One Starship Captain, A Cat, And Some Fish Get Hung On A Tree (Among Other Things)

The Mediocre Christmas Tree

The Mediocre Christmas Tree

We were a day late getting the tree up and decorated this year, mainly because we hosted Thanksgiving.  Now that’s not as glamorous as it sounds.  Really as soon as I typed that I pictured Pat Sajak and Vanna White standing in my living room.  Since I don’t have letters on my tree, they aren’t necessary.

BUT I DIGRESS.  Focus lady, focus.  I’m fighting some sort of mutated alien respiratory virus that’s sure to keep me sick for awhile.  It’s hard to concentrate under these conditions.

As the kids decorated the tree and then for the next two weeks continued to undecorate and redecorate it, I found it very interesting what ornaments they thought were neat and which ones they barely paid attention to.  I thought it would be cool to take a closer look at some of these ornaments and their story.  This past week I read that Three Monkeys and a Martini is having a contest.  A favorite Christmas tree contest.  At first I wasn’t really interested because I don’t consider my tree to be very awesome.  It’s not very big.  It’s fake-because I am ALLERGIC.  I really am!  Evil Genius doesn’t believe me.  I figured the trip to the ER here a few years back would have been the kicker.

It’s just a Mediocre tree, but it’s full of memories and stories and that’s what really counts.  The more I thought about it, I decided it would be good to do the contest after all as well as do this post.  So here are some of the things you’ll find on our tree:

Plastic icicles and snowflakes-Totally cheesy.  But we had the icicles as a kid and I always thought they were cool.  Mom and I were at a thrift store and they had some.  They do look very sparkly on the tree.  And they must look good under the easy chair because that is where I keep finding them, every stinking night.

Bride and Groom Snowpeople– My Mom made these for me for our first Christmas as a married couple.  Another one that my daughter will  not leave alone.  She thinks they are so cute!  As I took the picture, I see the groom is MIA.  Typical.

One Fish, Two Fish-I love Dr Seuss.  I think I need a Green Eggs and Ham to go with it, don’t you?

Captain Picard-I actually had more than one Star Trek guy once upon a time.  We also had the doctor from Voyager.  First he lost his arm and then was seriously maimed beyond recognition.  This was a joint effort between a toddler boy and a very evil kitty cat.  Now I think the Borg are after Picard-he keeps trying to get out of his little doorway.

Celestial-I have a thing for the heavens, and celestial stuff.  Not as much as I used to, I mean I used to have a whole celestial bathroom for pete’s sake.  it was kind of scary.  I’ve toned it down, saving my celestial stuff for a few places here and there.  I’m more into mandalas and stuff like that now.  I guess it’s part of my lifelong search for peace and zen.

Starbucks-Oh yeah, I have two.  Probably the cheapest thing I’ve ever bought there!

Ms Thing keeps a close eye on things.

Ms Thing keeps a close eye on things.

Dough Ornaments-We used to make a lot of ornaments out of dough that my mom would mix up for us when we were kids.  After they were baked, we would paint them.  Unfortunately, between humidity and kids they don’t last as long as I would like them to.  The one in the picture is one my mom made of our family recently.

Cat Ornaments-I used to have a lot of cat ornaments.  Now I don’t.  Most have disappeared or have been physically destroyed.  This time I’m looking at the black kitty, who is trying to be the alpha kitty in the household…

Recycled-My very favorites.  I am into that kind of stuff.  I used to work at Eddie Bauer, and they would always have these neat recycled ornaments.  A couple of years I bought some to give and some to keep.  One is recycled glass and the other is some sort of recycled metal (probably made from cans and then painted to look like its copper).

The tree in a raindrop (or is it a teardrop)??-My daughter thinks this is the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet.  It’s a plastic teardrop with a little silver christmas tree inside of it.  She has taken the tree out of the teardrop about 3,000 times since we put the tree up.  I had to hide it to keep it from her.  That’s because it’s very old.  I had to call my Mom to ask about that one because I wasn’t sure of the story.  It was my grandmothers and her mothers before that.  Now of course this is the one I really wanted to take a picture of it, and it is missing.  Again.

There are many other notable ornaments on my tree. Like the ornament I got my first year of teaching from one student who made me tear my hair out.  As crazy as he drove me, that kid could sing, and I convinced him to try out for a local music group.  He made it, and has been singing ever since.  There are ornaments from my childhood.  And many others that tell a story.  I really don’t want this post to take ten hours to read, do you?

There are a few things that you WILL NOT see on my tree.  Like anything breakable. If I had anything breakable it’s long gone.  Again due to Evil Kitty, my kids, and this year a dog with a big lethal tail.  Also I have yet to really have any ornaments made for me by my kids.  One is not inclined to do it, the other whisks her creations away to be found later.  And really only ONE Star Wars ornament, and it’s not a Death Star that lights up.  Some day I WILL HAVE ONE!

My tree may not be the grandest, but it is definitely our tree because we have made it our own.  Do you have any ornaments on your tree that are special?

20 thoughts on “One Starship Captain, A Cat, And Some Fish Get Hung On A Tree (Among Other Things)

    • I’m hoping I find it later and can update then. I haven’t crawled under the couch yet to see what’s shoved under there! 😀 And thank you. I actually have been wanting to do a scrapbook page with the very same idea for awhile, so this has got me started with the picture taking.

  1. I Like your tree ESPECIALLY Captain Picard. My tree is a 2 Dollar Tree. When I was a child my mother never had ANYTHING that matched or was thyme. It was VERY annoying to someone like me who wanted beauty. We have 2 trees now one before Oliver and the second after Oliver!!! (Ollie is my 2 year old) The larger one we put in my daughters room as her OWN PERSONAL tree! And Oliver’s tree we set on the bar. It’s all ornaments from target that are 2 bucks or less. I get more compliments on that tree than I should. I think this post is wonderful and I am allergic to pine to so tell the evil genius that your not alone!

  2. What a great tree! We have a tree like that. The first year we had it, we forgot to buy hooks for the balls. We used sewing thread. The next day, our tree looked like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. We had three balls left and our dog was toting one around in her mouth. I also made my second daughter a homemade ornament to commemorate her first Christmas. I’m hoping that the sentimentality will mean more than what it actually looks like.
    I’m following you back from the Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop. Thank you for commenting and becoming a member of our community. Thank you also for making me laugh. The comment about Bruce Springsteen was great. I never thought about it until you mentioned it.

    • You can tell what decade I grew up in, huh? 😉

      I’m big into recycling and buying used, I haven’t focused so much on buying USA, but I guess I do a lot by default. I buy most of our clothes and toys used at Consignment Shops, Thrift Stores, rummage sales, and Goodwill. I am a member of a co-op and try to buy a lot of things locally when I can, but I’ve been out of work for a long time (I lost my job the day my husband got full time at his.) I do what I can! 😀

      • Hey, the fact that I know the song tells you enough also. Buying Made in the USA stuff doesn’t and shouldn’t put you in debt. I found made in the USA stuff in the $1 section at Target. I’m not here to make anyone feel guilty about their shopping habits. This is why I include these finds on my blog and also let people know about any sales or deals. At the end of the day, we all have budgets and do what we can to keep within those budgets while still providing the best for our families. I know what it’s like to lose my job. I was laid off after almost 11 years with a company. I’m glad your husband made full-time at his job. I’m sure that helped after you lost your job.


  3. When I read, “but it’s full of memories and stories and that’s what really counts.” I thought that’s exactly how you could describe our tree growing up. Ours was stuffed with ornaments that had been collected and made through the years and every one had a story. And I love the photo of your cat!

  4. Oh I love all your ornaments and feel the same way about so many of our ornaments. When I was putting them up this year, I remember when and where, as well as why we got each one. Thanks for sharing!!

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