Theme Thursday: The ADD 80s Child Looks At 80s Teen Movies

Leave it to Jenn at Something Clever 2.0 to throw one out there that really stumps me.  I had to think about this a lot.  It hurt.  Then me being me and awesome at the last minute posts, I finally started forming a twisted idea in my mind of how to handle this prompt.  Read on…

This week’s Theme Thursday question was:  What character on the Breakfast Club are you? You are about to enter the mind of an ADD person trying to think about 80s movies.  Scared yet?  Just keep reading-you’ll get there soon enough.

Many moons ago I saw the movie.  A really long time ago-it has been several years ago and I’ve seen it in it’s entirety at least twice.  My memory of it, not so good.  Although I think I might own it,  I don’t want to go messing around in all the vhs tapes to try to find it and watch it. The one thing I do recall correctly is that it does have one of the BEST 80s songs in it, “Don’t You Forget About Me”.  I love Simple Minds!

It’s not that I didn’t like the movie.  I did.  It’s just not one of my favorites.  The 80s had so many great teen movies.

Like this one.  "What's happenin hot stuff?"

Like this movie, Sixteen Candles. “What’s happenin hot stuff?”  Long Live Long Duc Dong.

What do I actually recall about the movie?  With a little help from the internets, I can recall the characters pretty easily.  I remember that Molly Ringwald was in it.  You know Molly Ringwald, as the prom queen, which I definitely wasn’t in high school and still am not.  She is, like, so much the queen of the 80s (say it in your Valley Girl voice, come on, you can do it!).  She’s in one of my very favorite movies, Sixteen Candles.  Come on, you’ve seen Sixteen Candles.  It’s the movie with Long Duc Dong in it!  Children of the 80s, can you honestly see the word “automobile” in print without automatically flashing to this scene?

Or hear the word “married” without thinking of this?

What were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, The Breakfast Club.  It also has Anthony Michael Hall, as the geek. Hey wait a minute, he was also in Sixteen Candles, as a geek!  What a coincidence!  Can you say “typecast”?

Unfortunately, YouTube was not as forthcoming with the clips I wanted to show from Sixteen Candles, I did however find this gem from Weird Science.  How come geeks don’t wear bras on their heads anymore?  Or do they?

Anyhoo, we also have some other people.  Judd Nelson was the bad boy, right?  Or was that Judd Hirsch?  No, he was the guy in Taxi.  It wasn’t Judge Reinhold was it?  No, it definitely was Judd Nelson.  I was definitely not the bad boy.  I never did much of anything bad in high school.

Note:  Judge Reinhold was in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Another 80s classic.  I don’t remember that one either, I had to look it up.

Then there was Emilio Estevez, he was the jock.  I am definitely not a jock.  Emilio Estevez is the son of Martin Sheen and the brother of Charlie Sheen, who starred with another 80s John Hughes movie alum Jon Cryer on Two and Half Men, who starred in Pretty in Pink with Molly Ringwald.  Wow, we could almost play Six Degree of Kevin Bacon if we really wanted to.  (I’ve never seen Footloose, by the way, and I never want to.)

And finally there was Demi Moore.  No, it was Winona Ryder.  No wait a minute, it was Ally Sheedy.  Yes, it was definitely Ally Sheedy.  She was the basket case.  I don’t randomly scream and throw stuff, but I am kind of a basket case.  I asked my husband, he said that I am definitely the basket case.  Ok then, that mystery solved.  Why do they call them basket cases anyway?  Being nuts doesn’t really have anything to do with baskets.

Wasn’t John Cusack in that movie somewhere?  Oh wait, no, I’m thinking of Sixteen Candles again…  He was also in some pretty memorable 80s movies, including another one of my very favorites, Better Off Dead.  Another movie seriously lacking in online clips of the best parts.

If you really wanted to find a character that I identify with, then watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  No, I don’t identify with any of the female characters, I identify with Cameron.  We never owned a car that anyone rubbed with a diaper, but I am about as paralyzed by fear as Cameron was, not to mention wound about as tight more often than I want to admit.  I don’t have a Cameron clip, but I do have a great one:

The 80s also included one of the darker teen movies, Heathers.  I loved that movie, and I loved Christian Slater.  Didn’t we all back then?  There were other teen movies that I have never seen.  I have never seen St Elmo’s Fire, but I owned the soundtrack.  Was Beetlejuice considered a teen movie because Winona Ryder was in it?  No?  Ohhhhh, ok.  I still loved it, though.  I must admit I never saw Say Anything until I was a married adult when we started having John Cusack movie marathons.  Why?  Because he’s awesome!

That’s enough from me.  Which 80s teen movies did you love?  Which ones did you hate?  Were there any characters you identified with?

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19 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: The ADD 80s Child Looks At 80s Teen Movies

  1. st elmo’s fire is worth a watch. i love the 80’s flicks and that one has all the popular kids from back in the day. oh, i gotta watch a john hugh’s movie tonight!

  2. I’ve never seen “Footloose,” either, but I am three degrees from Kevin Bacon. My best friend’s father had dinner with Kyra Sedgewick once.

  3. This totally takes me back…my best friend and I still greet each other with “What’s happenin’ hot stuff?” And hasn’t Andrew Michael Hall changed since his geeky 80s typecasting?

  4. I noticed Heathers in your tags. One of my favorites. I think the original ending had them actually blowing up the building and dying in the fire…or at least that was the rumor mill back in the day.

  5. great way to spin that one!!! My all time favorite movie was and still is Say Anything. It is seriously the only movie I have probably seen 50 times! I’m a one time watching movie kind of person but that one is just great!

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love you, man! You posted my favorite clip from “Candles”! I just left a comment on someone else’s post quoting this. “Married?” “Mallied.” “Married?” “Yeah! Mallied!” Nobody like the duck’s dong. Ha! I think I seriously need to have me a John Hughes movie marathon sometime soon.

  7. Do you know that the “Donger” is in Parental Guidance which is in theaters now & is HILARIOUS?!?!? Our mothers went to see it together. 🙂 LOVED 16 candles & The Breakfast Club. I was definitely Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, too. That’s what I always thought. I kind of picture you in high school as Anthony Micheal Hall. Not the geeky part, but as the sweet, kind, naive part. And way cuter! Hands down, my faves were all the John Cusak movies because as you said, he’s AWESOME! DH & I were just doing the “frahnch” scene in the lobby of the theater last week & every time we go (cheap night where popcorn is only $2) you can imagine what dialog we both fall into as the cashier (so unknowingly…poor high school kids!) says, “that’ll be $2″…”I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!!!” heehee

    MAN I miss you! Wish we lived closer so we could hang out!!!

    • Before our $$ situation went horribly wrong, we kept saying we were going to come out your way and go to the Brickyard race! But…. maybe the next time you’re back in Iowa we can hang out! Do you realize how much trouble we could get into together!

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