FTSF: An Island Life For Me!

Swiss Family Robinson

As a kid, this was one of my favorite movies… I’ve studied up a bit on remote island living.

If I were stuck on a desert island I would like to have… several very important items.

First off, thanks for the advance notice.  I am so psyched to be able to go to a desert island!  This is because although it is May 3rd, it looks like this here in Iowa:

IMG_1813IMG_1814This morning we have a two hour delay because of SNOW.  The kids have fought, whined, and cried nonstop since they got up.

So if I go to the desert island, do I have to bring the kids?  I assume that if I didn’t, I would get rescued more quickly because I would get hunted down so that they can be handed off to me.  So I guess they can come too.  Can they have their own island?  Just wondering.

Reg can't come either, that would be just like having children there...

Reg can’t come either, that would be just like having children there…

I would need a refrigerator.  It could be some Swiss Family Robinson type deal, it wouldn’t have to be fancy.  I would need some place to keep my Diet Sunkist Lemonade and my Sutter Home White Zinfandel cold.  I only drink vino on the weekends, but since I’ll be on a desert island I might just forget to bring a watch or a calendar, so I’d have no idea what day it actually was.  Oh darn…

I’d have to have sunscreen.  I’m very pale and freckled and use sunscreen pretty religiously because I’m scared of burning and cancer.  I had better make sure I have my big gardening hat.

This hat.  The hat rocks.  Maybe I'll make a tire swing too.

This hat. The hat rocks. Maybe I’ll make a tire swing too.

I’d probably need to have my laptop, because who wouldn’t like regular blogging updates from a desert island?  Or I’d at least like to have my phone, so I could keep the world informed of what I do via Twitter.  Important stuff, like this:

Made fire. I feel all neanderthal woman right now. #fire

These leaves really taste like butt.  Oh dammit…

I believe I would also have to figure out how to power all of this stuff too, huh?  I suppose I can also bring a solar powered generator along… or I suppose I’d have to bring Evil Genius with me so he can figure all of that stuff out for me!

So there you have it.  Desert island here I come!


I know this isn’t a desert island picture, but it still makes me laugh…

This post is part of FTSF:  Finish the Sentence Friday.  Go check out what other people would want to have on their desert islands by following the link!

Finish the Sentence Friday

41 thoughts on “FTSF: An Island Life For Me!

  1. I loved not knowing what day of the week it would be, so that you could drink wine whenever. Can’t argue with that and truly great excuse!! Thanks Sarah for linking up with us again!! 🙂

  2. Frickin’ Iowa. (I can say that, because I’m an Iowan. Well, I live in Colorado, but you know what they say! Once an Iowan….okay, I made that up.) Loved your butt-leaves tweet! Ha! Also, my oldest is rather enamored by Swiss Family Robinson. We have watched it over and over. There are worse movies to watch over and over.

    • You know, we recently got it and watched it with the kids. Apparently, I had blocked most of the movie from my mind. I was watching it thinking-there was a girl in it??? I understand that Colorado/Wyoming/etc got socked with much worse weather than we got-so I guess it could be worse!

  3. If you find the right leaves I think they taste pretty good. Or not. Definitely only “good” Storm Troopers allowed. Why don’t you just have Evil Genius build a biosphere around your house? Then you can have all of your hearts desires. No Reg, only Deanna.

  4. Love it!!!! Snow sista! My brain is soooo confuzzled…it looks like March or February outside…not May 3rd! And I absolutely adore the picture of you on the swing! Happy Friday!!!!

  5. I loved Swiss family Robinson when I was growing up! And I always dreamed of being shipwrecked on an island where chocolate bars grew on trees…oh wait, that was Willy Wonka! I can’t believe all the snow you have there. We have floods today. Love your funny comment about the leaves and absolutely adore the pic of you in the hat. Bring that to South Florida when you come visit me!

    • An island of chocolate bar trees would be a dream come true and you wouldn’t gain ANY weight when you ate them, right? Totally calorie free! I hope the water goes down soon-we had flooding here a couple of years ago that was just awful! :-/

  6. OMG! And here I am complaining about bipolar weather in San Antonio. Yesterday we were in the high 80s. Today we went down to the high 50s low 60s. As for kids…. hmmm…. I was about ready to auction mine off today on eBay. Gotta love em!

    The Wondering Brain

  7. OMG…that is awesome babe…now that sounds pretty darn cool. I have never Swiss Family Robinson 😦 LOL at the last photo, hubby might get a kick out of that too.

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  9. What an adventure that would be! Stuck in a desert island? But I doubt if I could last in that place without the need to email, to shop, to bar hop, and do other activities with families. It takes a woman so brave and contented to live in a desert island.

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