughty.  I also have a husband who would rather play video games than do anything active.  I miss being active and doing stuff outside and all of that jazz!  Stories of my fitness woes-Memories of Fitness Past, When Mom Attempt to Exercise.

I even tried to have another blog for awhile that was supposed to focus on my exercise and eating, Aluminum Girl.  It FLOPPED.  Because I did NOTHING!

I’m just not sure how I could go from this:

Me six years ago.  One kid.  Gym membership.

Me six years ago. One kid. Gym membership.  And two fat cats.

To this.  But I did.  The person who would rather eat whole wheat vegan pizza rolls and drink Diet Sunkist Lemonade.  Now I eat what everyone else does because I have to.  That damn money thing again.

I'm the only fat cat in the house now!

Two kids and I’m the only fat cat in the house now!

Anyhooooo-here is how I kind of did this week:

Monday:  Walked an hour-beautiful weather and semi cooperative canine and four year old.

Tuesday:  I lifted some.  It was probably a half hour.

Wednesday:  Walked a half hour with dog before choir practice.

Thursday:  Lifted some again.  Half hour.  My son had his choir concert that night.  My husband took a picture of the three of us and I literally almost THREW UP.  I look horrible!!!!  I need to stop eating and start exercising!

Friday:  An hour of walking-one walk with the dog and stroller and one BY MYSELF.  By the time bedtime rolled around it was pretty obvious that I was getting sick.  One side of my throat was so sore and swollen I couldn’t swallow.

Saturday: New dog collar for the dog!  30 min walk-AND HE BEHAVED.  It was amazing, especially since I felt like poop.

Sunday:  SICK. Did…nothing.

So there you are.  My week.  I actually ate pretty decently too, with the exception of the white chocolate incident.  This week I have made a meal plan, which will probably go all to hell since I have to go home for Christmas this next weekend!

No really...

No really…

21 thoughts on “Atlantamomofthree’s December Health and Fitness Challenge Week 1

  1. That last cat picture made me giggle – love it! I am right here with you on all of this. I was in kick-ass shape when I got married 11 years ago. Now after five children and suffering through grief, I am up about 25 pounds. I had the picture taken you see as my gravitar, and I am disgusted with it! I look so bloated and so not like me at all. I know it is my fault I’m not in shape – I make excuses all the time. When I am at home (where I have a treadmmill, a stair step, DVDs galore), I find everything else to do instead of exercise. When I had a gym membership, my boys either didn’t like the day care there or they were sick so I couldn’t take them. Now that it is 7 degrees here in NE, I can’t take the boys out for a walk. But, but, but….all the excuses aren’t making my butt any smaller, right? I’m with you, girl. No more excuses – let’s do this!

  2. Good job with all the walking and lifting!! 😀 My husband loves to say “Run, Forrest, Run!!” whenever he sees anyone run too. haha But oh no, I’m sorry you’re sick! 😦 Maybe yoga or stretching this week instead of your normal exercise?

  3. Congratulations on all the times you exercised this week! Wow, I can’t believe how many statements you wrote I can relate to… I used to have a gym membership, I have all those DVDs…But, I want to move, I really do! just stuff, and real life get in the way! So sorry you were sick. Are you better now?

  4. I think it’s awesome that you are working so hard at this. It’s not easy, I know. I am with you on this. It was the two kids thing that did me in too. I keep trying, but the progress is slow. Hang in there–I’m in the same boat with you! (and you look so pretty right now too, BTW!)

  5. I used to be hot and fit before my children came. Now I am round and doubty! I have started cutting back my portions. I can only handle SO much! but when BL comes back on I WILL be focusing on my waste and back. I’m glad I am not alone!!!

  6. Geez you cracked me up on the Jillian Michaels comment—I HATE those videos! I did a bunch of them and honestly didn’t lose a pound but she scared the hell out of me so I kept doing them. Note to self: do not do jillian Michaels videos near a mirror–this is not a pleasant site. I think that’s why I gave up–I was traumatized by my own reflection. Just joined a Zumba class with my daughter…wonder how stupid i’m going to look doing that…and yeah, they have wall to wall mirrors, too….

    • I tried Zumba. I think it liked me but I didn’t like it. It was kind of like that scene on Young Frankenstein where they sing “Puttin on the Ritz” because I’m about as coordinated as Frankenstein was. However, if you like to dance and stuff, you may looooove it.

  7. Good you are doing something, but I understand you, I used to be fit too before pregnancy and even last year for Christmas I was 15 pounds less than what I weigh today 😦 , I should exercise too but I feel like the cat in that picture! 🙂 btw, I think you look great !:-)

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