Weekly Wrap-Up: The A-Team Edition


Mr T pities the fools on April Fools Day!

My Week:  The Posts

I exceeded my expectations and blogged EVERY SINGLE STINKIN’ DAY this week!  How did I do that?

Sunday Easter Funnies, Because I Care  I couldn’t resist sharing some of the funny and a little disturbing Easter memes that I found.  I love the internets!

Monday  Beautiful Mama Blog Award  I got an award so wonderful and so pretty I couldn’t share it fast enough!  Thanks again to Valerie over at AtlantaMomofThree for bestowing it upon me!

Tuesday  Confessions of a So-So Easter Bunny  The Easter bunny dropped the ball, er, egg this year.

Wednesday  Wordless Wednesday:  Life In Iowa  One of those pictures that turned into a great example of life in the midwest!

Thursday T-H-E-M-E T-H-U-R-S-D-A-Y A-C-R-O-S-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y  I wrote a poem, it even rhymed.

Friday  FTSF:  A Day In My So-Called Life  We oughtta be in pictures.  We are, showing what a typical day for us weirdos is like.

This makes me want to stuff something in my sink drain, just so the A-Team can come fix it!

This makes me want to stuff something in my sink drain, just so the A-Team can come fix it!

Best and most disturbing search terms of the week

This was a GREAT week for search terms!  Read on:

Do some women pee their pants for fun?  I don’t, do you?

Foggy gzzggzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  My thoughts exactly.

Teacher farts in class then poops  School cafeteria food will do that to you.

Real rainbow mice  Are they from Rainbow Brite?

Nobody reads blogs anymore  And yet here you are, reading my blog.

Next week

Next week is a bit exciting because I ACTUALLY HAVE A PLAN!

I’m going visiting to some other people’s blogs because I can.  Come see me at The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps on Monday where I imagine how my husband views a typical day for me.  On Tuesday I head over to PenPaperPad where I ramble somewhat coherently about writing and blogging.

After my usual wordlessness on Wednesday, Thursday I talk about giving advice, and Friday is the April edition of the Secret Subject Swap!

DON’T miss a moment of it or I won’t be your best friend anymore.  You can’t come to my birthday party.  Uh-oh, looks like I’ve been hanging around little people too long!  Did you know that is the WORST insult in the world of three and four year olds???

"I love it when a plan comes together!(Because no blog post featuring Mr T would be complete without this)

“I love it when a plan comes together!”  (Because no blog post featuring Mr T would be complete without this)


23 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The A-Team Edition

  1. You went from taking a hiatus to being in full effect! Woot, woot! And because of your little wrap up, I realize that I missed a few of your posts. Gasp! I’m off to get caught up.

  2. How the crap did you post every single day…were you on some of those performance enhancing drugs? I can barely post once a week…twice a week would be tough…but everyday, not going to happen in my lifetime. You rock!

  3. Funny, Sadder but Wiser!! Your pics, especially of superhero were way cool. Happy weekend, and will catch you again!! Sorry, I realized I had scrolled a little too far down and left a comment in your post for wordless. Wednesday when it was meant for this one!

  4. I will love you forever if only for the fact that somebody googled “do some women pee their pants for fun” and landed here. Bwahahah. I’ve decided you are awesome. Thank the good bloppies that I found you. Seriously. Mwah.

  5. Wow! Blogging every single day is quite the accomplishment! I can’t say I have done that…yet. Still working on pre-writing posts. Eeep!
    Stopping by because you stopped by my Facebook page. Think I will stick around…I like it here 🙂

  6. It was a great week for you but an even better week for us, your readers. Those search terms are too nutty !!

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