Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Empowering Breakup Songs

Due to lots of not fun stuff going on inside my neck, my regular random storytelling may be taking a bit of a backseat for a wee bit.  Think of it as a rain delay.  We instead bring you this program already in progress…

mixtapesSoooooo… I totally misinterpreted this week’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  It was supposed to be “you belong with me” songs, but I thought it was supposed to be “empowering break up” songs.  Since I already had used the brainpower to think these up, I’m going with it.

(Keep in mind that I have not broken up with or been broken up with anyone since 1997, nor am I planning on it.)

There is a glitch with the video thingie here in WordPress.  When I originally linked all of the videos you could see them just fine.  Now I’m not sure if you can without leaving my blog-this happens every single time I try to do this… So bear with me please.

You’ll Think of Me-Keith Urban
Ok, maybe not so empowering, this song just plain depressed me when I first heard it.  I must have been fighting with Evil Genius over Age of Empires that week?

Gives You Hell-The All American Rejects
Such an odd video, but such a great song.

The Sign-Ace of Base
Come on, Ace of Base was cool once… 

You Oughtta Know-Alanis Morissette
I don’t believe there were too many girls in the 90s that didn’t blast this song after a breakup.

I Will Survive-Gloria Gaynor
And of course, what empowering break up songs list would be complete without this one? 

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is the brainchild of the one and only Ms Jen Kehl.  Do you have some songs to contribute?  Stop on over by her blog and READ THE POST FIRST, don’t just assume you know what you’re doing like I did…

Remember when I said that my friend was doing a post on the strangest places you’ve had ideas and oddest things that you’ve written them down upon?  That post will be up sometime today.  If you’re curious what she wrote, swing by The Insomniac’s Dream and check it out!  Remember:  Her blog is not for those easily offended by language and/or subject matter.  She was actually quite flattered that I had to put a disclaimer up about her blog. And the header, the part about “The Mistress of Words”?  I said that.  True story…

Last but certainly not least, I have a post up at The Epistolarians this week.  Please come by and read all about how clothes are rapidly disappearing in our country.

34 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Empowering Breakup Songs

  1. I would play the you belong to me songs before I played the empowering songs! Great choices as I also thought of “You oughta know”! Omg and I remember dancing to “I saw the sign” thinking how I hated my boyfriend for the moment.

    • That was so long ago! I’ve been with my husband 15 years this week, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to think about any of those kinds of songs. He does belong to me, he knows I’m the only who’ll put up with him!

  2. Omg, Ace of Base!! Seriously haven’t thought of them since high school either and seriously feeling old this morning. And just actually talked about You Oughta Know last week in my college textbook’s post. Great post and hope you are feeling a bit better today. Thinking of you!!

    • I wish I could say I was feeling better, but other things keep happening in my neck. I think I’m falling apart!

      Ace of Base made me think of some of the CDs I had around that time. I had The Real McCoy too-remember them? 😉

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  4. Thanks to you I will be singing “I Saw the Sign” all day. But I only know the chorus, so it will be replaying over and over and over…

    Get better soon!

  5. What’s going on with your neck? Did you hurt it? Keith Urban’s You’ll Think of Me is perfect UNTIL he says, “take your cat but leave my sweater…” I laugh every time. I love JT’s “Cry Me a River”!! Also, “If I was a Boy” by Beyonce.

  6. Great mix of songs!! Yes, Ace of Base was cool once but Pitch Perfect ruined that for them didn’t they? Or maybe they resurrected them. Hmmmmm. And I agree with Lana ~ Cry Me a River is awesome!!

  7. Can I just say I jam to “Gives you hell” all the time, and I don’t even want to give anyone hell 🙂 Ace of Base is such a guilty pleasure for me, problem is my sister hates them because they remind her of an old asshole boyfriend, so i can’t listen when I’m with her, which is basically always. Alanis and Gloria, perfection, You rocked it girl!

  8. Ace of Base was totally cool and I still have the in iTunes to prove it. I also have I Will Survive – one of the best songs ever! Love your twist on the link up today – empowerment is good. And tee hee to You’ll Think of Me being in there because you were fighting with Evil Genius that week. And hey, I really hope your neck feels better and SOON.

  9. The reason why I almost listed You Outta Know in mine was that while everyone attributes it to a break up song, alanis’ tone especially the line “are you thinking of me when you **** her” led me to believe she wanted the guy back.

    Great list

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