Humor Me! Blog Hop: Number Five (AKA The Who’s Johnny Edition)

No disassemble the Number Five Blog Hop!

No disassemble the Number Five Blog Hop!

This is my friend Johnny.  He says you have to find something funny and link up to the Number 5 Humor Me! Blog Hop, or else!

There are RULES?  Why yes, there are just a couple…

  • Funny.  Funny.  FUNNY!  It’s got to be humorous!  Please no tear inducing posts about your lost puppy or a comparison/contrast of various kinds of nose hair (unless it’s funny of course).  It can be something old, something new, but please nothing borrowed because there are laws against that.  Make us grin, giggle, snort, guffaw, and/or pee our pants (posts that make us do all of those things get a special prize).
  • Exercise your right to VOTE!  Click like on your favorite post so we can have a winner.  This week’s winner gets a tour of my backyard and all the free dog poop he or she wants.
  • Visit the cohostesses with the mostesses.  These ladies, right here:
SweetaprilsTerrye from The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan loves long moonlit walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and llama races.  She won an Olympic medal in curling, and campaigns tirelessly for equal rights for free range emus.  She’s also a brilliant writer (as in fabulously awesome writing, she’s not shiny).

Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time?
Kate from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time graduated from the Julliard School of Interpretive Dance and is working on a career as a lounge singer/blogger.  In her spare time she knits sweaters for homeless hamsters and is writing a book about adoption (kids, not hamsters).

Julie DeNeen 2.0
Julie of Julie DeNeen 2.0 runs the internet.  She didn’t invent it, she just runs it.  Ask her anything, ANYTHING.  She spends 90% of her time rescuing drowning bloggers while somehow being able to write two blogs, write a novel, run a blogging group, and maintain a group of flying monkeys. She has great hair. And whatever you do, never, ever feed her after midnight.

beetlejuiceBeetlejuice of Beetlejuice 5.0 thought I said “Ghosts with the Most” and thought he was cohosting today too.  I’m not going to tell him otherwise, would you?  Got all that?  Ready to be funny?  Ok LOOK OUT BELOW (in other words, link up…)


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Misplaced Alaskan

The Humor Me! Blog Hop is brought to you by very funny people.  We are not responsible for fractured funny bones.  Please come back again next week, regardless of the status of your bone structure!


22 thoughts on “Humor Me! Blog Hop: Number Five (AKA The Who’s Johnny Edition)

  1. You completely captured my essence, my soul, my longing…and those poor, starving Emus! If you have a soul, you’ll send just 39 cents a month to the Free Range Emu Project in some Gawd Forsaken Land that only Emus could love!

    • No she turns into a gremlin, silly (water=multiplication). You’d better rent a copy of Gremlins! These are the things that I should just keep in my head and never write down…

      Now that you say that, with our schedules that WOULD be a good thing…

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