Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: The 70s!

Jen Kehl
Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is the creation of the one and only Jen Kehl where each week participants choose music according to whatever theme comes out of her devious and highly creative mind and then link it up!  Currently she’s been taking us back in time to different decades.  Come along and take a ride in my time machine, which just happens to be a bathtub…
What else would a 70s bathroom have for a shower curtain???

What else would a 70s bathroom have for a shower curtain???

Where does the Bathtub Time Machine stop this week? Ah, the 70s!  I think of a few things good and bad when I think about that era:  Bad fashion, the Muppet Show, John Travolta, Star Wars, and of course disco.  Of all the eras, this is probably my least favorite.  But I WAS born in the 70s so I have to give it some credit!

Sorry ladies, he is all mine...

Sorry ladies, he’s all mine…

Speaking of bad 70s fashion, the above picture is my husband’s attempt to bring back the 70s pornstache earlier this year.  According to popular opinion it was epic.  That stache is long gone, and now he’s working on more of a Tom Selleck look…

When I wrote my guest post I Go Back, Way Back for Jen Kehl last week, I mentioned LaToya, our Toyota Tercel station wagon.  In the 70s my family had the iconic vehicles-a Volkswagon Beetle and a Volkswagon Bus!  Talk about a way cool factor that negates a lot of the uncool things about the 70s!  Unfortunately I don’t really have any pictures of these and my memory of them is too vague to find pictures that are close on the internets.  What I do have for you however are some of my very favorite songs from the era:

Imagine-John Lennon

Hotel California-The Eagles

Time in a Bottle-Jim Croce

Cool Change-Little River Band

Bridge Over Troubled Water-Simon and Garfunkel

While there isn’t a ton of music I love from this era, these are the ones that I can listen over and over to and not get tired of hearing them!  This week I picked my favorites.  Next week I’ll introduce you to what I refer to as “70s Earworms”.

I leave you with one last little ditty from the 70s, just for fun.  Come on, you knew there had to be some sort of Muppet clip in here!

Movin’ Right Along

Be sure to click on the cool cassette tape button at the top to go to Jen’s blog and see what 70s songs other people loved!

For the record, I was just a little girl in the 70s and this would have been my record player...

For the record, I was just a little girl in the 70s and this would have been my record player…  Get it, for the record????  HA HA!

49 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: The 70s!

    • My opinion is still out on the stache. I will say that the picture is blurry because I couldn’t stop laughing! I have to appreciate the fact that he is unique and doesn’t do what the crowd is doing, so if he wants to grow a stache who am I to argue, huh?

  1. Hotel California icon-level song for the ‘2 guitars, california vocals’ of the era! (as a band, talk about provenance! all the back through the 60s with Timothy Schmidt and, of course, Joe Walsh!)

    good view of a decade of damn-fine contrast(s)

    • I thought my list was last contrasting than it probably could be. Now next week will be the songs that get stuck in your head from the decade. THAT will have a ton of contrast in it!

  2. OK…so I am just going to quantify my “geekdom” here and say that I sang Bridge Over Troubled Water in my glee class in high school with…why yes…a piano accompaniment! OMG…I still remember the shocked and stunned looks on all of the parents faces because we were so bad that the actual glasses were exploding when we hit the chorus line we were so out of tune! HAHAHAHAHAAA!

  3. I just completed my latest feat – teaching the boy all of the words to Hotel California.
    Also, I used to listen to Little River Band’s GH to go to sleep, side one ended in Cool Change, it was the perfect song to help you nod off to dream land!

  4. That is the coolest shower curtain I have ever seen! LOL! My mom and dad’s wedding song was “Time in a Bottle”. They got divorced 6 years later, so me and my sister have always made up new words to it like: “If I could save cash in a bottle, I’d use it to diiiiiii-vorce yooooooou!” Sick, I know.

  5. I agree that the clothes were awful in the 70s, but my kids make fun of me because I always tune my car radio into the 70s satellite station…I love 70s music! I didn’t link up this week but I should have! Maybe next week…

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  7. Jim Croce was way ahead of his time. I think he’d be relevant today. And Bridge Over Troubled Water is just a great song. It works forever.

  8. I love your mix tape! I also love the shower curtain, and I love the record player – which I owned, by the way. And I have the 70s station on in the car whenever I’m alone – I can’t get enough!

  9. Wow…I JUST did a post yesterday too about ‘mixed tapes’.

    Ah, ok, the 70’s — hmmm, well, I lean a little more towards the funk…so I would have to go more towars the type of the stuff that was on SoulTrain — BeeGee’s, Andy Gibb, Curtis Mayfield, Micheal Jackson, Chaka Kahn, The O’Jays, Earth, Wind & Fire, and who could forget Stevie Wonder?

    But, from reading the previous comments, I must be in the minority . :-/

    • Everyone has different tastes, that’s what makes this thing so much fun. We get to see what everyone else likes and maybe discover some new ones that we love along the way.

  10. Haha to “for the record!” and dude. I totally want that shower curtain. Awesome choices, Sarah! And yeah, the clothes sucked.

  11. Sarah, your list is perfect! I love all these songs. I was thinking today that next week I want to include Hotel California. So great to see it here! I remember as kids singing this song into pool cues (as microphones) and we played that album until it wore out. Jim Croce, Simon & Garfunkel and my hero John Lennon. And I love the Little River Band too. Their songs always remind me of where I was when I listened to them back in the day. So envious that you had a bug and a vw bus. I’ve always wanted both. So groovy. Or in the 70s…”far out”. 😉

  12. Love this list… The last Line of Lyrics in Hotel California is absolutely one of my Fave’s.
    Love anything John Lennon. One of his Lyric Writings (Woman) hangs on our wall.
    Nice!!! Slu

  13. All excellent choices Sarah!! I loved the Eagles so much, but then again, I also loved KC and the Sunshine Band. Eek!! As for the mustache, my husband has one too but he decided to grow out the goatee because he was tired of the porn star comments. He wishes!!

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