Easter Funnies, Because I Care


Horrible picture, but cute kids (my flash wasn’t on…)

We had a pretty great Easter, though the Easter egg hunt wasn’t all it was “cracked up” to be, because the Easter bunny didn’t have a whole lot to put into eggs this year.

But just in case you were really having an unfunny Easter, I had all of these great Easter things I have been dying to share!

I shared this one yesterday…

I don't think that's where they come from...

I don’t think that’s where they come from…

These also made me LOL:

Easter funny


Peep show

egg tramp

And my personal favorite…

chocolate bunnies

I hope you had a great Easter weekend!  See you this next week!  😀

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About Sarah Almond

Sarah Almond "The Sadder But Wiser Girl" is a mom of two children and is married to an evil genius. Suffering from ADD, Anxiety, and a phobia of washing dishes by hand, she blogs to save the world from boringness. Though she is college educated, she would gladly trade her degree in for something useful, like a cheese sandwich.

20 thoughts on “Easter Funnies, Because I Care

  1. Those were funny – especially the Peeps one. Very creative!!

    Hope your Easter was spectacular!!

  2. Great photo, so cute. I just loved watching son open up all his eggs. the ones filled with raisins were thrown on the floor…little brat.

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  4. these are great. and so was your post about your Easter Confessionals. But then, after reading the brief description ofyour blog, I knew I was gonna dig it: you had me at “cheese sandwhich.”

    Aubree @ The Basement

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