Doggone Weekly Wrap-Up


I’m calling this the “Doggone Weekly Wrap-Up” because my dog has been gone this week more than he has been here.  He bolts every chance he gets, and he WILL NOT come to us until he is wet, miserable, and hungry.  He got out so much that on Thursday he had to hang out overnight in the puppy clinker.  When I went to retrieve him, I put the words “Bail for the Escape Artist” on the check.  Hopefully he’ll figure it out that it’s not cool to run away all the time from the place where he has shelter, food, and lots of love.  Yeah, right, I won’t hold my breath.

But I digress…other stuff happened this week too.

Monday EXTREME GREEN!  My efforts at trying to be more healthy…

Tuesday  This Mom’s Birthday List  I have a birthday coming up, so for fun I made a list.  This is one that’s a bit more realistic than my Christmas list was. At least I hope so.

I also dumped out my purse over on the Kelley’s Breakroom Facebook page.  It’s ok, I really needed to clean it out anyway!

whats in her bag

Wednesday Wordless Wednesday: Just Chillin’ (And A Link To My Guest Post)  I thought it would be fun to do both the picture as well as plug my guest post over at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion.  So I did.  Be sure to stick around and show some love to Stephanie’s blog when you’re done!

Thursday  Theme Thursday: Do-Overs  What would you do over if you had the chance?  My answers may or may not surprise people.  Complete with scenes from Star Trek IV, because I cover all the bases.

Friday  Help, HELP!  I’m Trapped At Target!  A tale for Finish the Sentence Friday for all to behold and laugh at my expense.

Cool Stuff That I Know About That I’m Not Sure That You Know About But Should And Favorite Stuff I Found This Week And This Is A Run On Sentence And I Don’t Care

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday-Here’s some fun every Tuesday that you can come over and put your two cents in.  Jen Kehl  spends some time each week making lists of songs according to whatever theme they have in mind.  This week’s list was breakup songs.  Who else breaks out into Paul Anka when they think of breaking up?

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion-Trouble Making Me-I was here this week guest blogging, and this is one of her posts that shows the awesomeness that is Stephanie.

Living on the Spectrum:The Connor Chronicles-POOP This has nothing to do with what you think it has to do with. It has everything to do with a real mom’s version of Gwyneth Paltrow’s website “GOOP”

vader no tp

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Withdrawal  Who’s withdrawing what??? 

Moose yodeling  A moose that can yodel?  Or people yodeling for mooses?  Here moosey moosey moose yoh-deh-lay-hee-hooooo.

Exercise machine won’t make eye contact Do you really want your exercise machine to stare at you?  That’s weird man.

I don’t get the funny waldo post  You should because it was freaking AWESOME!  Missed it last month?  Read Where’s Waldo?  Answer: Creepytown here.

Renaissance fair cleavage  I defer this one to Menopausal Mother.  Missed this post too?  What is wrong with you people?  Read Cleavage and Kilts here.


My lovely friend Marcia The Menopausal Mother at Renfest.

Next week

Our trip to the eye doctor, my review of I Just Want to Pee Alone (for reals this time, I promise!), a special birthday Wordless Wednesday, unusual parenting for Theme Thursday, and what I want on a desert island for FTSF (this is gonna be fun…)

Oh, and just one more thing…

I did this thing, y’all.  I’m terrible at self promotion and at asking for votes.  I submitted two of my posts to the BlogHer Voices of the Year.  If you’re a member of BlogHer and want to help little old me out, please follow the linky-dinks and vote for the posts.  I don’t know if it makes a difference, but it would be nice to be recognized!

Here are the links if you are interested in voting:

Have a great rest of your weekend and a FABULOUS week this next week!

How Antisocial kitty reacted to the dog running away (a reenactment of course).

How Antisocial kitty reacted to the dog running away (a reenactment of course).

17 thoughts on “Doggone Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Have I mentioned lately how much I love you? Once or twice? Well, tough tookies. Only you could make a re-cap this funny. But that’s why….oh wait, I said that. AND my dog keeps running away too! I have a small dog and a teeny dog (who was supposed to be bigger). Small dog keeps running away, he’s like fricking Houdini, I know he is gone when teeny dog starts barking uncontrollably at the gate, and I know she’s saying “Hey! Where are you going??? Don’t you know where your food comes from?? Stupid big dog, get back here!” He opens the gate and runs, she never leaves. She’s round, she know’s where her food comes from.
    Thank you for the shout out. It was way awesome of you to do such a great thing. ❤

    • Our kitty who died last year was always running away too. Antisocial kitty has never attempted an escape-except to roll on the ground outside and then run back in!

      Hopefully my little shoutout will send some more people your way! 😀

  2. You’re freakin’ funny! Also, your dog looks like a major shit-starter – but adorable. Thanks for the linky love. And thanks for cleaning out your purse – good grief!

  3. Sorry about your dog and hope he stays put for now. And seriously, still so loved your FTSF post all about Target!! And here is to next week being even better now. Happy Weekend!! 🙂

  4. I loved all your posts this week and OMG thank you sooo much for the shout out! As always, the pictures you included with your pics had me laughing so hard–that cat one—oh geez do I love that! You are such a good friend to me—I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • I like to draw attention to my faves, what can I say? I’m glad you loved the pics. The cat one was actually from a previous post about the dog, when I was bummed about the fact that he didn’t get a cone of shame when he got fixed (because it would have made SUCH an awesome blog post!)

  5. I love your weekly round-up…and I freaking love your dog. I should do something like this too…but I’m just not dedicated enough…nor do I really do anything worth repeating.

  6. OK Sarah…..I just woke up about 20 minutes ago after having a dream that I was dog sitting for my parents and their English bull dog ran away. Except my parents don’t have a dog – bull or otherwise. And they never go anywhere. I’m guessing I had the dream because I was reading about your dog’s exploits this past week. So….thanks for that!!

  7. Our dog growing up was exactly the same way….I think the person who googled Ren Fair Hoo-has came to the right place. I can say that because of the extreme amount of sisterly love I have for Marcia…Congrats on signing up for BlogHer! I signed up too, and I KNOW what you mean about self-promotion. I only even signed up because of Marcia’s encouragement to do so (back to the love thing). I’ll go vote for your ass…

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