Wordless Wednesday: Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow!


We are literally days away from Spring Break.  And?  We get a snow day.  Tons and tons of snow piled up on us.  This snow’s redeeming value is that it looked really neat the way it stuck to everything.  But come on Mother Nature, show us some signs of Spring!  Here I post this the day after I got stuck half in and half out of my driveway…

29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow!

  1. I need spring to come on now, too. I’m loving the crocus in my yard. I hope it warms up there soon! Sorry you got more snow. I like the white stuff to ski on, but other than that, well…please don’t make me drive in it. 🙂 Happy Wednesday

  2. Spring always comes with at least one storm from where I am from…. in fact, I prefer it to come earlier than later. One time, we got a snowstorm in May. It was then that I wished it would have happened in March instead. Pretty picture though!

  3. Yuck. :-/ We had some flurries here in Indiana, but nothing major. I can’t wait for spring! We have flowers starting to peek through in our flower beds, so I know it’s coming soon!

  4. We had a whiteout while I was driving home from work today. I’m soooo tired of snow. BUT I still think it is pretty when I’m curled up by the fire INSIDE in my jammies. I wish we had more white Christmases, though – February and March snow just isn’t as romantic.


  5. Seeing this photo reminded me to double check my flight to Florida in a few weeks. It’s still on. Whew! I hate winter and I hate snow. The only redeeming quality for either is it gives an excuse to drink hot chocolate and nap. But then again, who needs an excuse for those things?

  6. Ironically we just had a minor cold snap here in Florida, it only got down to 55, but that’s still cold for us this close to spring! Thankfully we don’t get snow here in Central Florida! It made for a beautiful picture though!!

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