Never Judge A Mom By Where She Tries to Read Her Book

It came!  It came!

Something came in the mail for me that’s not a bill.  It’s also not the phone book, though I did get one of those recently too.  I was not nearly as excited for that as I was for this thing I’m about to reveal to you.

It’s this:


Note the awesome photography by yours truly.  Yes, I will not be quitting my day job.  Oh yeah, WHAT day job?

It’s a book. *GASP*  Yes, little ADD me is planning on attempting to read a WHOLE book!

You see, I know some ladies.  Ladies that I interact with on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, among other places.  They are moms.  They blog like I do.  They are also well known and I am not.  I’m not hatin’, I’m very excited for any bloggers that get published, especially on a scale like this!

I strongly suggested I needed asked nicely begged for a copy of the book.  I commented to one of the wonderful ladies that is featured in that thar book that I would love to read it and it would be swell if someone sent me a copy.  Not only did she send me one, she also signed it.  This MADE MY YEAR!!!

I’m planning on reading it, and then reviewing it here shortly.  This makes me think that I should be working on a ratings scale.  Instead of five stars, maybe four snotty kleenexes?  Five messy handprints?

But if I want to read it, I need to FIND time and secret places to look at it and get this accomplished.  So if I’m not cleaning my house/blogging/feeding my children/pretending to care about my husband’s Sims 3 game as much as I probably should be, I’m probably in one of the following places with the book:

  • Up in my bedroom with a flashlight under the covers, hoping no one will realize I’m missing.
  • On the couch pretending to make a list of chores for the kids.
  • In the closet back behind a few rubbermaid containers claiming I am just “making the switch to the Spring clothes”.
  • In the kitchen making dishwashing sounds-oh hell no one is going to believe that one.
  • Inside the mountain of laundry with the camping lantern on the back porch.
  • In the car. (Interestingly enough, not in the garage because there are a few things preventing my car from fitting in there, including a bathtub.  I’m dead serious.)
  • On the toilet-duh.
  • In the basement, pretending to defrost the freezer, clean the dead mouse out of the furnace, and/or clean out the litterbox.

Meanwhile, I’m also dreaming up how I’m going to work the whole “poop roulette” thing into a post so that maybe I can be featured in the next one.  I can dream, right?

If you can’t wait for my review, and I am by no means telling you that you should (this IS me you know, I haven’t read a whole book since I had kids) then go to Amazon and take a look-see and order yourself up a fresh copy HERE.  And in case you’re wondering, I don’t get any credit for this.  BUT you can sure give me some brownie points by somehow working my name in there.  Something like writing in the review area there “Sarah from The Sadder But Wiser Girl, a fine humor writer (who ISN’T IN THIS BOOK and what a tragedy that is and should really be in the next one) recommended that I buy this book even though she hasn’t finished reading it herself yet…”

I begged for the book.  I have to find time to read it.  Think they'll find me back here?

I begged for the book. Now I have to find time to read it. Think they’ll find me back here?

35 thoughts on “Never Judge A Mom By Where She Tries to Read Her Book

  1. Sarah, I ams o with you on finding the time to read a whole book. It has been done here though, but trust me it hasn’t been easy. Love that you got this book just by asking and signed, too!! Totally awesome and I am with you on hopes to find my way into the next if there is one!! 🙂

  2. I hope you love it! Each essay is only a few pages long, so it’s super easy to put down when you need to get a kindergartner off of the bus, or rescue a preschooler who is stuck on the kitchen counter. Probably. Can’t wait for your review!

  3. Just got mine last night too! I made it thru the first 5 or so essays before the guilt trip started. But my son is getting a haircut today, so maybe I can squeeze in a few more!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!!

  4. Looking forward to your review! I’d ask to borrow it when you’re done, but since you may read it on the toilet I think I’ll just get my own copy.

  5. I have my copy too but haven’t had a chance yet to take a peek. I’m thinking of hiding in the closet behind the coats with a flashlight, a glass of wine and a bag of cookies just to read it!

    • This one I wanted pretty badly regardless of what was on the cover, and Amber Dusick’s (Parenting, Illustrated With Crappy Pictures) book, which I still need to order. Oh I just got that-Peeing and Crappy-that all goes together. I see a theme here.

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