It's not necessarily easy being green.

It’s not necessarily easy being green.

In honor of Earth Day I thought I’d share a little about our efforts to be a little more healthy.

The other night I asked Evil Genius if his pants were sufficiently wrinkle free.


“Well, I noticed that they looked kind of, well, creasy.  And do your clothes smell acceptable?”

Blank look.

Obviously he has no clue.  “I bought different detergent and fabric softener.”

“Oh.”  Apparently he didn’t notice nor did he care.

Not only did I buy different stuff, I bought the stuff I’ve always wanted to buy.  The kind that Evil Genius likes to refer to as that “All Natural Crap”.  That’s what he called my Method dish detergent.  I notice he didn’t make fun of the Norwex stuff, that’s because that stuff actually works.  Which reminds me, I still need to get me a Norwex dish rag.

The stuff was on sale.  I was weak (I was probably hungry).  And it smelled of lavender and blue eucalyptus.  That sounded so nice, like it was made by little koalas in a tree or something.

Smells sooooo good...

Smells sooooo good…

I’ve blogged on here in the past about my efforts to do things more naturally, and my whole laughable attempt at real food.  The real food thing went down the drain when I was working all the time.  I cringed and bought the cans of Pillsbury biscuits to eat with our soup.  Actually it was more at the thought of having to pop those cans open than it was of eating all that stuff that will probably kill us tomorrow.

It would be a lot more realistic doing that sort of eating if I would lay off the diet pop.  Coke Zero was my friend while I was working and I probably already have given myself spleen cancer or some other rare thing by drinking those giant mugs of it every day.

So the whole green thing not going so well until now.  My laundry smells really nice and other than it being more “creasy” I’m happy with it.

Over in the food department, I’ve been trying to avoid artificial colors and whatnot.  Especially when it comes to things like mac and cheese.  My kids are obsessed with the Kraft kind.  We haven’t been eating stuff in a box for years, except the occasional tuna helper and mac and cheese that Grandma brings us.  So of course when Target had a big sale on Annie’s Naturals we had to get some.  They have the best stuff!  So I went a little overboard.

She had to be in the picture.  Ham...

She had to be in the picture. What a ham…

What do you think?  Too much?

So now that I am a full time SAHM we’re eating better again.  And our clothes smell great-though I will insert my complaint here that after I bought that fabric softener every store within 100 miles of here has quit carrying it.  Just like my Crystal Light Pure.  Damn.  I settled on Method fabric softener this time.  Lavender and Lilac.  Happy face.

Although I’m having a devil of a time of keeping up on much of anything these days, there are some websites that I like to visit that are “green”.  A few of my favorite healthy/green sites:
Green Moms and Kids
100 Days of Real Food
My Whole Food Life
Savvy Homemade Living
Wellness Mama

I hope you have a happy Earth Day!  Go forth and be green and healthy!

happy earth day


39 thoughts on “EXTREME GREEN!

  1. I can’t say that we are completely green but I really do try. Plus, just being on a tight budget makes us kind of naturally green. I started making my own glass cleaner and carpet cleaners last year. So little stuff like that cuts down on chemicals used in our house plus is a whole cheaper!

  2. I’m a big fan of Annie’s. And any step your family makes is a step in the right direction!! Thanks for the shout out today!!

  3. Speaking of keeping GREEN- I wash all laundry in cold water and hang out as much as I can to dry. Looks pretty. Reminds me of my grandmother. And smells good. As for Kraft Mac & Cheese- the damn stuff is delicious!

  4. Did you know Norwex cloths are great for washing your face? They take off makeup without any cleanser! Your skin will love you!

  5. I’m also a huge fan of Annie’s. As is my toddler. Their macaroni and cheese, as well as their snacks, taste great, and I don’t feel horribly guilty about giving them to my son.
    And it is so important to have your laundry smell nice!

  6. Everyone has to start somewhere and I remember when cities were first bringing in recycling programs. People thought it was so weird and how could it help, well it DOES help and sometimes big change happens one person at a time.

    • I’ve always liked the all natural stuff. Before I was married I used to buy all natural everything as far as body/health and beauty products go. Now I just look longingly as I go by the Origins counter and at the Gaiam catalog when it comes in the mail.

  7. You can NEVER have enough Annie’s stuff. I’m addicted to their mac n cheese (that I buy for my son). He loves their Cheddar Bunnies (so much better than goldfish) and their salad dressings rock, too. Yay you, green mama!

  8. Good for you for being a better citizen…well…except for supporting the employment of koala bears in third world countries. I just hope they have strong labor laws protecting those koalas and their little paws.

  9. Look at how happy your daughter is to get her boxed mac n cheese! We have the Annie’s too and somehow my son knows it’s better for him than the Kraft kind. He refuses to eat it! I’m hoping when I’m home our meals will get healthier and “greener.”

  10. Your husband sounds like my husband. He’s beginning to come around though. He has certain things he won’t budge on: trash bags is one them. He’s the one that has to take out the trash, so I guess he doesn’t like it when it biodegrades on his way out to the garage. LOL! I get a lot of my eco-friendly/healthy stuff on-line. I buy a bunch at once and get free shipping. I use LuckyVitamin and…I can’t remember the other one. Sometimes Amazon too. 🙂

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