Wordless Wednesday: Imagination, Terry Cloth Style

Did you ever use your bath towels for dress up when you were a child?  In our house my sister and I did quite often as kids.  Any time we had the pool or the sprinkler out we would use our towels for more than just something to dry off with.  We pretended we were characters from “Clash of the Titans” and wore our towels as togas, among other things. That’s right, imagination was never in short supply at our house.

So how thrilled was I when my kids asked me to help them become superheroes while out playing in the pool and sprinkler last summer? All it took was a couple of towels and clothespins and the transformation was complete.

IMG_0533As you can see, the day was saved!  No kryptonite was going to bring this superhero down.

IMG_0532Of course, our other superhero decided that a cape was nice, but she would rather don a lovely strapless purple princess gown instead. Who knew that terry cloth was the new satin?

33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Imagination, Terry Cloth Style

  1. SNORTING out loud at Janine’s TOGA TOGA TOGA….
    I love how a simple item can spark such imagination…superhero, strapless dress, or even a flying carpet or invisible cloak.

  2. I just love this! Imagination in children is The Best. Ever. Great photos, Sarah! And yes, I, too, snorted over TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

  3. When I was a little girl, my mom always cut my hair short. I used to put a slip (remember those? to wear under your dress/skirt so you couldn’t see through) on my head to pretend that I had long hair.
    Also, my daughter used to put those stretchey gloves on her feet and pretend she was a monkey.

    Gotta love a good imagination…

  4. I love this! After starting to read Parenting Without Borders, I was reminded AGAIN of the importance of open-ended play. I’m so guilty of buying toys for my son that don’t encourage that use of imagination. In fact, who needs toys at all? Give them linens!

    • Open ended play is SO important. My son was in childcare until Brynn was born so he was always in structured play situations. My daughter was never really in that type of care so she has always done open ended play. She’ll take anything to make something into a play thing. It’s amazing. Unlike her brother, she is rarely bored!

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