FTSF: A Day in My So-Called Life

This is my first attempt to do Finish the Sentence Friday.  I always want to join in, but I end up being either already involved with something else or am just a day late and a dollar short.  Not this time.  I decided it was about time I got my act together and just DID IT!

Today’s sentence was “A Typical Day in my House looks like”:

There are not enough words to accurately describe what a normal day looks like in the Wiser-Genius household.  So instead let me take you on a pictoral journey of sorts…


Watch your feet. Every day is lego armageddon here.

I love this picture and I want to use it everywhere...

There is dress up, but not in the way you’re thinking…

Yes, he built it himself, because that's what he does.

Superhero suits are being developed and built.  Yes, he built it himself, because that’s what he does.

The Professor showing me some of the cool stuff in the "Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary".

Books are read.  Many, many books.

We cook, usually healthier fare than this but I don't always take good pictures.

We cook, usually healthier fare than this but I don’t always take good pictures.


There is always a need to extricate the dog from something at some point during the day.

Occasionally we have some ideas.

Occasionally we even have some ideas.

Elaborate crafts are created (this is a homemade zamboni.)

Elaborate crafts are created (this is a homemade zamboni.)

We have fun just hanging out.

We have fun just hanging out.

There is a lot of love.

And there is always a lot of love.

My family may seem a little unusual compared to others, but the basic elements of a good family are all there.  And that is what matters most.  I hope you enjoyed the tour through a typical day at my house.  Don’t be scared, please come back!

Now don’t walk, RUN to Can I Get A Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time? and/or Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic and/or Dawn’s Disaster  and/or Mommy for Real (isn’t it great to have choices?) to read all of the other posts about days in blogger’s lives!

Also, since you’re running anyway, go on over to Baking in a Tornado and see what the swappers have come up with for the April Secret Subject Swap Take 1.  It all goes live at 9 am Eastern time.  I’ll be in on the swap next week!

55 thoughts on “FTSF: A Day in My So-Called Life

  1. Loved your tour of your family. And that is truly awesome that your husband creates stuff like that. Love it and thanks for linking up!! Truly enjoyed your first post with us and here is to many more!! 🙂

  2. Love looking at pictures of other people’s families. It’s obvious that you’re a very tight knit group who loves each other – really cute kiddos. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  3. Love your photo post (great minds think alike). My dog has to be untangled at least once a day too. Glad to see you at FTSF!

  4. I love this! The Lego picture totally cracked me up! I am so glad you joined us for FTSF today- this was perfect post for the sentence- I really love seeing the family photos. It is so fun to get a look at everyone’s lives (and see that sometimes they resemble mine rather closely!)

  5. Thanks for reminding me to let the dogs out! Are they watching Close Encounters? I love all the super hero stuff. Super heroes are awesome, try as I might the boy still prefers Rescur Rangers, as in Chip and Dale. There’s still time 🙂 Love the fact that we chose to go the same way with the post!

  6. Such a cute family!
    Just wanted to swing by to check out your blog and thank you for linking up with us this week at “Linkin with my ladies” Blog hop! Hope you found some good reads and that you can join us every week!
    Also, here is your bloglovin URL: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/4349229 You can find this by clicking on your bloglovin button on your blog and then copy and paste the URL that shows up in your browser once you are on your bloglovin page. Hope this helps and that you can join the bloglovin portion of our hop next week!
    Thanks again!
    Dysfunction Junction

  7. Hi!! Came directly through the link and BAM it worked!
    I always love “A day in the life” posts via photos! And yours is really cute. 😀

  8. I LOVED the pictorial journey and your take on the assignment. You’ve actually made me want to participate in one of these (FTSF, I mean, not the lego. I’ve got that part covered). Your family seems very sweet 🙂

  9. Homemade zamboni? Lego Armageddon? Your home sounds like you have the “basics” for a great family! Lego Armageddon is fun but also THE WORST at midnight, isn’t it? We have that at our house too and there’s a 99% chance I will twist my ankle on it in the coming years!

  10. I love seeing the family pics–but what had me laughing the hardest was the picture of the dog with stuff attached to his leash–especially after all the conversations we have had about this animal. Love it!!!

  11. I love everything about this post! It’s so clear you guys have a great time at your house and you love each other very much. If I had kids, I’m pretty sure the pictures from my day would look similar.

    Oh, and I’m TOTALLY taking that before and after photo of the Legos. It’s a metaphor for my whole life.

  12. I think the only picture I haven’t seen before is the one of your husband with his superhero suit! It feels like I’m part of the family and can flop down on your couch and put my feet up on the table!

      • haha!! We’ll be right there especially if there is cookies involved! Are you making them with cocoa and oatmeal? The only reason why I ask is because I did a post on those a long, long time ago and all of a sudden I have had a lot of search engine searches for those…all of a sudden they are very popular or something!!

      • Yes they are made with cocoa and oatmeal-I always thought they had peanut butter in them, but maybe I never paid much attention to what went in them at the preschool. They are sooooo good. I had at least three, then I made my husband hide them!

      • That sounds good! My kids wouldn’t like the gummy worms but I would! Have you ever made “dirt” (I think it’s crushed oreos, and cool whip in cups with gummy worms on top)? It’s the best!

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