Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Summer Vacation

Jen Kehl

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When you think of summer vacation, you probably recall my little ranty “I never get to do anything on MY summer vacation like all the rich folks get to do every year” whiny post for Theme Thursday a few weeks back.

HOWEVER, if you put in that it is MUSIC associated with summer vacay that changes everything.  I start thinking about my summers in Maine-cool foggy weather, walking along the rocky beaches.  Also I think about my summers in Florida-that beautiful blue ocean is forever burned into my memory banks.

What occupies my mind for the most part, however, is the three summers I spent working at a waterpark as first the chick who took your pass and gave you the wristband, then the kitchen manager, and later on as a very unlikely candidate for a lifeguard (I am the whitest, freckliest chica on the planet).

So I present to you my playlist that is a mish-mosh of songs from summers past.  I have no cool visuals or videos to play, because I suck at finding the actual videos to go with the songs.  Sadly, I am not a Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Mix Master like Jen.

Just chillin'...

Just chillin’…

The Boys of Summer-The Ataris
No offense to Don Henley, but I just love this version of his 1984 hit.  More electric Geetars or something.  This song always come to mind immediately when I think of summer.

Summer Nights-John Travolta/Olivia Newton John
Oh COME ON-who doesn’t think of this song when it comes to summer?

Cannonball-The Breeders
Ah, the waterpark days.  This song was immensely popular because it was a hit at that time and because it had the word Cannonball in it. Duh.  Anytime I hear this song I am immediately taken to that place-chlorine and fried food.  Good times, good times.

No Cannonballs here, but maybe some synchronized swimming?

No Cannonballs here, but maybe some synchronized swimming?

In the Summertime-Mungo Jerry
We saw this song on some show, and it had the most stoned piano player we had ever seen in our life.  We couldn’t remember what group sang it, so naturally we had to ask my mother in law.  She could remember the record and what color it was even on.  Maybe this one is cheating, but since then I DO associate this song with summer, for whatever reason.

Chattahoochie-Alan Jackson
This makes me think of the summers in high school and college in Southeast Iowa spent at the local, county, and state fairs.  Lots of line dancing and guys wearing cowboy hats and boots.

This was presented to me as an 11th hour challenge by Jen Kehl, the creator and sith lord of the mixtape genre.  I started out writing my list as a comment, but it became very obvious that I was going to have to do more in my weakened state.  Damn you Jen Kehl!  😉

This is what I do in the summer now.  Don't be jealous of my blindingly white skin, k?

This is what I do in the summer now. Don’t be jealous of my blindingly white skin, k?

37 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Summer Vacation

  1. Girl, I get you with the pale skin; I’ve had people even remark to my parents about it, saying, “Doesn’t that girl get any sun?” Yeah. It doesn’t do much; I’m very much hoping my children get their father’s coloring. I may give you a running in the whitest and freckliest of them all department.

    And now I’m humming, “Oh, oh, those summer nights!” Being a bit younger, my list is a bit different, but I have my own playlist of music that gets me in a summer mood. 🙂

  2. I live near Seattle-my once Cali-lightly-tinted-with-sun tan turned into Twilight’ish see through skin. I’ll have to check out the mixtape tuesday! ~peas out 🙂

  3. So what I do in the summer now, too. And thinking the world so should be jealous of us!! But seriously, love that summer is on its way and you did give a great soundtrack right here for it!!! 🙂

  4. there are definitely songs that I hear that automatically take me to fun days in the summer. Mine are “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb; “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper & “Summer in the City” by the Loving Spoonful – that last one always has me yearning for hot blacktop and a cool drink!

  5. Great list there Sarah. And thanks for putting Summer Nights in my head – that will likely be there all day!! Mason is really bugging me to open up the pool but with the weather the way it has been, I’m convinced that doing so will bring snow to the Windy City. Ugh!!

    • Oh I brought the last bout of snow-I put the rest of the winter stuff away! *hangs head in shame*

      The last stretch of nice weather we had, my daughter went into the backyard and came back with no shirt. “Mommy I’m ready to run through the sprinkler!” Um, no, not yet.

  6. You’re pretty cool, for a WHITE white girl.

    I’d add Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive” to the list, as well as:
    Can’t Stop, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Hey Jealousy, Gin Blossoms
    Get A Good Feeling, Flo Rida

    • Interesting list! That is my favorite Bon Jovi song, and that is a very fun Red Hot Chili Peppers ditty-even better with the video. I forgot about that Gin Blossoms one-how could I? Never heard the Flo Rida song.

  7. I love you! You are so awesome for meeting my challenge and actually taking it somewhere! But of course, you are my yoda (well you don’t look like yoda, but you are “wiser” than me). Dude, we drive through Chattanooga on our way to South Carolina every summer. And we always start singing “Chattahoochie”, I love your list, and I love that we got a little look into Sarah’s world with each song. You make my heart swell…..

  8. I’ve gotta say, I definitely enjoy Don Henley more than that version. It makes me feel young. Let me see, what’s a song for my summer anthem? I’d have to think that over.

  9. Summer nights, for sure to be followed by Meatloafs Paradise by the Dashboard Light.
    Oh and totally there with rocking the pasty white skin. skin That freckles not tans in summertime

  10. very excellent mix… Summer is my favorite time of year (being one of those people who gets cold at the end of October and warm in the middle of June, lol)
    Thanks for the tip of the cover of ‘Boys of Summer’ definitely one of the cool things about these hops… finding new songs and/or new versions…

  11. I love the The Boys of Summer-The Ataris version too although I also love Don Henley’s. And how cool were YOU to be the awesome wrist-band chick at waterpark checkin?
    Summer nights from Grease will now be in my head until bed. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

  12. That sounds like an awesome job! For some reason I’m picturing relaxing with a little bit of thrill! I could be totally off base…please don’t tell me you had to clean poop out of the pools or anything!

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  14. love all the summer songs… feels like summer when I read this post 🙂 I know there is a bit more for us to reach the threshold of summer, I really want to jump the gun after seeing all these pictures 🙂 It is all your fault. I am usually a patient person lol

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