Wordless Wednesday: Ice Ice Baby


With the weird winter weather this week, snow and ice are on my mind.  This is from a couple of years ago when we had a ton of snow.  The icicle is probably at least as long as my son is tall if not more so!

23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Ice Ice Baby

  1. Wonderful WW image! Snow and ice. You know, if I just had to look at it and not scrape cars and drive in it, and then feel the bone-chilling cold, I’d appreciate it so much more, LOL. Awesome share! Tweeted this.

  2. My last winter in WV, we had an icicle like that hanging down from the eves in the back of the house. They were huge! We took them down with baseball bats. Therapeutic, and made cool sounds when they crashed. Thanks for bringing back that memory!

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