Weekly Wrap-Up: The Brain Dead Edition

my brainWhere have all of my ideas gone?  Where are my brains?  Why can’t I write anything funny and/or coherent? This is seriously bringing me down!  It’s a good thing it’s summer and people are busy doing things like being outside-maybe no one will notice.

However, I learned some things this week.  1)  Listening to that Sarah McLachlan song from the abused animal commercials will make you extremely depressed if you listen to it over and over.  2)  Do NOT look for “funny fireworks” on Google Image Search unless you are prepared to see things that you cannot ever unsee (what the hell is funny about burned butts anyway????)

I also came away with some questions, mainly this one:  Why is it that very few towns in Iowa actually have fireworks ON the 4th of July?  When the place you live has the fireworks on the 3rd it’s a bit anticlimactic.  Why would they choose to have them on July 5th?  Having fireworks on days that aren’t the 4th just makes that day seem like JUST ANOTHER DAY!

I also did stuff this week too, believe it or not!

Monday  Ding Dong, The Flake Is Back…  If you are a blogger then I’m sure you can relate.  Awards are so nice, but if you lose track and they pile up, well…

Tuesday Humor Me Blog Hop Number Five (AKA The Who’s Johnny Edition) Never agree to cohost on a week that there is some sort of holiday.  Even though we did very little, I had very little time to read posts.  Here it is Saturday and I’m still not through reading them all.  What I have read is very, very funny!

Then I went the extra mile and posted this, because I would have never forgiven myself if I hadn’t done this week’s decade:

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: The 80s, This List Goes to 11  Everyone seemed to like this list except my husband.  He still hasn’t accepted my challenge to get his blog out of the starting gate and outdo me.

Wednesday  Wordless Wednesday: Little Firecrackers  Aren’t they cuuuuuuuute?  I also had to plug the latest participant in the Character Assassination Carousel, because she is insanely cool and hilariously funny.  After the fact I found this cartoon that I had to post on her wall on Facebook because it was just too much fun!

waldo 2Thursday  Happy 4th!  Where else can you associate tampons with firecrackers?  Funny 4th of July stuff, Theme Thursday-Reruns, and another plug for my friend Amy at Funny is Family and her crockpot recipes, and not just because I was included this time!

Friday  There was no post, because we were busy with this:

IMG_2105This is James Tiberius Cat.  He is six weeks old and so teeny tiny!  He is beyond cute. We’re calling him Tiberius, except when he catches a mouse.  That’s when we’ll seize opportunity and say “He’s dead, Jim.”  We’re having a lot of fun with the little guy. I hope that I can still get things done with this kind of orneriness in the house!

kitteh tweetAs you can see he’s already tweeting and everything.  He’s already a more entertaining writer than I am and he’s only been here a day!

Stuff I Really Liked This Week

BlogHer Voices of the Year announced the winners.  I entered this, but felt silly doing so considering at the time I hadn’t even been blogging for a year.  Naturally I didn’t win but a few people I know did.  How exciting is it that bloggers that I interact with every day have been chosen for this.  That is huge!  Here is a list of all of my peeps that made it:

Erin and Ellen of Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms
Julie of Julie DeNeen 2.0
Katia of I Am The Milk
Kathy of Kissing the Frog
Kim  from Let Me Start By Saying (for a post that she wrote for In the Powder Room)
Leslie of The Bearded Iris
Michelle of They Call Me Mummy

Congratulations to everyone who was selected!  The link with the complete list and links to all of the selected writing is below.

Announcing the 2013 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Just to make all of those people who keep finding my blog happy by googling this...

Just to make all of those people who keep finding my blog happy by googling this… You’re welcome.

Will Ferrell USA thong  See above

bra made out of red solo cups  Red solo cup, you lift me up…

how to fart glitter  If you can fart glitter then I really don’t want you giving me any homemade cards.  Just saying…

why don’t you hang out with ellen she’s not a flake  Ellen who?

And then there was this conversation with Sarah from Sarah’s Brand New Chapter that made me giggle:

creepy terms

This next week

Monday:  Surprise me.  Oh wait, I should be the one surprising YOU!  Dang it.

Tuesday:  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday the 80s Part II.  I do ear worms and eye worms.  Scared?  You should be…

Wednesday:  This post is TBD…

Thursday: Theme Thursday’s topic is superheroes.  If I don’t write it, my kid will.

Friday:  July Secret Subject Swap Take One

dry-sense-of-humor-lolcatHave a great weekend and I hope you are able to be more creative than I am at the moment!  🙂

37 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Brain Dead Edition

  1. The Will Ferrell picture just made me spit my water out as I was drinking it. Seriously disturbing, but oh so funny!! Great week and here is to another one next week, too!! 🙂

  2. I love your kitty! My family just got a puppy – Izzy. Thanks to you and them I’m seriously wanting a pet now; now to break the husband. Muhahaha…

    Yay, I made the blog again! I feel so special. 🙂 Even if it was for pee jeans.

  3. Ugh..that Sarah Mclachlan song…
    She sits there wearing a golden t-shirt with a dog that cost her thousands of dollars and has papers and she wants to guilt me into adopting a 2-legged dog with a runny eye?

  4. Hey there! I’m back to posting. I missed all your funny stuff. The graph is great! You have a lot more useful information in your brain that I do though.

  5. It’s so smart that you do this weekly wrap up! I just noticed that I missed Monday and you mentioning my name! Thanks for that! Also, I love you new kitty kat! Perhaps he can do a guest post?!

    • I thought about it. He’s awfully busy to write though. Between playing and sleeping he’s got little time to do much else. If it makes you feel better, I’m just now catching up on comments from part of last week. The holiday totally got me off my C- game.

  6. I can totally relate to the grid. I often wonder why song lyrics stick (of course, for me, it’s only lyrics from the 70s and 80s…) when so little else does these days. Oh, and I LOVE the name of your cat. Hilarious!

  7. so funny! i thought i just blocked out my childhood. it’s a thing?? and i love James tiberius. may he boldly go in his liter box. but no where near will farrel. haha. nice to meetcha. 🙂

  8. Song lyrics! Specially the annoying ad jingles. They run on in my head until I know- again- that there is something seriously wrong with me. Like a death wish. I mean who would let annoying jingles run on in their head on and on..!?

  9. OMG that waldo cartoon and Will Ferrell….I just can’t….OMG OMG OMG….I can’t breathe woman.

    Most of my brain is filled with silly things too…I don’t remember much childhood memories either…darn mom brain.

  10. I cannot listen to a moment of that Sarah McLachlan song without getting emotional, and that commercial makes me get all “Too many feelings!”

    Love the Waldo cartoon and Will, of course. It was fun cooking with you this week!

  11. Sarah!
    I don’t think you’ve lost your funny at ALL because this is awesome and hilarious as always! HA! I love the memories from your childhood portion of your graph – awesome. LOVE your new kittycat! Mwah!

  12. Never, ever watch that commercial! Especially now that you have the cute, cute kitty! I don’t think you’ve lost your funny, but I do relate to the sentiment. I haven’t written a post in a week! The hot weather has fried my brain.

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