Mr Coffee/Superhero/Robot Make Me Some Coffee!

That's my old coffee maker there.  That's not my cat.

That’s my old coffee maker there. That’s not my cat.

Over the Christmas holiday, Evil Genius and I decided that we were worthy of spoiling.  He works hard, right? And me?  Well,  I keep the kids alive.  We deserve something special.

We both have been dreaming of coffee in the mornings.  The smell of coffee wafting up the stairs and giving us a reason to get out of bed.  Yes, coffee ready and waiting for us.  Just like on the commercials on tv.

We have in our possession a cheap coffeemaker, bought on clearance at Wal-Mart for $14.97.  Through the years it’s seen better days.  In addition to the springy thingy that broke off of it quite some time ago, any time we turn it on the whole house smells like burnt coffee.  I have scrubbed and scrubbed this thing and it still stinks.

After much debate we went out shopping and splurged, on a $35 automatic coffeemaker, our one Christmas present to ourselves.  A Mr Coffee, even.  It’s pretty and shiny.  I even bought one of those reusable coffee filter thingies.  And it was very nice to have our coffee in the mornings again without the house smelling like Starbucks on fire, at least during Christmas break when we were all home.

The Princess keeps an eye on the coffeemaker.

The Princess keeps an eye on the coffeemaker.

Once my husband went back to work, the reality of owning an automatic coffeemaker began to hit home.  This is because the coffeemaker does not get up, fill itself with coffee and water, then brew itself.  Nor does it bring it up the stairs to us and hold it under our noses to bring us to consciousness.  I can’t remember to fill the darn thing half the time.  My husband forgets too and doesn’t have time to make coffee on the way out the door.  So there it sits, some days it’s used, some days it’s not.  This is the life of a coffeemaker in a house full of ADD people.

It also doesn’t bring the coffee to you, nor does it yell at you to come get your coffee.  It has a two hour time frame to stay on, then it shuts off.  I haven’t figured out how to bypass this yet.  On the days we actually remember to set everything up the night before, a few minutes after I get up with the kids the coffeemaker shuts off and then the coffee gets cold.  Sometimes I remember to turn it back on, sometimes I don’t.

Maybe I need a barista to come stay at my house. Or a superhero who also happens to make coffee.

Make me some coffee!

That’s nice, I know you’re Iron Man.  Now make me some coffee!

Or better yet a coffee robot!  This one will do nicely…

This is really something someone built!  You can find it here

This is really something someone built! You can find it here

We’ve been talking about getting a coffee grinder sometime when we have a little extra cash.  This is so we can grind some of those awesome coffee beans they sell at the organic grocery store I shop at.  While this is a good idea, it also makes me laugh.  Really?  Are we really going to take the time to grind our own?  Maybe if the robot will do it?

That’s almost as funny as us swearing that we are going to drink tea.  We own at least one tea ball.  We have tea-both hot and cold.  We only drink hot tea when we are sick.  Each summer Evil Genius decides to make sun tea.  So he and the kids make it up in the jar and set it outside to brew.  And then once it’s brewed it sits in the refrigerator and never gets touched.  We’re strange folks, yes we are.

Whatever the method of ingestion it comes right down to that we obviously depend on some sort of caffeine each day.  I unfortunately consume too much pop, both the cans of Diet Sunkist Lemonade and Coke Zero with a little bit of Coke in it when I visit the gas station, big old mug in hand.  Evil Genius is good about drinking his coffee when it’s ready, and loves his diet pop as well as energy drinks.

Do you need coffee to get you through the mornings?  I need something, but I tend to reach for the pop instead… because my coffee isn’t ready.

Mondays are like this.

Mondays are like this.

16 thoughts on “Mr Coffee/Superhero/Robot Make Me Some Coffee!

  1. I would die a thousand deaths without my coffee. I fell in love with the Keurig we used in our travels over Christmas break, and now my plain old coffee maker seems so lame.

    My husband eliminated coffee about a year ago when he was trying to pinpoint the source of his frequent migraines, and while the coffee wasn’t the culprit, he loves the way he feels without caffeine. More energy in the morning, and more alert all day long. No afternoon slump. Sounds great, but no coffee? Hahahaha. Yeah, right.

  2. I just started drinking coffee about a year ago. Diet Mountain Dew worked for years, but I’m getting older, and my kid is a kid, so he insists in waking me up before dawn. The only way I can stand it is iced, with caramel flavored non-dairy dreamer. It’s very inconvenient when I’m not at home…

  3. If you buy your coffee beans from Starbucks or Pete’s they will grind for you. Do it sat or Sunday night, buy enough for the week (that’s about how long ground beans will stay fresh) then you’ll have delicious coffee all week. Also I set an alarm on phone to remind me, but I read if you link a new habit (getting your coffee maker ready) with old habit (perhaps making dinner or prepping kids lunches) your more likely to make new habit stick.

  4. Can you believe we gave up coffee cold turkey almost 4 years ago? We drank A LOT of coffee, so the withdrawal was hellish. I felt unwell for 10 full days – bad headaches and body aches and inability to sleep. Needless to say, I will never touch the stuff again. But I miss it.

    Now I drink decaf tea. How sad is that?

    • WOW! Good for you! I think that if I could get Evil Genius on board I would consider it. I am a horrible water drinker, and stuff like Crystal Light and that make me sick. I have cut way back though. Drinking decaf tea isn’t sad, good for you!

  5. Our programming coffee machine broke a year ago. I replaced it with a $16.00 non-automatic because like you the programming was lost on me…I always forgot!!! My husband would die for the R2D2 coffee maker!

  6. I cannot/will not function without coffee. I even resort to chugging Celsius in the afternoons just to keep my eyeballs open. HOWEVER, if I have to choose between Robert Downey Jr. or Mr. Coffee…well, let’s just say Robert will figure out how to keep me awake I’m sure….

  7. Found your via menopausal other one of my ALL time favorite bloggers. She’s brilliant! And you’re a joy to read! Just love this coffe post. Last time we had an automatic coffee pot. I carefully filled it the night before, set the timer, but never put the pot on. So we woke to a kitchen floor flooded with coffee. Now we’re back to the cheap $14 makers that break every few months…

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