New Years Resolutions or Lack Thereof

new years cat

My husband and I resolved early in our marriage to never do the same thing twice on New Years Eve.  While Christmas and other holidays in our family tend to be somewhat rooted in tradition, we have tried to keep this particular one tradition free.  Later on we expanded it to not making New Years Resolutions.  We used to make them.  One year I recall  putting them on paper in an envelope so that we could see if we actually kept them.  Now that I think about it, I bet we never even found the envelopes.

The idea behind the resolutions is a good one.  The idea of a new year is a fresh start.  Who wouldn’t want to start off with a clean slate?  I myself could really use a fresh start.  In years past when I have attempted said resolutions, the year got underway and by February those resolutions went by the wayside.

I’m not changing my mind about it.  It’s not that I don’t plan on making some changes.  Rather than resolutions I have instead set some goals.  Is that the same thing?  Perhaps, but by not calling the resolutions I may be more apt to stick with them.  And these are things that I have already started.  No sense in waiting for a new year to kick in.

Eat Healthier-I’ve been to the edge and back, baby.  With depression comes some crazy comfort food.  But one can only subsist on dark chocolate and sugar for so long.  What I really need is a spell.  I need to go all Harry Potter and somehow cast a spell upon myself that the health food I once consumed regularly is the best thing for me.  This week I have consumed more vegetables.  I always eat whole grains, that is a no brainer.  But this love affair with sweeteners both natural and artificial has to be put to a stop.  More veggies, more fresh fruit, less diet pop, less junk.  Consuming less of everything-it should be simple, right?

you are what you eat

Move-As in getting moving, not as in moving to another town (though that would be nice).  Fatigue, cold weather, frustration with schedules, complaining children, and an uncooperative canine has made this not a priority to me.  I don’t have to do this to excess, simply getting back into walking some every day would be peachy.  I’ve done some yoga the last two days.  I’ve attempted to lift weights.  Last night my husband walked in the door and I walked out-not because I hate him, but because I needed to take a walk alone.  It’s less about losing the coffee cake top, more about just taking care of moi.


Attitude-The longer I’m unemployed, the more “losery” I feel.  Supposedly the state I live in has a great unemployment rate-and them proclaiming this just makes me feel that much worse.  Thanks, so glad everyone else is finding a job.  I have a feeling those numbers are greatly skewed.  I need to snap out of it and try to just feel better.  Whether or not I have a job shouldn’t define who I am.  What I do as a mom and wife should be more important.  I know, it’s all about that damn forest through the trees!  It’s hard to feel good when you’ve sent out over a hundred job applications and have had one interview, and then they took over a month to get back to you in an email.  For a cashier job.  At Lowes.

Honestly, is finding a part time job going to make me happy?  No, but being financially secure would be nice.  Can I make a job fall out of the sky?  No.  But I can try to control my attitude about it.  Take care of myself (you know, like showering and stuff).  Embrace the free time.  Appreciate what I have.  Play more with my kids.  Write more.  All the stuff I should have been doing all along.

inner demons

So that’s what I’m working on, even if I don’t call them resolutions.  Be sure to laugh at me six months from now.

I’ve seen several alternatives to making resolutions online.  My favorite is a jar with little slips of paper.  Every time you find something good, write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.  At the end of the year, wouldn’t that be great to open up and read all of the good things that happened? This of course would require effort and thinking on my part.  So it’s probably not going to happen…

I’ll wrap this up with my husband’s whole take on the resolution thing.  I know he wants to try to get back into shape as well, but I’m not sure if he’s really calling it a resolution.  We were talking about me writing this post last night.  He said “My resolution is to have a good looking wife and two kids and a dog.”  Hey, he called me good looking.  I’m willing to support that.

This post was written in part because I am a follower and want to be liked, or something like that.  Actually, I wanted to start participating in Theme Thursday over on Something Clever 2.0.  Jenn was nice enough to actually write about my blog this week.  She even was kind enough to point out how much I use poop and pee in my posts.  Please come on over there and read what other folks have to say on the matter, or other matters, and read Jenn’s blog too.  It’s a win win, no matter what you do.  Good stuff, Maynard.

27 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions or Lack Thereof

  1. oh my god…are we the same person? Separated at birth? I started following you a month or two ago and am flabbergasted by how much you’re in my brain. Thank you for always putting words to my thoughts.

    • The “free” blogs at WordPress don’t accept ads. I’m not even sure if the paid ones do, which is a crying shame! If I had a hundred some dollars I’d gladly pay to have the upgrade. If anyone has any ideas on how to get around it, I’m open to ideas. 😀

  2. I hate New Years resolutions—I always start off great–like swearing off chocolate, but by January 15th I’m hiding in the closet, eating mini Snickers bars. And my treadmill still has cobwebs on it….

  3. Yeah being “unemployed” isn’t what I dreamed it would be. I imagined sitting at a computer writing books and drinking coffee. Instead I eat junk food, struggle with sleep, forget to shower, never clean and have gained an excessive amount of weight. Hard to be motivated. You know you have a lot of support in our little blogger community!

  4. I love your husband’s comment and I sympathize with the job search struggle; when hubs and I moved cross country, I thought I’d be able to find a part time job in no time…it took MONTHS and was totally disheartening. Good luck!

  5. Okay now that I have actually READ the post, I still love it! I can relate to most if not all of what you said. One flip is the hubby is the one who is unemplo…umm…I mean the stay at home parent, same shit different gender!!!
    Now to find you on twitter!!!

  6. I’ve been working on the job thing too. It really blows donkey balls not finding ANYTHING after putting SO much effort into it! I’m to the point where I’m going to start handing out my resume to any kid I see to give to their mommy and daddy. Hopefully by marketing to their children (and sending cookies), someone will help me get my foot in somewhere. Because this whole “staying-home-and-just–being-awesome” thing is really not working out that well. I’ve consumed more wine since August than I have in the last year!

  7. I have never made a resolution because I know myself too well…I would never follow through or I would just forget what the resolution was all together! I chuckled when you said you never found the envelopes….that is me!!!

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