Weekly Wrap-Up: The Father’s Day/Is That A Chocolate Sprinkle or Is It Mouse Poop? Edition

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad, bonding over Cheerios with my son!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad, bonding over Cheerios with my son!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  The dad in this house is sick, so we’ll be doing very little unless he makes a tremendous recovery!  My Dad?  We’ll be seeing him very soon-I’m taking a little vacation myself and am going to see my parents the week after this next for a couple of days.

Monday Mouse Wars: Who Pooped In My Pantry?  Yup, we still have mice.  This is the first of my latest mouse stories.  They took down my dryer… little turds…

Tuesday  Humor Me Blog Hop #2  I find out that I AM capable of following instructions and successfully co-host my first blog hop.  I tried this once before with the Tattler Thursday Blog Hop and couldn’t get stuff to work (Sorry Ginger!)!  If you want to read some great funny posts, click on where you link up and it will show all of the participating blogs!

Wednesday There was no post.  Were you sad?

Thursday  I’m a Rock Star Today on My Skewed View!  Jen is my buddy, and I was happy to help her out by guest posting!

Friday  Nature Girl  My little girl is a budding natureholic.
I also published my first post on Yahoo! Voices.  I wrote about going without cable TV.  Read if you are interested-Cutting the Cable (How I Learned to Quit Missing the Food Network and Go On With My Life)


Here’s our resident dad and son after an Iowa Barnstormers game.

What I Really Loved This Week

Gynecology Gone Wild-Tracy Winslow @ Mommyland Rants  Why you only bring kids with you to your annual exam if you’re planning to write a post about it.  HILARIOUS!

Why Special Needs Are Like Chlorophyll-Finding Ninee  Tatum from Ain’t No Rollercoaster wrote the latest contribution in the Our Land series.  A must read!

Have Yourself An Angry (Bird) Little Birthday-Motherhood is an Art  Melissa is the queen of creative homemade party decor!  This is her latest brilliant idea.

And there were funny things on Facebook, I’m not sure where this originated but it was shared by A Mother Life on her Facebook page.



Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Girls and boys swap knickers in public Please tell me this isn’t a sexual reference.  You know, like tonsil hockey…

I think I’m a popaholic  If you came to my blog trying to figure this out you probably are.

Unfinished projects in mechanical engineering  Mmmm… okay.

Batman zombie cakes  Riiiiiight.

Next Week

I can say for sure that I am doing the following:
Monday:  My first ever Character Assassination Carousel post!  What is this? You’ll have to come over and see.  It’s for one of my blogging idols, Nicole Leigh Shaw: Tyop Aretist formerly Ninja Mom.
Tuesday:  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: The 70s.  How could I NOT do this???
Friday:  Fly on the Wall!  Fly on the Wall!
Whatever else comes forth from me at this point is a mystery!  🙂  Have a great rest of your weekend!


Evil Genius and The Princess on her first birthday.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Father’s Day/Is That A Chocolate Sprinkle or Is It Mouse Poop? Edition

  1. Love that pic of your dad with your son…Great pic..the smiles on their faces. priceless. OMG, I saw that article somewhere else too….SNORT…Did she not realize that was NOT her hubby’s junk?????

    What a great photo of the Evil Genius and The Princess.

  2. Oh Happy Father to Day to your hubby and congrats on your Character Assignation can’t wait to read it!! 🙂

  3. I don’t have cable either and survive. But, when I do have cable, I binge-watch hours of Chopped, Triple D, and Restaurant: Impossible.

    And even though I have a guest blogger posting for me on Tuesday, I’m totally ready for 70’s music. I should vlog my version of disco.

    Ha. No.

  4. I love the photos! And you had a really cool week (I was a little sad that you didn’t post Wednesday but honestly I never post every day so I think you really are a rock star). Thanks so much for the share of Our Land here! ❤

  5. “Batman zombie cakes” sounds like something we’d find if we left my 4yo unsupervised with Google.

  6. What sweet pictures Sarah! For someone who is not feeling well, you are super busy! Bowing my own head in shame*

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