ZOINKS! Kids’ Cartoon Fears and the Container Mystery

Oh good, I'm not the only one who sits around and wonders about that.

Oh good, I’m not the only one who wonders about that.

Just a short post today-the bronchitis has decided to make a comeback in a really baaaaaad way.  *cough* *cough* *HACK*  Interestingly enough, there may be no relief from it-I read that most bronchitis is viral.  Great… I’m gonna hack up both my lungs before this is done.  Who needs lungs, right?  But I digress…

Fellow blogger and extremely awesome person Jenn over at Something Clever 2.0 had a post about Scooby Doo yesterday.  This made me laugh, because my kids are TERRIFIED of the show.  Seriously!  On several occasions I have told them there is absolutely NOTHING scary about that show! NOTHING!  I grew up with Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo  (come on, I can never hear the notes preceding “CHARGE!” without thinking of “PUP-PY POWER!)  My kids may never know how many people would have totally gotten away with things if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids.

Meanwhile, we have had a mystery of our own on our hands.  The Professor went to school on his birthday Friday.  I brought in two containers, each filled with a dozen batman cupcakes later on that morning.  He returned home with no containers.  (Why does this sound like a math word problem?)  He could not fathom where they were.  Maybe on the bus?  Although one of these was my precious very expensive Tupperware container, I decided since the cupcakes were all eaten, he could retrieve them on Monday.

(Not really an expensive container-my dad brought me a bunch of great old tupperware containers from an auction.  One of them was an old 70s orange 13×9 container.  First the lid broke, later on the container itself broke.  Did you know that Tupperware is guaranteed FOREVER?  I had two different tupperware ladies hook me up.  I now am the proud owner of a very nice new red tupperware container with a nice new white lid!  It’s probably the nicest one I own.  The moral of the story-snatch up those tupperware containers that you see at rummage sales and Goodwill because you just never know!)


After several emails back and forth to his teachers, it was now Tuesday.  I had to get in my own Mystery Machine to go investigate.  A while back someone assured me that things left on the bus were brought to the school lost and found.  Since he was missing one of every glove he owned, I thought a personal trip there would be a good idea.  When they didn’t turn up at the elementary school, we went back home to the middle school where the buses drop kids off (we live just a couple of blocks from there).  This was because he admitted on the way home that he MIGHT have left them in the huge snowdrift next to the school.  They weren’t in the snow, but they were in the office.  Thank goodness his amnesia cleared up in time.

So mystery solved, and no freaky or scary villains involved.

What does this have to do with Scooby Doo?  The mystery part has plenty to do with it, anyway.  Isn’t it weird how afraid my kids are of the show?  This isn’t the first thing, my son was terrified of Thomas the Tank Engine for many years with no identifiable trigger.  My daughter is currently terrified of Ursula the Sea Witch on The Little Mermaid and refuses to have anything to do with any of the movies.  Yet she saw Avengers in the theater without even batting an eyelash.  Go figure.

Do your kids have any weird things they are scared of, on tv or otherwise?  Any interesting mysteries, solved or unsolved, in your household?

Meddling kids

9 thoughts on “ZOINKS! Kids’ Cartoon Fears and the Container Mystery

  1. Oh we always have mysteries to solve here! Last week, Iris lost her Tinkerbell water bottle, a pink glove and her scarf all on different days. Yesterday she found the water bottle and glove in the Lost and Found at school but this still left us scarfless. Her and I were discussing where it could possibly be and Bency piped in very seriously and said, “Oh, that scarf, my friend found it on the playground and is wearing it now.” This put Iris into hysterics thinking some Kindergarten boy is off wearing her pink polka dot scarf. I don’t think so…Bency just loves stirring up the pot!

  2. LOL, too funny that they’re scared of scooby doo! I LOVE that show STILL! Joshua loves it and Maggie can’t stand it! Go figure! 😛 We own a few seasons.

  3. The first book my kindergartner brought home from the school library was a Scooby Doo book about a zombie island. It freaked me out, but not him. I was worried that we may have issues with him picking his own books, but the next week he brought home a Dora book. Eclectic tastes, that one.

  4. The boy was terrified of mannequins until about a year ago. Any kind. Realistic, Old Navy, headless, you name it.

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