Wrappin Up The First Full Week O March

My problem this week.

My problem this week.

Happy weekend! I’m very happy to see it, aren’t you?  Here is what happened over here this week:

Sunday  I Want YOU! (But Not in a Gross Weird Way)  I beg for guest bloggers. There’s still room for more-I can always take another week off!

Monday  Working Off the Flabby Flab  I returned to the gym.  There were angels singing and everything.

Tuesday  I tried, I really tried.  I even cried a little.  I really love it when a blog post comes together, too bad it didn’t happen today.

Wednesday  Wordless Wednesday:  LOVE  Aw, they were little and cute here.  They still are cute, just in a different way.

Thursday  Theme Thursday:  Parenting, ADD Style   If you are a parent, unless you really are a PP, you can probably relate to this in some way…

Friday  March 2013 Secret Swap Take One:  Sparkly Rainbows Meet the Imperial Stormtroopers  I had an awesome prompt for this month’s swap.  I could not brain because I had the dumb.  Therefore, I wrote down whatever came to mind.  Note:  I had the end of the post written the first day I got the prompt, the rest just wouldn’t follow…

Perhaps there is something at the dark side of the rainbow too.

Perhaps there is something at the dark side of the rainbow too.

Favorite Blog Posts This Week

Theme Thursday  I wish more people would hop on board.  I really enjoy doing this every week.  Take some time to read some of the posts if you can.

Secret Subject Swap  If you didn’t click on the other links in this swap besides mine you should.  It’s good stuff worth reading!

You’re all my favorites, didn’t you know?  This part of my wrap up works much better when I actually have time to read everyone else’s blogs.  This is what I shall do tonight and tomorrow…

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms of the Week

Toilet painted to look like turkey  Who would want that????

Peed my favorite panties  So wash them already.  Sheesh!

Morgue  Really?  People can find my blog using this?

Nicholas Cage unemployed  So?  Why is this leading you to my blog?

Unmotivated cat  Aren’t they all?

Wife in footie pajamas  Um, ok.

I tried to find an unmotivated cat wearing footie pajamas for all the weirdos... this is as close as I could get.

I tried to find an unmotivated cat wearing footie pajamas for all the weirdos… this is as close as I could get.

This next week…

I have some ideas that hopefully will take formation into some decent posts this week.  Then I take a break.  I have wonderful people contributing guest posts starting this Friday.  Marcia from Menopausal Mother leads off a week of guest bloggers beginning this next Friday and going through to the following Thursday.  More on this as the week gets underway…  Have a FABULOUS WEEK!

Daylight savings starts this weekend, by the way...

Daylight savings starts this weekend, by the way…


10 thoughts on “Wrappin Up The First Full Week O March

  1. We all know footie pajamas are sexy, no? 😉

    Normally, my search terms are boring, but I recently got this gem: smurfs I hate barbecue Thursdays.

    What the heck is that about? And why don’t I celebrate barbecue Thursdays? That sounds DELICIOUS. 🙂

  2. Your search terms make me feel better about mine! I always have stuff on there about people searching for fat chicks. One this week was “fat chicks love to eat.” Um, okay. It’s true, but ouch. I guess even google knows where the fatties go….to my blog!

    At least your search terms involve a celebrity, you lucky duck. Granted, a creepy one, but a celebrity nonetheless.

  3. Oh, and I can do a guest blog post this week if you want. I have an idea to write one about how “Where’s Waldo” is super creepy. I jotted down some notes when it came to me last week, so I’m thinking it wouldn’t take long for me to get it written up. Does that work? Let me know. You asked for a guest blogger…now you’ve got it! (Assuming you want it. If not, let me down easy.)

  4. If you couldn’t find a photo of a cat in footie pjs, then it doesn’t exist; because you are the Jedi Master of finding awesome pics to accompany your posts.

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