Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: 80s Ear Worms and Eye Worms


Jen Kehl

It’s time for another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday!

Eh?  What is Twisted Mixtape Tuesday?  It is a reminder of long past times.  The days of yore where you sat in front of the stereo, finger on the record button, waiting for that one song to come on so you could capture it on cassette to listen to over and over.  It’s longing for those days when you showed somebody you cared by making them a tape of all your favorite songs.  Then hope you hoped that the cat didn’t get a hold of the tape and shred it before you gave it, along with your heart, to that special someone.

Yeah whatevs… It’s a bunch of people who love music, sharing what is in their heads and hearts from week to week.

When I think of another chapter of Jen and Kristi’s musical epicness, the following opening sequence comes to mind:

In a freak mishap, the bathtub time machine had a bit of a crash.  The control panel is all messed up, and apparently the only songs that we can check out today are ones that invade your ears and eyes.  The songs that make you wish that you could wash your eardrums and scrub your corneas to make them go away.  These songs that initially are not necessarily bad, but then they are just like bad company-they just WON’T LEAVE YOUR BRAIN!

Eye worms?  Yes people, this is the 80s after all.  This is the era where MTV took the world by storm, and artists rushed to make videos that were not only memorable but sometimes just a little disturbing.

Please help restore the bathtub to its original state by viewing all of these videos.  Come on, take one for the team!

 Pop Goes The World-Men Without Hats

This is probably the only song in the world that annoys my son.  It’s in my braaaaaaaaain now.  The video has lots of bubbles.

Micky-Toni Basil

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  My ears!  My ears!!!!!!  Is anyone else disturbed by this video too???

Never Gonna Give You Up-Rick Astley

Now it’s an endless source of memes on the internet, but back then that song burrowed right into the lobes of your brain with no apologies.


Lies-The Thompson Twins

When I think of 80s videos that I cannot unsee, I think of this one.

I Got My Mind Set on You-George Harrison

Video Director to George Harrison:  “Hey let’s make all the things in the background of the video move around and stuff.”
George Harrions:  “K.”
Who else sees the title to this song and automatically sings “This Song is Just Six Words Long”?

I Want To Break Free-Queen

And last but not least… There’s a story behind this one.  I remember anxiously awaiting Queen’s latest video and actually watched the world premiere.  Then fell on the floor laughing when Freddie walked out with his vacuum.  I must say, at least Freddie Mercury really had the legs to pull it off.

Thank you for your help. We can now return to 2013 and start preparing for next week’s journey, the 1990s.  Now, go wash your head.

SAMSUNGJames Tiberius Kat thanks you for your support…

Now don’t be a music douche.  Provided I didn’t totally melt your brain here, be sure to click on the button at the top to see the wide variety of songs that people listened to in the 80s.  It amazes me every week how few of the songs we share are repeated.  I think it’s cool how diverse we all are in our musical tastes.

Oh yes, just like Columbo, I’ve got just one more thing:

PLEASE pretty please go over and support the ladies at the Humor Me Blog Hop!  It’s ok if you stay in the bathtub-you won’t have to go very far if you pee your pants laughing!

32 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: 80s Ear Worms and Eye Worms

  1. Holy CRAP! I totally forgot about Pop Goes the World! LOVE IT! It really looks like they had so much freakin fun making that video, and that was before Crack! I love that the version of Mickey is “the directors cut”, ha! I do Richard Simmons to that song…it’s basically the same only scarier. And Never Gonna Give You Up is on Just Dance 4, you need to find the YouTube video of that, you’ll die. The boy loves it. AND HOW did such a deep voice come out of that baby face? I think you must have been in on the convo between George and the Director. I had Queen on my list, and because I couldn’t narrow down the songs… I can’t even believe that wasn’t one of them because that video is so awesome! I have never seen it before, man I’ve read some really interesting stuff about his personality, he was a showman wasn’t he??
    You really crack me up. I love you for doing these awesome lists! Don’t tell anyone but this is my favorite list YET of all the decades. This one, yours, the best.

  2. Yeah, Rick Astley! He made it on my list too. Frankly, I’m terrified by your music videos, mostly by the singing, sharp-toothed deer in the George Harrison video. I may not sleep tonight, Sarah. Thanks for that. :p

  3. I remember these songs…but besides Johnny Cash and Jackson Rathbone (singles and in 100 Monkeys) I haven’t listening to anything recently. I refer books on tape, LOL…I’m a nerd

  4. Omg, that George Harrison video was so bad, but still can’t help, but love that song!! Seriously, it is in my iTunes and one of my favorites!! God knows what that says about me, but still love it!!

  5. I would have loved to have been on-set with Queen as they were shooting that video. And there is some commercial airing now that uses Pop Goes The World. Interesting choice for the admen because I can’t remember the product, only that song is during it.

  6. Sarah,
    Your earworms and eyeworms are bloody awesome and epic in themselves. It’s your fault that I’ll now be singing Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! all day. Haha! The Tiberius photo is adorable. Going to go wash my head now.

  7. Oh man – how did I not know that Men Without Hats originally did the Target jingle? 😉 That guy is a trip, isn’t he? I love him. There’s something oddly sexy about that crazy dude. I love that you have George on your list. And that Thompson Twins song is fab! “They’re gonna GETCHU!” I wanna hear you do “Pop Goes the World” on your autoharp now. 😉

    • After I typed the words “music douche” I was so totally going to do a reference to Blinded By The Light. Too bad it was from the 70s, and that the words aren’t “Wrapped up like a douche” but “revved up like a deuce”. Now that I’ve looked that up I’m really sad about being misled all of these years.

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  9. I remember listening to a mix tape that had Lies and Soft Cell Tainted Love like back to back…can I tell you that I still have a blister on my finger from hitting the rewind button a GAZILLION times! Wheesh…this is some serious list! NICE!

  10. Oh you are so cruel. I’ll be lying in bed not able to sleep because of George Harrison. I totally forgot Menw/oHats had another song. MY son finds Mickey to be really irritating, while I LOVE it – it’s on my work-out playlist. I love the video too. What are you talking about? Just went all Rick Astley on the last link-up I read – even googled him. Love that list you have there – funny! Now I’m listening to Lies, lies, lies, yeah! Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  11. I used to have the biggest crush on Rick Astley. Even though I made fun of his “dance moves”. Great list Sarah!

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