Better Late Than Never

late catAs usual, I’m late to the party.

Today I have a post being featured at The Epistolarians.  The whole idea last month was to write a post about luck.  Here I promised, cross my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye, that I would write one and then got seriously busy as stuff happened with the sub position.  So naturally I submitted it at the very last minute, and now it’s going up in April.  On tax day.  Happy tax day by the way.

Yes this is the first everyone is hearing about it, because ADD me wasn’t paying attention to the schedule!

What’s an Epistolarian?  It has nothing to do with an epistiotomy (which was my original thought when I first laid eyes on the name of the group.)  I was a stalker of them for quite some time before I contacted them and offered to do things like walk across a hot bed of coals and eat fire and stuff like that.  I’ve now been a member for a few months now.  I am constantly amazed by the talent of the people I come into contact with in the blogsphere, and this group of women is no exception!  These are smart, sassy women who aren’t afraid to speak their mind about things that they feel strongly about.  Me being the shrinking violet that I am, I sometimes think that there could have been a mistake, and any minute I’ll get my Epistolarian writing privileges revoked!  So far, so good, they’ve let me stay.  I’m so glad that they did.

So grab a cup of coffee and head over there to read my somewhat rambling and maybe even a bit entertaining story about luck in my life.  Then stick around and check out some of the other posts by the awesome women who contribute. You won’t regret it!

Click on this link to read:   “I Love It When A Plan Comes Together”.


PS-There’s a naughty word in it.  I don’t usually use naughty words…

25 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. You’re right…there are a ton of incredible women bloggers/writers (yourself included) out there in cyberspace. You woman are making us men look like chumps…you go girls!

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