Wordless Wednesday: We All Scream for Ice Cream

When you come to see my parents during the warm months you go to Graham’s Dairy Freeze, a family owned ice cream place that has been around for many years.  DQ has nothing on these folks!

IMG_2007Please pose for Mom in front of the giant ice cream cone…

IMG_2009They were not thrilled to have their pictures taken, they just wanted ice cream… (yes that’s me with them-I’m well aware I look twelve years old in this picture.)

IMG_2011You’ve never had ice cream until you’ve had their soft serve.  Yummmm… neither of them would look at the camera for this picture.  I like to refer to this photo as “Hypnotized by frozen goodness”!


30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: We All Scream for Ice Cream

  1. Mmm, I love soft serve! Your kids are so cute and way better at posing then mine! It’s gotten to where I have to practically bribe their grumpy tween attitudes into smiling for me. “Smile kids, Mommy needs you to look happy for the picture!” 😉

    • My kids are pretty agreeable for the most part when it comes to pictures, at least the little one is. The older one is hard to get anything but the Chandler Bing look when he does agree to pose. I’m not sure what was up this particular day!

  2. OMG…love their individual poses, then when you get in their The Evil Genius looks mad…BWAHAHAHAHA.. hey that’s a cool shirt babe.

    I miss having ice cream, the ease of just buying and eating ice cream.

  3. Loved, loved, loved your son’s face in the picture with you and you could so tell they were more focused on digging into those cones, then anything else. Looked quite delicious and now I just want ice cream, lol!! 🙂

    • They were thinking sprinkles like the rainbow sprinkles. They were shocked to get that crunch coat! They must have liked it though! I prefer the dip cones myself. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate dip!

  4. LOVE! My favorite pic is the last one. I can feel your daughter thinking, “how come my ice cream is so much smaller than my brothers?!”

    I have been having massive blog issues since I got back from vacation, which is why I’ve been so MIA. So looking forward to getting caught up and coming over to say “hi” more frequently. 🙂


  5. Ice cream! Yum! We have a “been there forever, must go” place around us, and it’s just fantastic!

    Visiting from the Nanny to Mommy hop!

    • We actually have two of those. Ottumwa is also famous for its Canteen restaurant. If you ever watched Roseanne, the loose meat sandwiches that they make at their restaurant are based on the Canteen’s burgers (her husband at the time, Tom Arnold, is from there.) I don’t eat red meat for the most part, but I do LOVE those Canteens!

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  7. I CANNOT handle your son! He cracks me up every time you put a picture of him on the blog. The one with all three of you is flipping hilarious!

    And yeah, you do look like a teenager in that photo and I would totally card you for alcohol. You also look super skinny, which makes me even madder that you’re eating ice cream!

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