Weekly Wrap-Up: The Uninspired Edition


Made me laugh.

I was gone this week!  I spent the first part of the week visiting family.  I got to do a lot of hanging out, ate a lot of good food, and got a raging yeast infection.  Good times.  The rest of the week was me playing catch up at home and being totally uninspired.  Since I was away physically and apparently mentally, I shared some older posts.

Monday REBLOG: The Recessive Gene: My Pool Needs A Lifeguard  When someone says “Here’s the situation” do you respond with “My parents went away on a week’s vacation”?  Do you make up songs for random things like chopping vegetables?  If so, you have to read this blog post, because you’ll be able to relate…

Tuesday Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: Earworms of the Seventies  Just to be sure that you totally hate me, I thought for week two of the seventies I would plant some worms in your ear.  They won’t hurt, but they can be annoying.

Wednesday We All Scream for Ice Cream  I can’t turn down a photo opportunity, especially when it has to do with ice cream.  Uncooperative children actually made these pictures better, believe it or not.

Thursday REBLOG:  The ADD Mom Travels: Encounters with UFOs, Evil Screens, and Pork Chop Anxiety  Traveling with children can be anxiety provoking, especially when there is perfectly good meat going to waster in the refrigerator.

Friday Toilet Tales: The Scoop on the Poop  Ever have one of those TMI moments?  This is my most recent one.

Saturday  If My Life Were a Movie I’d Hire Better Writers  I was a little (ok a lot) down in the dumps Saturday due to the frustration of trying to get going as a freelance writer and the lack of views on my blog (because other parts of the US it doesn’t rain every day and those people actually get out, I’m assuming, or maybe I just suck.)

kfcStuff I Love As Much As Chocolate This Week

An Employee Evaluation for My Toddler-Hollow Tree Ventures  I think as the CEO of her household Robyn needs a big performance bonus, don’t you?

A Tale of Two Uncles-Stephanie Sprenger on The Epistolarians  This is lovely.  That is all.

In Case of Emergency, You Grab the Fire Extinguisher, I’ll Grab the Corkscrew-Laugh Lines  If you aren’t a fan of the hilarious Vikki Claflin then you are MISSING OUT!  Get your heinie over there and get to know her funniness!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Does the name Pooper exist?  I think it would be a great name for a dog.

orange jumpsuit unpaid ticket  There are so many possibilities with this one that I won’t even go there.

mom peed for me  If only someone else could pee for me, then I’d never have to get off of the couch!

cats that look like dogs  Must be some ugly cats.

how to take apart a toilet to retrieve keys  HA HA!  I can’t IMAGINE how this would lead someone to my blog…

Nature wemen  Nature women?  Nature, we men?  Nature semen misspelled? 

Next Week

I’m hoping I’ll be back on my C minus game by this next week.  Right now I’m about an F.  I have the same amount of inspiration as a couch cushion and the empty draft folder to prove it.  Whatever comes out of my brain this week will be as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.  However one thing that I do know is that my Twisted Mixtape Tuesday contribution will be part one of music from the 80s and it will be EPIC!

BA HA HA-truth.

BA HA HA-truth.

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