Theme Thursday: Lots of Pain, So Far No Gain

Theme ThursdayTheme Thursday is a magical place where dreams come true.  All the magic is brought to you by Jenn from Something Clever 2.0.

This week’s theme was to write about what drives you crazy.

Crazy is right.  I feel absolutely nuts about now.

I have eluded to the fact that I’ve been in a lot of agony lately.  I don’t like to say a whole lot, because I don’t want to come off a complainer.  Trust me on this one, and don’t listen to a word my husband says about there always something being wrong with me.  He thinks he’s being funny, you know.

I’ve had a stiff, painful neck on one side for months, and it finally got so bad that I went in and got it looked at.  I’ve now been in there threee times.  Appointment #1-It’s stress and all in my head.  Appointment #2-I got X-rays and oh that was FUN. My spine is fine, thanks for asking.  Appointment #3-I don’t have shingles and it’s not going away on its own.

I’m sure I look like I’m possessed the way I’m walking around rolling my head these days.  I’m trying to unkink my neck, even though I know it’s not going to help.  It hurts like holy heck.  Add to that the newest member of the pain family:  The head.  Whichever part of my body decided that this was a funny joke can really just knock it off now!  Really?  A million pin pricks of hot pain on my scalp?  That’s real funny.  Not.

You find this funny?  I don't, because I'm completely out of chocolate.

You find this funny? I don’t, because I’m completely out of chocolate.

As one would expect, this is a huge challenge for someone who is considered a humor writer.  It’s put a great big giant Charley Horse in my style.  Although I’ve managed to maintain somewhat of a sense of humor during all of this, I feel like a horrible mom and wife.  I’m crabby because I hurt so bad and don’t sleep well.  I can do very little around the house.  I’m sure that my husband and kids would like to auction me off very cheaply about now.  Or at least trade me in for a mom without body issues.This past Sunday I felt totally useless as I lay on the couch and my family pitched in to do everything that I have been neglecting around the house.  It was literally all I could do.  I’m so happy that they stepped up-I fall somewhere between bad and terrible when it comes to housecleaning and maintenance as it is.  This is not helping my image!

I think I’d feel about the same as I would if were to lean on a cactus…  Or maybe I’d feel better?  I’ve shared my pain with a few of the people I talk to regularly.  My blogging friends in particular have been wonderful-I’ve received plenty of advice on things I can try:

Acupuncture:  It’s needles.  IT’S NEEDLES!  Noooo!  I’m deathly afraid of anything with a needle. No wonder I don’t sew.

Supplements:  I really would like to take some, but I already take a multivitamin and I’m skeered of growing an extra head.  One that would hurt just as much as the one I have.

It would be like the commercial but scarier...

It would be like the commercial but scarier…

Massage:  Hell yeah!  Who wants to give me one?  Actually, Evil Genius has stepped up nicely in the department, but he can’t do much about my head.

Alternative Medicine:  I’ve had all kinds of wonderful stuff suggested to me that I’ve never heard of before, and that unfortunately aren’t available here in corn country.

Chocolate Therapy:  I understand that chocolate goes quite well with vicodin.

Alcoholism:  Maybe a glass or two, but I really like my liver, thanks.

I personally think that if I were to cut myself in half I might actually feel better.  I’d look pretty weird though.

As I said, we’ve tried to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing.  Evil Genius has made sure to make plenty of jokes at my expense.  Some of them were even funny. He’s had his own pain to deal with-his knee is going to explode any day now.  Some snippets of things said at my house this week:

“You said you wanted to tighten up. I can’t help it if you’re an overachiever.”

“Come over here and put your neck against my knee.  Maybe we can cancel out each other’s pain.”

The doctor referred me to physical therapy, FINALLY.  She said I needed deep tissue massage and a few rounds with the TENS machine.  Unfortunately I have to wait until Monday to get any relief.  I’m really hoping it helps.  I’d really hate to feel like this for the rest of my life!

Have you ever been in pain that just wouldn’t quit?  What did you end up doing for it?  Did anything work (or are you still in pain)?  I’d love to hear your story, however depressing or funny it is…

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The Sadder But Wiser Girl

47 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Lots of Pain, So Far No Gain

  1. Still so sorry your neck is giving you problems. I told you I have had issues with my lower back with sciatica. I still go weekly for maintenance, but at my worst I felt so similar to how you described about not being able to do much and feeling so guilty with my husband and kids, too. I would definitely suggest a chiropractor, because I get neck adjustments, too, because as my chiropractor is quick to remind the whole vertebrae is connected. Hope you get some relieve soon and sending good thoughts your way.

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  3. Sorry your neck still hurts! about 10 years ago I suffered from severe torticollis. Neck locked to one side the ER couldn’t get a neck brace on me so they had to cut it to fit my wry neck. Did a spinal to rule out meningitis but had to get it from a slight lean forward angle because the weight of my head from bending over hurt too much. They were amazed how after the muscle relaxants, valium, and morphine I was in the same amount of pain within an hour.

    Sent me home with same medication albeit the morphine was switched for Percocet. I ended up sleeping in my husband’s recliner because lying flat hurt too much not to mention the getting up and down part from the bed was excruciating. Few months later it slowly worked itself out.
    I then went to a chiropractor and she suspected I had a virus. Whatever it was who knows really, but I can certainly sympathize with someone else’s neck pain.

  4. I used to have really bad back problems, and physical therapy didn’t help. My back always hurt, and a couple times a year, it would just go out completely, and I couldn’t move for days. I was dreading the pregnancy back pain that I’d been warned about… Guess what. Not only did I never have any back pain while I was pregnant, but he must have knocked my spine into place, because ever since I had him, I barely ever have pain. Weird, huh? I have a sway back, and I really think having an extra 30 pounds pushing against the part that swooped inward helped.

  5. ugh, that sucks. I have constant radioulner nerve pain which causes pain from my elbo to my finger tips. It’s pinched and damaged, proven by expensive tests, but not bad enough for surgery so all that’s left is OTC anti-inflamatories and to not lean on my elbo. The doctor actually suggested I wear a hockey pad when I’m at work in case I do (and I do, it is SO HARD never to lean on your elbos!) I dismissed that idea… but it’s been so bad this spring I’m considering it again.

  6. Unfortunately, I live it every single day.
    No one understands how evil pain can be when its constant and is affecting your daily life. For those doctors who didn’t want to investigate further…shame on them. I think a lot of doctors hear the word pain and automatically think about narcotics…and abuse. I seriously do.
    You didn’t ask for any of this. Its not your fault. You are the same beautiful soul. You look at yourself as someone completely different than what others do. Promise…its taken a lot of therapy to believe that.
    Don’t let doctors giving up on you make you give up on yourself. Never settle until you have answers.
    I write with humor. I have a lot of issues that I share. it makes you human…people can relate. In turn you’ll get support and you will support others in your journey. And hellz yes you can pepper it with humor. Its OK to not be funny. We are all here no matter what.
    PS. Acupuncture do it. Its not that bad.

  7. I’m always in pain. My whole right side has hurt in varying degrees ever since I got this job (13 years ago!). The Tens machine helps – had that once. Now, I just suffer through. Acupuncture needles are not like regular needles – they are microscopically small and they don’t stick them straight in, just under the skin. No pain at all, especially if you’re already in pain. I just ordered a “my pillow” (extraordinarily expensive pillow) hoping that it will help but it has not arrived yet and I can’t wait too much longer. The pillows I have are all flattened out now and it makes my neck and shoulder very painful and causes headaches. Pain killers and muscle relaxers should be much more readily available. You know, I have a friend who is always in a lot of pain (fibromyalgia) and she was able to write a hot tub off on her taxes. I don’t see how that could hurt. I think you just have to get your doctor to say that you need it and be able to buy it in the first place (which I can’t). Insurance should pay for fancy hot tubs with built in speakers.

    • Hey I could use a hot tub! My bathtub is so shallow that it’s not worth trying to take a bath, so no relief from doing that!

      I have a foam pillow that I got from the mattress place that I love-it’s pretty firm. I’m not sure what I should be using at this point!

  8. Sorry to hear you are in pain, I have been in pain for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 23 and a young mom, I now have Lupus, Sjogren’s Raynauds and deal with a back issue and Migraines as well. I have the same problem with my neck, my doctors think it’s related to migraines some say it’s fibro, some just don’t know. I think some just give up when they just don’t know. Keep going till you get your answers and hopefully relief, physical therapy and gentle massage therapy has been helpful on my neck. Good luck to you!


    Life with RA is a Pain

    • It’s too bad I can’t do very many sessions. I really liked going to physical therapy before.

      I DID figure out that using the vibrating muscle massager does help somewhat. It hurt right afterwards but then the muscles did loosen up for awhile!

  9. I have no words of wisdom or advice, but I do hope that you start feeling better soon. And I’d be happy to send you chocolate if that would help. Hang in there!

  10. Man, your poor neck! Have you tried yoga? I know stretching and moving all around doesn’t sound so great right now, but it might really help in the wrong run. In the meantime, don’t cut yourself in half. Typing on a keyboard would be a bitch one-handed. 🙂

  11. My neck is an issue for me right now and I tried my first massage today. I thought maybe I would like massages after hating them for so long. Nope still hate them and my neck still hurts however it’s nothing compared to what’s going on with you. I believe even humor writers are allowed to write about what’s happening in their life when it’s not funny.
    Hoping Monday comes fast for you Sarah.

    • I like massages but I do have problems with certain places being touched on my back so that does make it weird. My husband gave me a gift certificate for a massage one year for Valentines Day. That was a great gift!

  12. I was in a horrific accident 10 years ago. Flipped a Mazda Miata doing 60 mph, with septicemia, passed out at the wheel (did I mention the top was down?) managed a P.I.T. maneuver and landed on my head. Literally. Killed myself. Was dead for longer than I should have been able to in order to wake up again. I get killer migraines now (Part and parcel of having TBI) It is what it is… I am on morphine, It does help considerably. I guess I am incredibly lucky there.
    Docs have a tendency of not really understanding sometimes. Not really seeing, or even believing us sometimes. I have had TIA’s and not been diagnosed right away. (I had a broken arm for 10 days before they diagnosed THAT. Took them 24 days before they set it.)
    I am a Medicare patient. We tend to fall thru the ‘cracks’. We don’t really get the best treatment, and because I am older (only 56, but I am alone, I have no family.), I am… Not really imorportant anymore. Or, probably ever, really. But certainly not now.
    Be thankful you have a family.
    I have my crafts, my 8 dogs and 2 cats, and my house. I love all of them. I like being alone, and I am a Veteran. US Army. 12 years.
    We don’t ever plan on being alone. We don’t really expect to. I had 2 kids. 3 grandkids. Because of the Traumatic Brain Injury (taking a header with a 2,700 lb Japanese sports car strapped to your lap will do that), apparently I am no longer ‘good enough’ to be their mother.
    So I am alone. I have my dogs. Cats… house… crafting… and gardens. I have four gardens this year.
    It isn’t so bad, really. The morphine helps. I have a LOT of damage from the accident itself. I hurt everywhere… I have a Great Dane, (Aurora), who is also my service dog. She helps me in and out of bed, helps me get around. She is my best friend.
    Good luck in finding out what is wrong with you. Personally, I believe in chocolate therapy. (Except dark chocolate gives me migraines….) I don’t drink wine (morphine and wine? Yeah, I need more problems, LOL), but I can see where it could be therapeutic.
    Good luck…
    Take care, I love your blog!

      • You have inspired me (incited me?) to write my own blog… In the Company of Dogs… Now we will see if I will actually Do it…
        I actually think what happens to us makes us who we are. I am mostly alone because of it, but I don’t think it is a bad thing. I have a full life, and I love what my reality is right now. I am alone because I choose to be. I love books (I am a bona fide bibliophile…) and I get books in the mail… I love it! I have an iPad with almost 5,000 books on it… Life is not bad!
        I don’t have kids,or a man (much less a husband) so I have a GREAT life with NO drama (and the toilet seat is never up!!) I love my life… I have a king sized bed that I share with my dogs and cats and no one else. I have a 50″ HDTV right in front of my bed.. really. HOW can life be BAD after this??
        I love your blog. It is nice to ‘see’ into other’s lives, if only to be thankful for the one you have. IN SPITE of ‘challenges’ of TBI and disabilities. Seriously. Life is… Not bad. Far from it. I actually feel that now I am happier than I have ever been in my life… Ever. Except for the financial thing. The rest.. ROCKS…
        So. Not so bad!!
        I hope you get better. You have a ‘life’, so you have got to get better… I hope they can find out what is wrong..

  13. So my sister-in-law went through something similar; it was right after her wedding which everyone thought was weird because it would have made sense to have stress-induced pains before and during, but after? Hmmm…So anyway, she did everything you’ve done and nothing helped. No one had answers. She finally went to a massage and physical therapist on a regular basis; they did back adjustments, neck adjustments, stretches–everything. She said within a month or so she was back to her old self. She was also getting REALLY bad headaches, but those cleared up, too. I hope you find the answers, Mama! Feel better xo

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  15. Oh man, Sadder Sarah. What a craptastic week. As if your pain wasn’t horrible and awful enough! To have the issue with the shampoo just plain sucks. I don’t really have any advice…a heating pad? Ugh. Glad you’ll finally get some therapy – a medical massage sounds really awesome, actually. Vodka goes well with chocolate and will probably loosen up your muscles. I know you like you liver (because you just said so) but 2 shots won’t hurt you!
    Aw, friend, I hope you feel better soon. So sorry you’re in pain 😦

  16. I think the fact that you can still manage a somewhat sense of humor about all this is incredible. And the counteracting each other’s pain maneuver sounds like it’s worth trying. I hate mystery pains and illness, but I’m glad you’re finally getting some relief.

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