I Want YOU! (But Not in a Gross Weird Way)

Not this kind of deal, though you could do it from the comfort of your bedroom...

Have I got a deal for you.  Not this kind of deal, though you could do it from the comfort of your own bedroom…

Hey you.  Yes, you.  You there who blogs.  Got ideas going through your head?  Do you want to expose some new people to your writing?  Did you accidentally find this blog just now and wonder if I am some sort of stalker/insane/creepy person?

For those who answered yes to the first two questions above, have I got a deal for you!

You see, I’m going on vacation.  I’m not physically GOING anywhere.  With the sub job and life in general I’m wanting to take some time off.  The week of March 18th-22nd is Spring Break here, and it just may very well kill me.  I will not be posting my own blog posts that week.  Instead I want to offer up an opportunity to all of you.  I’m looking for a few people to guest blog that week.  I’ve done one guest post myself, but personally have never had a guest blogger before.  Unfortunately, I can’t offer any sort of compensation for this (what you think they PAY me to do this? HA HA HA HA)  I would be willing to send you a sucker through the mail, maybe even a gold star.  🙂

Let me know if you are interested, and we’ll set something up.  You can blog about whatever you wish, as long as it is funny and is relatively clean-I say this because as a Mom I want this blog to be one that kids can read over your shoulder and not spark any uncomfortable discussions.  After all, my son is the one who at age four saw an email from a friend and wanted to know what the f word meant!

So think about it.  You know where to find me!  Coming up this next week I’ll be blogging about my return to the gym, petrified poop, parenting, and the next installment of the Secret Subject Swap.  In addition, my husband is about to embark on a long project at work that is so involved  we may never see him again.  It’s going to be a busy week!

And just in case you don’t know what I’m referring to, here is the clip that the picture refers to.  Maybe I take back the whole being clean thing after all…

SNL Velvet Jones School of Technology

True story.

True story.

28 thoughts on “I Want YOU! (But Not in a Gross Weird Way)

  1. God I am with you on that picture. If I wasn’t already guest posting 4 separate times this month with Melissa from Daughter of Maat and one guest post with Dawn from Dawn’s Disaster, I would so be interested, but as it is I am spread so thin. I know you will have no trouble though, because your site is awesome and who wouldn’t want to guest post here 🙂

  2. I’m into it. Like one or two blog posts, mebbe? It’ll be a fun chance to talk about stuff that I don’t get to talk about on my blog. Will it be alright if it’s not mommy blog related? Cuz, I ain’t got no chill’ens.

    • Oh certainly-when I first started on this blog most of my posts weren’t child related. Not everyone has kids! Be thinking of what you want to do and once I find out how many people are interested I will try to work out a schedule! 🙂

  3. Call me crazy, but sure! I would love too! I just had my first guest blogger yesterday! So If I pass the background check and interview, let me know! Hee Hee!

      • Hey at least Iowa has a better reason than the WV insurance call center where I worked. Only time I have ever been fingerprinted. It’s not like I was, for less than 10 bux an hour going to go all Randy Jackson on them and be like ,”oh hey, yo! Let me be all sneaky crook and sneak up in yo insurance customer service call center, and do mass ninja refunds! ” especially since phone agents did not even have the “power” to approve or deny claims. For that lofty job responsibility, one had to climb the corporate insurance ladder all the way to job title;claims agent! Fingerprinting? Yeah, dangerous criminals fighting for call center jobs here in the old dub v! Hah! Not !

    • OK! I’m making a list and checking it twice-I’ll let you know asap. I’m not worried about TOO many people volunteering-I can always add another week! I forgot that Fly on the Wall is that Friday too! I’ve had that written forever though, and April’s too!

  4. Hahaha … you have such a clever way for asking for guest posts! If I weren’t seriously slammed that week with my husband being out of town and having the two year old {going on 30} to deal with an entire week with no break I would totally say yes!
    But … if you get in a jam email me and I’ll vomit something up!! Loves!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. I think I need to go to the Velvet Jones School of Technology to learn how to blog again! I could probably do a spot for ya if I can find a way to jump these creative juices again. And you know it’s going to be something wacko if i’m putting it on your site…it’ll probably involve garden gnomes or pink elephants…..

  6. LOVE that picture. He was so awesome on SNL. Just started following you and am looking forward to your funny take on motherhood. Enjoy Spring Break!!

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