A Little Whine and Music

whinePart 1: The Whine

Today I’m guest posting over at Can I Get A Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time?!  Kate is an awesome person as well as hilarious!  I think that some day we are going to discover that we are somehow related, because often we think alike.  If you’re going over to check out my post and have never read her blog, well, you need to.

Six important facts you need to know:
1)  She’s hilarious (I said that already).
2)  She’s the Mom of three beautiful children.
3)  Her blog has the longest title of all the blogs I read.
4)  She is one of my favorite people on Twitter.  I’ve snorted pop out of my nose more than a few times reading her Tweets!
5)  She is the second result that comes up if you search 80s pink Huffy bike on Google images (I didn’t believe her, until I tried it).
6)  The first post I ever read from her was entitled Dear Naked Barbie Doll Lying in My Hallway, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

So go on, don’t be shy!  Go follow the linky dink HERE to read my post.  Come on, you know wanna!

mixtapesPt 2: The Music

Now, for the Music portion.  Today’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is all about the best cover songs.  How could I NOT do this?  I had no choice because Jen said I had to.  I had to do a little research to complete my list, but I think I’ve put together a pretty good one.

1 Boys of Summer-The Ataris
You knew I had to go here.  When I did the summer vacation one last week, I stated that I love the Ataris version of this more than the Don Henley one.  Why?  I don’t know, I think it’s the hard rock feel of their version.  Don’t be hatin.

2 Tainted Love-Marilyn Manson
I really liked the Soft Cell version of this song.  Then Marilyn took it and made it his own with that creepy voice of his.

3 Listen To Your Heart-Edmee
While the Roxette version of this song is good, I just love this song as a slow ballad.

4 Land of Confusion-Disturbed
Originally we were fans of this song because it featured puppets of our politicians at the time, and was sung by Genesis.  Then Disturbed remade it years later.  I love both versions!

5 Hurt-Johnny Cash
The song combined with the video really makes you want to, well, go shoot yourself.  But it IS a fabulous cover of the original by Nine Inch Nails.  I couldn’t find a good video of this song, so no link.

There’s my list, however weird it is. What would be on YOUR list? Be sure to check out Twisted Mixtape Tuesday at *Jen Kehl:  My Skewed View. 

*I was fully aware that this post was going up Monday night, instead of Tuesday morning.  I goofed and by the time I realized that I didn’t really want to rewrite this.  Sooooo… if it’s Monday night and you’re thinking about heading over to Jen’s website and checking it out, keep in mind it might not yet be up!  This has nothing to do with her being a slacker, because she’s not.  😉

45 thoughts on “A Little Whine and Music

  1. off to read now…like hearing about songs…I am so out of touch with music nowadays. I mostly listen to audio books in the car…sad, right?

    • No! We were just talking about how we need to get some of those. I have an Ipod with a zillion songs on it, but half the time I end up listening to the same two playlists. One is alternative metal and the other is country. Go figure!

      • OMG…this is what I get for reading when I am in zombie mode, I lose out on all comprehension skills…I feel so silly now.

  2. The Johnny Cash cover kills me every time I hear it. That is one of the all-time best covers despite it being so gut wrenching. Trent should just never sing that song again. It’s over, Trent!

  3. Dang, look at you girl. I thought, I can’t do the mixed tape link up because I have a guest post. I didn’t even think of doing two posts. I’m really going to shoot for next week. I want to do this link up so badly! And your words about me are too kind. Thank you so much!

    • I only do what Jen tells me. I follow blindly. I did it this week because I was able to fit it in. WIth Theme THursday, the two things I do for Baking in a Tornado on two Fridays out of the month, and then guest posts and my own stuff, I don’t do as much as I would like!

      You’re welcome about the kind words, I meant every one of them!

  4. Dude! You are so awesome! I have only ever heard one of these covers (not counting the Atari’s which I heard for the first time last week!) I think it’s cool, that for how much we are alike our music tastes are so completely different, but your rocking songs are awesome! And BTW I was just pondering today why it is I LOVE the Eagles, but could totally do without Don Henley, happy to have a BETTER version of Boys of Summer to listen too!

    • That’s the only Ataris song I really know too! Weird.

      I’m sure a lot of people will look at that list and go HUH? Like the Marilyn Manson song: My husband is a big Marilyn Manson fan-most of his stuff is way out there and not for me but that particular one that I listed is very cool. There’s another cover that he has done but I can’t think of it at the moment.

      You’d be hard pressed to find a list of music that is really indicative of my tastes. I listen to a lot of different stuff!

  5. whenever I hear people hate on Marilyn, I always refer them to that cover. He took it and made it a different song altogether and it’s excellent. Good choices.

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  7. I now have to watch the Land of Confusion video because in my opinion, that totally makes the song. Great compilation you put together but I would expect nothing less!

  8. Tainted Love…MM very superior cover, if for no other reason than managing to change the whole tone of the song, never mind arrange it differently.
    of course, the accompanying video is too much fun, like Marilyn, he seems to have a sense of humor.

  9. I love your playlists! In fact, I’ve downloaded a few of the songs into my iPod to take running with me! Thanks for the change in my getting-sort-of-mundane playlists! 🙂

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