The Weekend Update, Now With Girl Scout Cookie Therapy!

girl scout cookiesThis week has been a challenging one for me personally.  There are many things that are happening that I can’t share on here.  As you know quite well by now I have been terrifically busy and haven’t had a lot of time to devote to this blog.  When I have been on here I’ve been playing catch up.  I also tried to do such nonsense as to create and attempt to use a Google Analytics account, which resulted in sobbing.  I also bought Girl Scout cookies, which made me happy.

I have created a mathematical formula which should solve every crisis in the blogging world.
For every web frustration, eat one Girl Scout cookie.  Got that?  Web Frustration+Girl Scout cookies=happiness.

Monday  Tales From the Gym  Ironically, after I posted this one I had some stuff happened that prevented me from getting there much.  Next week will be better.

Tuesday  A Blog Identity Crisis:  Why Do I DO This?  I poured out my heart here, sharing my frustrations about blogging as of late.  I had lots of wonderful support and comments from my blogging friends on this one!

Wednesday  Wordless Wednesday  Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow!  Winter, just please please go away!

So ready for Spring...

So ready for Spring…

Thursday  Theme Thursday I tried to no avail to write a post for Theme Thursday that was controversial.  I like conflict about as much as I like getting my hair yanked out.  But I had a really good topic and it is partially finished.  I’m going to save it for another time.  But hey,at least check out the other posts that went up that day from the other ladies, or the “Themers” as I call them!

Friday  Cleavage and Kilts  My first guest blogger for my week off-Marcia from Menopausal Mother does the work for me.  She shows that what happens at a Renaissance Fair doesn’t always stay at a Renaissance Fair!

Saturday  Where’s Waldo?  Answer:  Creepytown  Guest blogger #2, Lisa from Ranting Seriously comes over to try to find Waldo.

TODAY  St Patrick’s Day and the Prom Date Snatcher  I wanted to make sure that I don’t take away from today’s guest blogger.  Ginger from the Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps is Guest blogger #3.  She reminds us all about high school and the friendships that sometimes change…

delicious leprechaunBest and Most Disturbing Search Engine Terms This Week

Leprechaun pin-ups  Leprechaun super models?  Little tiny people wearing nothing but their beards?  Oh never mind, I don’t want to know!

funny pictures of animals making fun of songs  Because that’s what animals do.

tube toilet evil tube An evil tube shaped toilet?  An evil tube top that looks like a toilet?  I want to know!

More Guest Bloggers and Flies

Tune in next week-I’m still on my brain break with guest bloggers filling in!  Darla from Mom’s World speaks of friendship, Jenn from Something Clever 2.0 shows us that she really has all the answers,  Denise from Go Cheap or Go Home blogs a bit about friendships with exes, and When Crazy Meets Exhaustion and Pen Paper Pad have subjects to be announced.  And don’t forget that this coming Friday is my favorite time of the month.  No not that, I’m talking about Fly on the Wall.  This month I will present  “The Michael Bolton Edition”.  You’ll just have to come back to see what THAT’S all about!

I so may be there by the time this week is over...

I so may be there by the time this week is over…

10 thoughts on “The Weekend Update, Now With Girl Scout Cookie Therapy!

  1. I love the idea of eating one girl scout cookie for every bloggie frustration. I’ve been having a really hard time finding time to blog recently, too. I hope it improves for you (and for me too). And hahah to the hilarious cat picture at the end!

  2. I know I should be extolling the praises of Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints all the way!), but I’m stuck on the whole leprechaun pin-up search.

    I don’t even….

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