Theme Thursday: Do-Overs

Theme ThursdayTheme Thursday is an opportunity to mind meld with the most amazing people online.  Today’s topic is Do-Overs.  After you read my mind blowing post, please click on the link at the top to view other even more mind blowing posts about doing stuff over.

This post is a bit off from my usual clean fun.  I may pepper it with some colorful metaphors.  If you do not like colorful metaphors, then please please just do not read. 

What, do you ask, is a colorful metaphor?  Oh please allow me…

star trek metaphor

Colorful Metaphors, Star Trek Style:  You Tube Video Link Here

Yes, only I could work Star Trek into a post like that, because that’s how I roll.


It’s tempting to write a bunch of baloney this evening as reality is starting to rear its ugly head here in the land of cornfields and wind turbines.  The sub job is over, and we’re quickly getting back to living paycheck to paycheck.  I’m spending waaaaaay more time than I should looking at job postings.  Gee, it’s the SAME jobs over and over.  How many more rejection letters can I receive from McFarland Clinic?  Is Iowa State ever even going to look at my resume before setting it aflame?  And part-time stuff in the evenings and weekends?  HA!  It’s positively abysmal.  I really hope that this writing thing takes off pretty soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m very happy with how some things turned out.  I’m crazy about my husband and kids. While life hasn’t always dealt us the greatest hand we are pretty awesome, dammit.

But there are some things in my life that I just wish I could go back and DO OVER, mainly because they were STUPID.

The following is a list of “Do-Over” Opportunities.  Please note that these are different from Photo Opportunities…  Each scenario in itself would negate the other opportunities, because it would create a time paradox, the result of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe!  Or something like that.

OH NO!  Not the fabric of time!

OH NO! Not the fabric of time!

Do-Over Opportunities

Do-Over Opportunity:  In high school you will be presented with many opportunities that for some reason or other, someone will try to talk you out of.  Do me a favor and do this over-ignore the naysayers and do what the hell you want to.  This could possibly lead to a more interesting life and fewer regrets.

Do-Over Opportunity:  That really super hot guy with the motorcycle, the really tall one with the blue eyes, the one you spent an entire semester staring at in math class, avoid at all costs.  Yes, do this over the right away.  When he walks up to you the following semester after chorus, WALK AWAY.  When he comes to your house, tell him to GO AWAY!  When he calls, hang up.  As a matter of fact, maybe do that with every guy that approaches you between the years of 1990-1997.  It will be so much better and so much less complicated.

Do-Over Opportunity:  When the Student Ambassadors at Lord Voldemort College approach you about majoring in Music Education, tell them thanks but no thanks, and then run and hide amongst the Elementary/Early Childhood majors. They’ll protect you.

Do-Over Opportunity:  When you realize how much the department you’re in at Lord Voldemort College is not doing you any good, you’ll try to transfer your buns out of there.  They’ll call you in to threaten you with all kinds of bullshit.  Here’s when your do-over comes in.  DON’T BELIEVE THEM.  It’s all lies.  Transfer and get the “h” out.  Go to a different school and go on with your life.  It’s much better than having student loans the rest of your life that you can’t pay.

Do-Over Opportunity:  When you’re called into your boss’s office and handed a paper with the word “failure”on it seven times and told to either resign or be terminated, don’t retreat into anonyminity.  Fight.  Get a lawyer.  SUE THEIR ARSES!

But Wait, Hold the phone…

You know there is the stuff I did right too, like making some of the friends I did in high school and college.  Like holding out for the hot smart guy with the weird but awesome sense of humor who actually can hold a conversation with me and likes many of the same things I do.  Yes, the one who proposed to me on a playground and I said “Yes!”  And those two kids, they’re pretty neat too.  The blogging thing, while as of yet it hasn’t paid out anything other than self satisfaction and some great friends, I think I did well to stick it out with that as well.

This was put on my Facebook wall by Menopausal Mother.  She gets me...

This was put on my Facebook wall by Menopausal Mother. She gets me…

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I couldn’t resist one more thing about those damn colorful metaphors…YouTube Video Link Here.


53 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Do-Overs

  1. You just put Back to The Future, Star Trek, Harry Potter and penguins into one post – I thought posts like these only existed in my dreams. Oh. And it was good too. 🙂

  2. Sounds like to some advice to your younger self and trust me I think we all have stuff like this we wish we could share with our much younger selves (I know I do). And loved the pic of Doc Brown!! 🙂

  3. I recently introduced Back to the Future to my kids, so when I saw this week’s theme I totally thought about the whole space/time continuum. I’d hate for my kids to start fading out of my photographs!

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  5. Well, done, Q! I can’t think of anything I’d want to do over. I guess because I tried to make the best of the situation, learn from it, and moved on…and try not to make THAT mistake again. My thought on the hot guy with the motorcycle: if you hadn’t, then you’d be looking back thinking, “maybe I should have.” 😉 Guys are like chocolate; sometimes you just gotta go off your diet and treat yourself. 😀

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  7. This is just so awesome in so many ways!!! I think you made GREAT choices–all that other crap? Hey, you turn it into a successful blog post. And I have NO DOUBT that you can and WILL make a career out of your writing. You bring a smile to everyone, every day, and that my dear friend, is a gift! ❤ you!! XO

  8. Nicely done Sarah!! Although there are a few things I’d like a “do over” on, for the most part i can’t complain. My life now is a sum of all the events in my life – bad and good. And you got proposed to on a playground? I did too. So many commonalities it’s downright spooky!! Great post today!

  9. Karen’s right – it all made you who you are today. But what I wouldn’t give to set a few things right. And to avoid some bad perm choices.

  10. I love the list! I feel like my formative years is a series of do overs…but then I wouldn’t have, what I believe to be, an amazing life! And from the way it all turned out, you lead the amazing life as well. Amazing post!

  11. WOW! I wrote about a tall guy with blue eyes, too–weird! Maybe dude got around more than we even knew 😉

    P.S. Your awesome guest post was wildly popular and has since broken my comments. Ever since yesterday’s post, I can’t receive more comments!!!! 😉

  12. Trust me…I know exactly how you feel. I too wish I had some do-overs at my disposal…but then I think about it a little more indepth and realize everything happened just the way it was supposed to happen…because it made me who I am…and as embarrassing as that is…I’m still proud.

    I love your attitiude…and wish you much success.

  13. Hi! I’m your newest follower from Thumping Thursdays. I’m following you via twitter @amomblogdesign. Please stop by and say hi when you have a chance. I’m also hosting a blog hop later this afternoon if you would like to join us 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome week.

    April from:
    A Mommy’s Blog Design

  14. Holy Crap!!!! I love you I love you I love you. Did I say I love you??? You live in my brain, however you are the way funnier than the one who is in permanent residence. Awesomeness personified. You Not the creature lurking next to you. D you know much I wish you were my neighbor?

  15. Look at it this way: At least the fine people at Iowa State are keeping warm burning your resumes. You’re actually doing a service to them.

    And you shouldn’t run away from the cute guy in high school. This disappoints me. You’re better than that. 😉

  16. I’ve made some pretty huge mistakes, sadly many of them of them affecting finances. Happy to be working my day job and making a part time income writing. It can be done!

  17. This was such a great list. I was such a goody two shoes in high school (mostly) (great, now I have Adam Ant singing in my head) – if I had it to do over again, I’d go freakin’ wild. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t get a do-over.

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  19. Sarah! What an excellent post! How you are able to use Spock, a penguin, and Doc all in one post and make it meaningful and hilarious is beyond me – you are SO good. I really hope writing pays off for you. So much! Hang in there with the job stuff – I’ve been there and it’s so discouraging and frustrating. You’ll find something!!

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