Theme Thursday: SHOW ME THE CANDY!

Theme Thursday

Welcome to Theme Thursday!  This week’s theme is Valentines Day!

Valentines Day kids

Valentines Day kids

Valentine’s Day.  Not my favorite day.  I’ve never been a big fan.  It’s ok.  But sometimes there are other days that are way better.  Halloween, Independence Day, Arbor Day…

It’s not that I don’t LIKE Valentines Day.  I like being spoiled a little.  I like being thought about.  I like doing things for other people.  But these days Valentines Day is hyped up way beyond what it should be.  Sometimes it ends up being somewhat disappointing.  Other years it’s been just downright awesome.  I just wish it fell a little later in the year, like AFTER we get our income tax return.  After Christmas and The Professor’s birthday, we usually have to play catch up with the $$.  Who decided that Valentine’s Day should fall in February anyway?

When you have cute kids, it's much more fun.

When you have cute kids, it’s much more fun, especially when they make me Valentines.

I’m not one of those every kiss begins with Kay women.  I don’t like jewelry. As a matter of fact, I often quote Ron White when I see those commercials “Diamonds, that’ll shut her up.”  I’d much rather get an Itunes card.  I do like getting flowers, but I’m not one of those dozen red roses girls.  I must say husband has excellent taste when it comes to selecting such things.  I also like a nice dinner out sans kids-which doesn’t happen too frequently.  But honestly I’d take homemade Valentines and a thoughtful note over any of those things.

Kids, however, know that Valentines Day is really about one thing:  THE CANDY!  When I was a kid we would exchange paper valentines-that was it.  Now it’s candy and pencils and other stuff that is expected to be swapped. Princess Tantrum is excited about going to preschool for one major reason-she got Valentines and she gets to give them to people.  This means that she will get some in return.  Many of these most likely will contain some sort of candy, which to her is the whole reason for the valentines.  She loves candy.  I think she loves candy more than all other things that she loves combined.  I’m worried that some day she is going to try to trade me for a box of chocolates.

It's all about the CANDY!

Remember:  It’s all about the CANDY!

I guess Forrest Gump said it best, life really is a box of chocolates, or at least is more fun when you have some to eat.

Now that you’ve read what I feel about Valentine’s Day, come on over to The Epistolarians and read my thoughts on love.  And of course, don’t forget to vote!

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16 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: SHOW ME THE CANDY!

  1. “My drool is fucking hilarious!” should be the caption to that second pic. I love it. Boys.

    Also, I’m so relieved to learn that there are other females who aren’t all, “EEEEE! Sparkly things!” Ugh. Money that could be better spent on a plasma TV, am I right?

  2. I like jewelry but I never like the jewelry that they show on commercials. I don’t want a Jane Seymour heart or one of those bracelets with the love bead and soccer balls on it. I only want sees dark chocolates if it’s going to be an edible gift. Flowers should be interesting and not a single or even a dozen red roses. And lingerie does not count as a gift for me – that is a gift for him thank you very much.

  3. These pics are great, and I like the piano in the background it has a great retro feel to it! Valentine’s Day is no big deal to me, I could take it or leave it. That’s the romantic talking in me I guess. 😉

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