Weekly Wrap Up: The Pain in the Neck Edition

My neck pain-perhaps I am the victim of a Vulcan nerve pinch and just don't remember?

My neck pain-perhaps I am the victim of a Vulcan nerve pinch and just don’t remember?

Yeah, I’m still hurting.  I had my x-rays and the doctor called me a mere hours later and said it was all in my head.  Actually, it’s all in my neck.  Nothing is wrong with my spine, it’s all my muscles spazzing out.  I can have physical therapy, but I have to wait it out a little bit.

In the meantime, I’ve developed a humungous zit on my neck right where the affected muscle is and it hurts like a *$(#_!  The way it’s affecting me, I’ve gone as far to think that I might have shingles. Since I think my doctor thinks I’m crazy, I’m holding off on checking that out for now.  So I suffer…

Today I shared my final post for the WAHM series over at Mommy Writings: Daughter of Maat, entitled “Life of Pie” (because I really like pie…).  It’s actually something I’ve shared before as a guest post, but it’s a fun one that I couldn’t resist sharing.  In my current state, it’s probably just as well that I did that instead of attempting to share something witty and original (perish the thought).


Get it? PIE.

Despite my pain, the week went on.  Here is what I did this week:

Monday Support Groups for Bloggers That Don’t Really Exist But Should
This should really be called “Fun with acronyms.”

A Rant on the Disappearance of Clothing in America My latest feature on The Epistolarians.

Tuesday Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Empowering Breakup Songs
Yeah I misunderstood the theme, but I made a pretty kickass list.

Confessions of a Geek
My guest post for my friend Michael at An Old and Cranky Gamer.  It took me a long time to be ok with admitting I’m a geek.  Now as you can see I don’t care!

Wednesday Wordless Wednesday: BUBBLES!
Beautiful pictures of our attempt at homemade bubbles.  It was a great success!

Thursday Delicious Evil Lurks in the Downstairs Freezer
The question was “Does Evil exist?”  Yes.  At Christmastime it existed in my freezer… If you liked this and want to read about other evil, check out this week’s Theme Thursday and click on some of the blogs in the link up!

Friday Fly on the Wall May 2013: The Birthday Edition
Snippets from our insanity make great fly on the wall posts!


Made me laugh…

Stuff I Really Liked This Week

Chicken Soup for the Bowl-Mama, Schmama
I was so excited to see her participate in the Character Assassination Carousel created by Nicole Leigh Shaw Tyop Aretist, formerly Ninja Mom.  This is hilarious!  I’ll be participating here in a couple of weeks with my destruction of the book Bears on Wheels, I can’t wait!

May Fly on the Wall posts-Baking in a Tornado-I love doing this every month, there were some really good ones in the bunch this time.  I linked you up with the post by the big cheese, the queen bee, the creator of all the is good on the internets, Baking in a Tornado. Karen’s talking about me when she mentions the crap pockets…  Yes I have a keen eye for detail! I hope you visited some of the other participants this week.  If you’re having the disgusting weather that we are, you probably have time.  This certainly rates right up there with crappy holiday weather!  :-/

Finish the Sentence Friday:  I blog because… I would have participated in this week’s FTSF but I was doing Fly on the Wall, and I learned a long time ago that you can’t do EVERYTHING you want.  So instead I will dutifully promote these wonderful posts.  The posts range from amusing to real tearjerkers.  Start here with Sometimes I Wax Like Ralph Macchio-Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Quiet Time and then check out some of the others in the link-up like I Blog Because of You, I Blog Because of Us-Finding Ninee.  Make sure you bring some kleenex!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Engine Terms
Chad Knaus and his “nakedness”-I strive to make this a family friendly blog.  However, I just can’t help it if the search terms get out of control.  I commented on a hilarious post about search engine terms by Crakgenius, letting him know some of the more interesting things that people have used to find my blog.  Somehow, a few people found my blog by googling “Naked Chad Knaus”.

Wellll, Mr Crakgenius took it a step farther.  He plugged my information into google and using his great fact finding skills he found out that ‘Chad Knaus naked penis’ has my blog as #1.

If Chad’s mom is reading this, I can assure her I have never cared about her son’s genitalia.  I don’t even root for his NASCAR team…

Homemade car antenna-I had to look this one up,if you scroll down on image results you get a picture of my car.  I was disappointed.  However, you do also get the following picture when you look it up:

RedneckAntennaAcronyms are evil-I love acronyms, does that make me evil?

Does Bon Jovi like straight or curly hair on a woman-WHY DO YOU CARE??

Ear horn-YESSSSSSSS!  I’m not so sure why I’m proud of this…

Someone broke into my house and didn’t steal anything just peed on the front of my pants-Why would you google this????

Next Week

Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out over at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion, participating in her Oversharing series with my most famous post ever.  It’s so nice to know that I’ll always be remembered for my incontinence… This next week I’ll be telling the tale in the latest chapter of my war against the mice in my house, writing about what I sing in my car, sharing what drives me crazy, cohosting the Tattler Thursday Blog Hop, among other things. It’ll be a good week.  It would be better if I wasn’t in so much freaking pain!

dogs out

19 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up: The Pain in the Neck Edition

  1. I’m so sorry you’re still in pain. A pain in the neck is a real . . . well . . . pain in the neck.

    And thank you so much for giving me the “heads up” on my crap pockets. And providing me with endless laughs. I’m still giggling now.

    I don’t know if I can quite live up to “the creator of all that’s good on the internets”, but I do know I’m in great company here in the blogosphere and I’m very glad to be in the same “hive” as you.

    Still giggling. . . .

  2. Oh man so sorry you still aren’t feeling well. And I have so been there with my back in the past and know how miserable it is to have aches, pains and spasms that just don’t want to go away. I hope you find some relief real soon and thank you for the shout-out to those two wonderful posts from Friday’s linkup. Believe me I totally understanding about not being able to do it all and we are just happy when you can join us thought and will take what we can get 🙂 🙂

  3. I’m only sorry that Chad Knaus hasn’t discovered your blog through that particular search string. His confusion would be priceless.

    Sorry about your neck. It really MIGHT be shingles, though. My step-son had singles when he was 18, and it started with neck pain which he attributed to over-exertion during a workout. After a few weeks of that, the rash presented itself and the soreness gave way to the burning normally attributed to shingles. Take care of yourself, whatever the cause!

    • My husband thinks I’m nuts for thinking I have shingles. I really don’t know if that’s it, but if the bumps keep showing like they have been today then that’s a pretty good indication!

      If Chad Knaus ever comments on my blog, you’ll be the first to know! 😉

  4. Oh my gosh! You’ve been so busy and I have so much to catch up on!

    I’m sorry about your neck. Do you have any Biofreeze? That stuff is fricking amazing and it’s the only thing that works when I’m having neck and back issues. You have to get it from a chiropractor or a nice spa.. I prefer the roll on but others use the gel. Get it. Do it now. It’s amazing.

    I sit at my computer for a ridiculous amount of hours a day so I will get neck spasms and horrible headaches from the neck muscles. The Biofreeze helps tremendously. It rocks

    And I didn’t know you’re doing the Ninja Asassain thing! I am too! I’m actually doing the Where’s Waldo post.

    We are so important and famous.

    • Biofreeze sounds interesting. I’ll have to ask around and see if I can get any. Travis massaged my neck for a long time tonight and that really seemed to help a little.

      The spasms hurt so bad that it feels like I’m being electrocuted. How lucky am I to be having this much fun!

  5. I’m sorry I’m just reading this now. You crack me up so much, that’s why I love you. I am sorry about your neck, especially the zit. Zits on necks are never fun even when your neck is OK. But it hasn’t made you any less funny, so there’s that.

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