Weekly Wrap-Up: The Short and Sweet Edition


This explains why I’m tired, does it not?

Today I am over at Mommy Writings: Daughter of Maat for part three of my WAHM series.  Come on over if you wish to read random ramblings about blogging from home.

I’m away from my computer until Sunday night, so this is short and sweet!

Monday  The ADD Kitchen 5: Her Majesty’s Birthday Baking Success!
I baked a cake and it actually turned out!

Tuesday  A Little Whine and Music
My guest post at Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Quiet Time, and Twisted Mixtape Tuesday

Wednesday  Wordless Wednesday:  Mother’s Day Memories

Thursday  Theme Thursday:  Qapla’!
What I’m proud of…

Friday  A Real Pain In The Neck: It’s Not a Too-mah!
Moral of the story-if you’re hurting, don’t put it off for months.

Stuff I Really Really Really Liked This Week

If Moms Formed Rock BandsSisterhood of the Sensible Moms
I’m  really sad I didn’t think of this first.  Hilarious!

Funny Search TermsThe Life I Live
Y’all know I LOVE search engine terms!  The ones featured in this post put mine to SHAME!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Engine Terms

Adult movies in betamax None here that I know of

The freckliest person  Just might be starring in some of those betamax movies

Chocolate sprinkles are ant poop  No no they’re mouse poop!

Have a fantabulous rest of your weekend and I’ll be back in action on Monday!  Blogging action that is…

Sent to me by a friend.  Yup.

Sent to me by a friend. Yup.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Short and Sweet Edition

  1. So sorry to hear about your neck situation. While I’m glad it’s not a too-mah, that still sucks out loud. Feel better my friend!!

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