End of the Week Hoedown

Why did I call it a Hoedown?  My husband sent me a link to a whole half hour of Whose Line Is It Anyway “Scenes From A Hat”!  Love that show.  For some reason I now have the hoedown music in my head. So here is how the week unfolded.

funny-cat-attacking-Santa-ClausMONDAYFive Christmas Wishes.  I got tagged and had to tag people to do this awesome little ditty.  Just five little wishes for Christmas.  I thought it was fun! I also submitted my info in for Atlantamotherofthree’s Fitness Challenge.

IMG_1245TUESDAYWho Gives A Hoot About The Inn, Our Manger Has a Hot Tub!  My daughter once again displays her artistic talent and odd way of looking at the Christmas story

couchWEDNESDAYPrevious Terrible Attempts at Humorous Poetry (And it Does Have A Christmas Reference in it)  I was so sick that I figured I had better take the day off, yet ended up putting just as much work into a reblog post then a new one.  OH WELL!

IMG_1475THURSDAYOne Starship Captain, A Cat, And Some Fish Get Hung On A Tree (Among Other Things)

audreyFRIDAY-Secret Subject Swap!  An Autobiography According To Ms Sadder But Wiser

SATURDAY-We’re doing our family Christmas, so that’s it for this week.  🙂  Stay tuned for new stuff early next week!

The best of this week:

My Life And Kids-The My Life and Kids Christmas Letter (No One Will Be Receiving).  ROFLMAO!  There’s a reason why I don’t do a whole letter.  People are going to be lucky to receive a card at all from us this year!

Miss Banana Pants-Jesus vs Santa…We Choose Both  She gets bonus points for having the best holiday picture ever!

It’s A Dome Life-I ReWrite An REO Speedwagon Song  So great to know that other people in the world also possess the recessive gene!  80s veterans must read this!

And just the Secret Subject Swap in general.  I admit between everything that happened at the end of the week and feverishly trying to get ready for the family Christmas, I only got to read a couple.  I’m hoping to sit down and enjoy all of them later this weekend.  For now, I’m off to do other things.  Happy reading!


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